DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Captain America
NameSteve Roger
CodenameCaptain America
Nomad (formerly)
The Captain (formerly)
SpeciesAltered Human
Age94 (looks 25)
AffiliationAvengers, Avengers Academy, S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Quick Heal
  • Super Senses
  • Heightened Abilities

Captain America, Hero of World War II, known for inspiring many of the soldiers of the Allied Nations forward to victory. He was a finding member of the Invaders. His greatest partner was his side kick Bucky. He disappeared at the closing days of WWII and is seen as a legendary figure and hero beyond reproach. He was discovered in suspended animation by S.H.I.E.L.D. and revived in the 21st century. He served as a superhero until he lost faith in the United States and quit. He began fighting corruption as Nomad. Then returned to being Captain America after his replacement suffered a break down. He is currently a member of the Avengers.

Steve Roger is a free lance artist from Brooklyn. He works free lance in graphic design, commissions, and occasionally in the comic book industry.


Steven Rogers born to two poor Irish immigrants on July 4th, 1920. His father was a physically abusive alcoholic who had given up on life after losing his construction job and seemingly being black balled for being Irish. He died of a heart attack when Steve was only six, but the legacy of his father's abuse would continue on in his life. His mother took up two jobs at a laundromat and a garment factory while six-year old Steve took a job hawking newspapers. He was home schooled by his grandfather Ian, who also taught him how to draw.

By sixteen, Steve's mother would die of pneumonia, leaving Steve alone in the world. But she didn't leave him with nothing. Her constant ability to stand up to her abusive husband, to work harder and harder for her family, and to never view a defeat as an ending instilled in Steve the qualities that would make him the man he would become. It also instilled in him a deep respect for women which would serve him well in years to come.

Before World War 2 had even officially started for the Americans, he had seen the news reels of the Nazi's stamping across Europe and the atrocities that were being committed by the Empire of Japan. Steve began trying to enlist at an early age, before the United States had even entered the War. Unfortunately young Steve was physically unfit for military service as determined by the USMEPC and he was ranked as a 4-F; too puny to serve. And that would have been the end of Steve's story if it were not for Project Rebirth and the attempt by the US Military to create a Super-Soldier.

Thanks to Project Rebirth, the frail boy who had come from poverty and pain in the streets of Brooklyn became Captain America, the very symbol of the American Dream. But even this could not come without a price, Doctor Abraham Erskine, creator of the Super-Soldier Serum and the Vita-Ray procedure with which it was combined with, was killed by a Nazi spy moments after the procedure was used on Steve. While Steve himself stopped the spy, the loss of Dr. Erskine crippled the project, leaving the US government with only one Super-Soldier.

After extensive physical and tactical training program he was assigned to Camp Lehigh, where he met his future partner in service: James "Bucky" Barnes. Bucky became known as the greatest sidekick ever, and had his own fan following: many up and coming heroes wanted to BE him, even continuing into modern days.

When Pearl Harbor occurred and the World War started for the United States in earnest, Steve found himself in the middle of the fray. As the first and only super-soldier of the United States he was placed often on the most dangerous of missions and the most important of assignments. He was given a new discus-shaped shield by President Roosevelt in honor of his service and the destruction of his old one in battle. That new shield eventually became one of the best-known symbols in the world.

Before long, he was teamed up with other so-called "super-heroes" to attack the Nazis in the heart of their controlled territory. Winston Churchill called this team "the Invaders." Steve was never totally comfortable with that name as he thought the Liberators would be more fitting for what they were doing.

Regardless, the next several years would see the Invaders and other super-heroes in multiple pitched battles with the super-powered forces of the Axis powers. More often than not with him and his teammates coming out on top. That changed on April 18th 1945 when Captain America and Bucky were charged with stopping Baron Zemo's attempt to launch a drone plane filled with bombs towards the United States as a last strike before the fall of the Third Reich. While Cap and Bucky did manage to stop the plane it was only after it was already on way to its target. Both were presumed dead in the wake of the resulting explosion. It would turn out later, neither was true.

But even in death the legacy of Captain America and Bucky would go one. There would be three more Captain America's and two more Bucky's before the masks were retired once and for all. Captain America would fade into obscurity as a legend of World War 2 and thought to be little more than propaganda of the era. But unknown to all, the Legend never died.

