DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Captain America
NameSteve Roger
CodenameCaptain America
Nomad (formerly)
The Captain (formerly)
SpeciesAltered Human
Age94 (looks 25)
AffiliationAvengers, Avengers Academy, S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Quick Heal
  • Super Senses
  • Heightened Abilities

Captain America, Hero of World War II, known for inspiring many of the soldiers of the Allied Nations forward to victory. He was a finding member of the Invaders. His greatest partner was his side kick Bucky. He disappeared at the closing days of WWII and is seen as a legendary figure and hero beyond reproach. He was discovered in suspended animation by S.H.I.E.L.D. and revived in the 21st century. He served as a superhero until he lost faith in the United States and quit. He began fighting corruption as Nomad. Then returned to being Captain America after his replacement suffered a break down. He is currently a member of the Avengers.

Steve Roger is a free lance artist from Brooklyn. He works free lance in graphic design, commissions, and occasionally in the comic book industry.


  • Steve Rogers was born into poverty in 1920s Brooklyn, the son of Joseph and Sarah Rogers, who were immigrants from Ireland. Joe, who abused his wife physically, died while Steve was young. The boy was very close to his mother, from whom he took most of his characteristics. He was mortified when she died of pneumonia in 1936.
  • Inspired by tales of Nazi atrocities on the Jews of Europe, Steve attempted many times to enlist in preparation for the inevitable war. Though he was denied over and over due to a long list of physical maladies, Steve remained undaunted and continued to apply, even going as far as to lie on his applications.
  • Dr. Abraham Erskine, who had recently perfected an augmentation serum for military use, was impressed by Steve's desperation to help. After a short interview, the researcher became convinced that Rogers was the ideal candidate for the Super Soldier program. After a painful process, Steve's body was forever transformed into the ideal athlete and military man. Unfortunately, Erskine was assassinated just as Rogers received the serum. Steve gave chase and apprehended the assailant, but Erskine died from his wounds.
  • The Brooklyn man was promptly was trained and sent to front where he was given the moniker Captain America, along with a shield forged from vibranium and a colorful uniform to draw attention away from his fellow troops. He, his sidekick Bucky, and his group of Invaders went on constant and countless missions that helped turn the tide of the war.
  • Toward the end of the war, Cap and Bucky battled Baron Zemo, a continual thorn in the sides of the Allies. During their attempts to apprehend their foe, the heroes were lost in battle and assumed dead after crash landing in the sea.
  • Captain America and his sidekick Bucky became an entertaining section in US high school history books and were fondly remembered alongside wartime oddities like Sergeant Stubby and Old Abe.
  • Almost a decade ago, Rogers was miraculously found, submerged in ice. Taken to SHIELD he was thawed out and, just as miraculously, was alive. Slowly he became re-acclimated to life in the 2000s as he struggled to deal with becoming a real life Rip Van Winkle.
  • Eventually he began to work with SHIELD and the niece of his old flame Peggy. Sharon and Steve teamed up to battle old foes like the Red Skull who had made his way to the present. They also defeated the son of Baron Zemo who had sworn revenge on Captain America after finding that Steve had not died.
  • As the Red Skull returned, this time with a cosmic cube, Steve began to gain varied allies to help him with the raised stakes. He helped to train Tony Stark, who was known as Iron Man, and became friends with Sam Wilson. Eventually, Steve defeated Skull once more, but the villain was able to get away again.
  • For a time, Steve gave up the persona of Captain America. Disappointed that one of the Secret Empire higher ups was a high ranking member of the United States government, Captain America resigned. The need to use his talents to help others was difficult to shake, however, and he continued to be a factor in the super hero world, being called by the name of Nomad.
  • The government began to pressure Steve, informing him that he was never discharged from military duty. They also began to incorporate new heroes to take on the mantle of Captain America. Eventually, Steve discovered that these plots were the doings of Red Skull. The new Captain America, John Walker, and Steve, banded together to root out and defeat the corruption. Eventually Steve was persuaded to once again become Captain America, while John became known as the US Agent.
  • Cap joined a group known as the Avengers in response to scores of villains being released from the SHIELD detention center on the East River. During this time he was sent to an alternate universe where he battled Kang.
  • At the height of his acclaim, Steve was helping to lead the Avengers during the Merge. Captain America and a band of heroes helped to defeat Kang and Time Trapper and their plot to rule over both universes. During the battle, Steve was forced to combat villains old and new. After it was all over and the world was forced to come to grips with a pair of worlds intertwined, Steve took things in stride. He was becoming used to living in a world full of surprises.
  • Just as he thought he was finally feeling at home in this world, during this time period, Steve was gunned down by a mind-controlled Sharon in a plot masterminded by Red Skull. Immediately Nick Fury initiated the Lazarus project, an experimental surgical experiment to resuscitate Steve. Miraculously, it worked. For a few years Steve was kept in hiding by SHIELD where he could be monitored and re-trained. Gradually, Cap has been reintegrated into the world, slowly, but surely. He has taken the shield once again and is beginning to take on more duties with SHIELD as he attempts to return to society.


Steve Rogers

Cap to the Rescue!

  • Kind: Steve Rogers is a remarkably kind human being. He volunteers many hours to youth programs, rescue missions, and other programs for the disadvantaged. He often helps train new superheroes and seems to be a friend to many heroes throughout America and the world. He is often asked for help and never declines, given he has the time and availability.
  • Leadership: Brewing, even when he was a hundred pound asthmatic, was Steve's chivalric sense of duty. Others are drawn to his leadership both because of his history and his unassuming nature. He does not crave leadership or look to beat his own chest, but many people just seem to follow him for who he is.
  • Old Fashioned: Captain America was born into a far different world and is sometimes victim of being painfully reminded so. Many references or shared moments for people happened when he was embedded in ice. His language and interests can come off as archaic, sometimes naive. Though he is remarkably progressive given his age, there are still many blind spots.
  • Steadfast: Steve is highly committed to his goals of doing the right thing, helping others, and attempting to keep America safe from threats foreign and domestic. Despite being more vulnerable than many of his allies, he is usually the first into battle and fearlessly throws his body into danger. He has shown many times he is willing to sacrifice himself for others, should he need to.


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