Purpose: The Avengers is a non-profit superhero group that was founded in New York City. Their motto: To avenge those that cannot avenge themselves. They are protectors of citizens in times of crisis and with quick fists of justice when injustice is witnessed.
Location: New York City
Status: Active
Status: Reserve
Status: Inactive
Status: Support


A chairman is appointed by popular vote of the active members. It is the chairman’s responsibility to make use of the members’ special abilities and talents and to assign them to duties, such as training, liaison representation, and so on. The chairman can be removed from office by popular vote. A chairman’s power is to handle the practical needs of the team, including internal disputes.

A field leader is also appointed by popular vote, and can be removed from office in the same manner. When they are in a battle with other Avengers, they are to automatically assume leadership unless they actively appoint a temporary field leader for special situations/cases. The field leader is also to encourage and manage training.

It is suggested that chairman and field leader be different individuals.

Personalized Tech

  • Comlinks
  • Each comlink is tiny and fits in the ear. One has to look closely to see it.
  • Each comlink has an emergency beacon and tracker when activated.
  • Each comlink works world wide, accessing Stark Enterprises controlled and owned satellites, as well as with the ability to hack any available satellite if in a slim chance it is out of range.
  • Avenger Holo-ID Card
  • These are very similar to the Holo-Data Pad, just more minimized and with the ID on the front, while the back comes unlocked to reveal the interactive controls. It is also more resistant to damage as more expensive components are used within them. At first they appear like a thick ID Card, with an image of the Avenger in question in costume on the front, along with their codename, blood type, date of their original membership and their status: 'Active', 'Reserve', or 'Inactive'. In the lower right hand corner is a few small speaker holes that is actually have surprisingly powerful and clear sounds/voices come through when in use.
  • On the back is a finger print and key button system to unlock the device. When unlocked, it turns into an interactive system.
  • Like a Transformer (soooo coool), it transforms, flipping the ID cover toward the back and revealing a very thin PDA system that can scan, in which the scans can in turn can be displayed in the 3-D images that the device can produce, and an interactive holo-keyboard to produce Avenger board postings, e-mails, cell text messages and type up documents. Other apps can be downloaded to be more diverse. Furthermore, it can be used as a communicator, and even display facial images of the speaker, just as it can do in kind of the user chooses to have his face continually scanned and sent over the secure network. The Holo-ID Card is very useful in displaying impromptu tactics, the apps usually already downloaded for such in the PDA. Finally, the main screen one can activate a 'holo-touch screen', which is useful in building tactic layouts, editing an engineering piece of equipment and so on.
  • Information is backed up on the Avenger database.


Members have access to a legal team. Some are trial lawyers such as She-Hulk, corporate (legal) lawyers and so on.


The Maria Stark Foundation has a charity set up for the Avengers to receive donations. They are also available for fundraisers to raise funds for projects such as upkeep of the Avengers team, to assisting with the repair of damages made during rescues not covered by insurance. The Foundation has assigned a specific agent to work at maximizing fund raising without crossing into mercenary (no corporate advertising currently allowed).

Copyrights of the heroic members of the Avengers are filed under that individual with a few exceptions which would have happened prior to membership of the Avengers. Merchandise proceeds are split by individual contract between the Avengers and the owner of the image in question.


  • Personalized Tech (See in a Previous Section)
  • Use of the Gym, Kitchen, and Medical Bay.
  • Simulation Room
  • X-Men have actually donated Danger Room technology under the condition it is not shared or moved anywhere else without Professor X's prior approval.
  • Private Quarters (If Requested/Needed)
  • Spending Account for Equipment (Monitored)
  • Hazard Pay (Moderate Bi-Weekly Income)
  • If there is space, special labs, training rooms and so on may be requested. It is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Quin-Jet
  • Uses Kree, Wakandan & Stark Tech.
  • VTO/L Take-Off
  • Flight up to Mach 5 (w/out Inertia)
  • Armored w/Vibraium Alloy (Highly Resistant to Blunt Impacts)
  • Sealed & Pressurized for High Altitude and Low/No Atmosphere Flight
  • Can make a Terrestrial Round Trip on 1 Charge


The former Stark Mansion, now known as Avengers' Mansion located at Fifth Avenue. It has considerable security defenses, such as weaponry and radar.

