Purpose: The Acolytes is a group of mutants devoted to following Magneto. They believe in a world where Homo-Superior rules over Homo-Sapiens. Originally regarded as dangerous international terrorists, they currently control the island nation of Genosha after liberating the island from it's fascist, anti-mutant rulers. Members of the group are loved and feared by the population of Genosha and they serve as the elite enforcers on the island. For the most part they remain on Genosha but members of the group are often sent out into the world to pursue Magneto's agenda.
Location: Genosha
  • After much conversation, Magneto was brought to meet the rest of the group that would come to be known as the Acolytes. Inspired by the group, Magneto agreed to become their leader.
  • They set their sights on the island nation of Genosha after learning of the ruling party's violently anti-mutant agenda. Furious by how mutants were being rounded up and kept in work camps or just killed, Magneto declared war upon Genosha.
  • The Acolytes begin a war with the Genoshan forces, attacking bases and vanishing into the jungles and hidden tunnels under the island. Their ranks grow as mutants liberated from the camps join them.
  • When several of is Acolytes are captured, Magneto forms an uneasy alliance with the X-Men when he learns that several of their students had been abducted from their home. Together, the two teams topple the government and free the captured mutants. Magneto offers the X-Men a place in his new nation, but they decline. During the fight, Magneto learns that the X-Man known as Polaris is his daughter' but is unable to speak with her about if before the X-Men leave.
  • The Acolytes are currently focused on rebuilding Genosha into a mutant nation. Occasionally the Acolytes are sent to other places in the world to pursue Magneto's goals such as rescuing mutants he feels should be working for him' or attacking things that could be threats to mutant kind. This sometimes brings them into conflict with hero groups like the X-Men.

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