Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey was brought together by Oracle, and are a small, mostly female group of heroes who operate out of Gotham. The group tends to be somewhat tightly knit, but often reaches out to form alliances with other heroes. Their strength does not come from power levels, but from teamwork, determination, and good, old fashioned grit.
Location: Gotham City
Support Members

Aerie One

The Aerie One is the Birds of Prey Mobile HQ, a veritable flying fortress. It's a jet outfitted with technology created and donated by Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. Zinda Blake flies it for her employer and team, the Birds of Prey.

The Aerie One's Features include:

  • Stealth Technology
  • Decoy Planes for enemy radar
  • Satellite Proof
  • Various Metahuman Countermeasures
  • Various Orthodox Countermeasures
  • Virtual Armor capable of withstanding even Superman's heat vision (theoretically) for a few seconds - not for sustained attack but long enough to make evasive maneuvers
  • A remote for controlling various features of the Aerie One

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