New Membership

To be done by popular vote by active members.


The Avengers have a large database on past mission activities, research materials, supervillains, supervillain organizations, and aliens all on their own.

To supplement this database, they agreed to share data on supervillains, supervillain organizations, and aliens with S.H.I.E.L.D. in exchange for information on the same. Obviously, it gets filtered to remove compromising information. Sometimes shared information can branch into other areas on special occasions.

Since the merging of the worlds, the Avengers with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s permission has set up a similar alliance with the Justice League. As a result, the Avengers gets updated information from the Justice League which includes information on supervillains, supervillain organizations, and aliens. Of course, the Justice League likely filters some of their information they share, just as the Avengers do with the Justice League as it is a give and take situation. In turn, S.H.I.E.L.D. also gets additional information filtered to them through the Avengers.

Avengers Toys & More
  • Kang the Conqueror summons: She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man (later to be called Giant-Man), Wasp and Iron Man. He tries to destroy the Avengers before they form but end up helping to create them.
  • The Avengers forms, with the founders being: Iron Man, Thor, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America, Wasp, and Giant-Man as the founders. They reside in the formerly known as Stark Mansion on 5th Avenue.
  • Avengers try to assist the Hulk, and find out he is uncontrollable.
  • Thor is called back to Asgard.
  • Hawkeye faces his past.
  • Captain America and Hawkeye fight Crossbones at JFK and learn that the Red Skull is out there.
  • Kinetic is the first mutant to join the Avengers.
  • Avengers calm an anti-mutant demonstration, preventing an open riot in Brooklyn streets.
  • The mysterious Black Panther joins the Avengers and builds the Quinjet.
  • Baron Zemo attacks New York City, the Avengers stop him.
  • The Avengers discover the Fantastic Four have been secretly replaced by Skrull agents. During a confrontation with the imposters, Kree forces attack Earth. Captain Marvel stops a terrible confrontation and obtains a Kree ship for the Avenger's to teach the Skrull Mothership that there are better ideas out there than Earth right now.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. and Avengers form an alliance that involves a sharing of data on supervillains and other criminals.
  • Taskmaster coordinates a plot to have the Avenger's framed as thieves so he can steal Captain America's shield.
  • Giant-Man and a variety of other Avengers fight against robots created by the Mad Thinker.
  • Tony Stark has a heart attack and has heart replacement surgery. For those that didn't know the truth, Iron Man left the Avengers to keep a close eye on Stark's recovery.
  • Giant-Man builds Ultron a body, and Ultron turns on him and the Avengers. He is defeated.
  • X-Men and Avengers form an alliance.
  • Iron Man is framed for murder and Tony Stark trains under Captain America in martial arts and other fighting techniques. Iron Man's innocence is proven, and Justin Hammer becomes a wanted man.
  • Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join the Avengers in an effort to establish their freedom from their father, Magneto.
  • The villain Whirlwind begins to stalk Wasp, ultimately leading to a fight between him and the Avengers.
  • Wonder Man joins the Avengers as a double agent for Baron Zemo.
  • Captain America fights the Red Skull on the Island of Misfits for control of the Cosmic Cube. Falcon appears for the first time, and the Red Skull is defeated, the cube destroyed.
  • Wonder Man leads the Avengers into an ambush by the Masters of Evil. He has a change of heart, seemingly dying in Iron Man's arms, but in reality falls into a death-like coma due to his power effecting his body. He is buried alive.
  • Tony Stark lapses into full-blown alcoholism and Rhodey takes over the Iron Man suit full-time for those that know the truth of Iron Man's identity. Avengers lose much of their financial backing when Stark disappears. The Avengers are in danger of crumbling financially.
  • The Thunderbolts is formed from a group of former supervillains who claim to have reformed. Lead by Citizen V. The Public Opinion is mixed as if they are really heroes or not. Hawkeye openly offers his endorsement and help to the Thunderbolts in establishing themselves.
  • Ms. Marvel joins the Avengers.
  • Tony Stark moves to California but Iron Man (as Rhodey) remains.
  • Ultron previously believed defeated attacks again with the Vision. The Vision betrays his creator and sides with the Avengers. Giant-Man feeling responsible for Ultron and the Whirlwind incidents, resigns from the team and returns to his research. Wasp follows Giant-Man and returns to fashion designing.
  • Captain America fights off a super strong duplicate of himself and his former partner Bucky. He learns the imposter was the Captain America from the 1950s, an unbalanced man due to a side-effect of his Super Soldier Serum. He had been stored in suspended animation since the mid-50s and was being manipulated by the Red Skull.
  • Hawkeye leaves the Avengers to join the Thunderbolts.
  • Iron Man (controlled by Stark) defeats Iron Monger, and Iron Man goes to California for a time (back in Stark's control).
  • Tony Stark is shot in the back by Kathy Dare, and believed crippled. Iron Man returns to the Avengers under the control of Rhodey.
  • Due to the manipulation of Morgan Le Faye, the Avenger's spend a week in a reality resembling the Middle Ages before defeating the sorceress.
  • Captain America spends time fighting government corruption in the form of the Secret Empire with Falcon. The current active roster is Kinetic, She-Hulk, Vision, Black Panther, Iron Man (controlled by Rhodey), Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.
  • Ronin the Accuser sends Kree forces to Earth to arrest Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel seeks out Avengers for help, and this leads to the public learning of aliens and sparks a war between the Kree and Skrull on Earth. The Avengers save Earth and Captain Marvel, but overall lose popularity due to harboring dangerous aliens and mutants.
  • Black Panther departs to deal with a political instability in his country Wakanda.
  • Thor briefly returns to the team leading the group to a battle in Asgard over Loki.
  • Captain America unmasks the leader of the Secret Empire in the White House, which is revealed to be the President. He is unable to stop him from committing suicide. The government covers up the suicide to safe face, and Steve Roger's becomes disillusioned and quits being Captain America, and also quits the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • A second Iron Man appears and fights against a terrorist attack on Washington D.C. The terrorist dies. It returns to only one Iron Man (Rhodey) as Tony Stark adapts to the Extermis virus, develops new technology and builds Stark Enterprises.
  • The Commission of Superhero activities commission John Walker as the new Captain America, and he petitions to join the Avengers.
  • Black Panther officially resigns from the Avengers.
  • Steve Rogers adopts the identity of Nomad and fights crime and corruption with Falcon, his ties with the Avengers are all but severed.
  • Stark returns to Iron Man full-time and provides Rhodey with his own armor which he dubs: War Machine. Iron Man is not currently a member of the Avengers and in California.
  • Citizen V revealed to be Baron Zemo and that he formed a Masters of Evil group under the guise of the Thunderbolts. Hawkeye leads the Thunderbolts members who really wished to reform in a battle against Zemo and his team. Zemo is defeated and all of the Thunderbolts including Hawkeye end up being sent to Prison from crimes committed by Zemo in the Thunderbolts' name.
  • Masters of Evil attack the Avengers Mansion and destroys it. The Avengers shut down as Tony does not have the funds or time to donate to the Avengers at this time. The Avengers dissolve. The team at the time consisted of Kinetic, She-Hulk, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. Kinetic disappears after the decision to dissolve is made.
  • Black Panther has the remains of the Quinjet shipped to Wakanda.
  • A new hero known as The Major appears and claims to be inspired by the Avengers. When Sentinels go on a rampage, The Major assembles an ad-hoc team of Avengers that later become known as The New Warriors.
  • The new Captain America starts killing and his methods become crueler.
  • Steve Rogers fights the mentally unstable John Walker and both discover they were being manipulated by the Red Skull. They team up and fight Red Skull and Rogers accepts the mantel back from John Walker.
  • Hawkeye is pardoned from prison.
  • Dr. Doom attacks the U.N. building and the Fantastic Four are unavailable. The New Warriors respond and during the battle, The Major is revealed to be Kinetic in disguise. The New Warriors disband after the battle.
  • Tony Stark returns to New York City with his pride and finances repaired. Stark and tries to contact some of the old Avengers to patch up the sporadic relationship. A major riot at the Raft causes many supervillains to try and escape. Many former Avengers band together to stop it, and are now reforming.
  • The Avengers find Jean Grey at the bottom of Jamaica Bay in a cocoon and return her to their allies, the X-Men.
  • The Hulk causes havoc in New York City and the Avengers stop him. Iron Man uses a new Hulkbuster Armor.

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