In 2009 a group of scientists studying the effects of global warming on glaciers discovered the frozen form of Captain America in the ice near a tribe of Inuit Native Americans who had seen the figure in the ice and believed it to be a protective spirit. Ignoring the claims of bad tidings the scientists called in SHIELD who extracted Steve Rogers from the ice and returned him to the world.

Spending the next several months acclimating to the 21st Century (with mixed success,) Steve found his place with SHIELD, but knew that he couldn't just be a soldier anymore. Humble and confused, he was still willing to step forward and become something more than just a man. The world still needed a symbol of what was right, perhaps even more than in his time. Under the command of SHIELD, Steve became Captain America once more. Later he would held to found the Earth's Mightiest Heroes: the Avengers.

Foes from his past re-appear. Red Skull was found to be alive, after spending time in suspended animation after the war. Another shadow from his past, Baron Zemo attacked New York City and the Avengers. With the help of the Avengers Zemo is defeated and revealed to be Helmut Zemo, the son of the the old Baron who had vowed revenge on Captain America for his father's death.

During all these things, Steve had been assigned a SHIELD liason, Agent Sharon Carter, niece to Peggy Carter, an old lover of Steve from World War 2. Eventually the two of them entered into a romantic relationship with each other that would run very hot and cold over the coming years.

When Iron Man was framed for murder by Justin Hammer, Tony Stark decided he needed to be trained to fight for himself (still hiding the fact that he is Iron Man from even his fellow Avengers). He went to Captain America for his training.

The Red Skull resurfaced with the Cosmic Cube and Captain America faced him with the help of the newly minted super-hero the Falcon. The Red Skull was defeated and the Cosmic Cube was destroyed. The Red Skull however managed to escape.

The third Captain America "Rogers" and the third Bucky, Jack Monroe resurfaced. These two super-soldiers used a form of the original super-soldier serum but without the balancing effects of the Vita-Rays that Doctor Erskine used on Steve. They had fought as Cap and Bucky during the 50s and had grown unstable and paranoid. They had been put in suspended animation and unthawed by the Red Skull and told that Steve and the Falcon were communist agents. The battle left Steve thoughtful, forcing him to consider his luck, and the luck of those less fortunate than him in the same program, such as Isaiah Bradley.

Sharon Carter, acting as a triple agent for Nick Fury, betrayed Captain America to the Red Skull and his minions. Using the DNA of Steve Rogers the Red Skull was able to clone a new body for himself that would allow him to cheat death by old age. His face was now also the face of his greatest enemy and it would haunt him for a long time to come.

Captain America had many battles with the so-called Secret Empire. In the melee Captain America unmasked the Number 1 and discovered that he was a high-ranked member of the US Government, who committed suicide upon discovery. In the wake of the revelation, the US Government covered up the infiltration much to the disgust to Steve. He cut his ties with SHIELD and the Avengers and took off the uniform that he had worn his entire adult life.

Steve Rogers became Nomad and continued to fight against corruption along with the Falcon and other super-heroes but remained separate from the Avengers. He eventually joined up with Jack Munroe, the third Bucky he had more recently fought against. When the Red Skull brutally killed the man currently acting as Captain America as a message that all who wore the uniform would die, Steve took up the role again and gives the name Nomad to Jack Munroe in the belief that no-one else should bear the danger in his place.

During this time Captain America was informed that he was never officially discharged from the US Military. His back pay was substantial, but being who he was, Steve chose to use it to establish a "hotline" to allow people to call Captain America and ask for his help. However, the Commission on Superhuman Activities demanded that as a member of the US Military he resume government-directed operations. Realizing he could no longer be just a simple soldier taking orders anymore he resigned again as Captain America and hands over his shield to John Walker who had once been known as the Super-Patriot.

Having learned his lesson from the death of the last to wear his suit, Steve did not vanish or step down. He became The Captain, using an adamantium shield and reforming the Avengers which had been temporarily disbanded as it lacked an active roster. He also worked together with Falcon and Nomad to take down the Power Brokers, an organization that used highly addictive drugs to create super-powered individuals who they were using as slaves.

Steve discovered that the Commission of Super-human Affairs was actually being manipulated by the Red Skull. The Captain and Nomad took on John Walker and his Bucky. Walker had become increasingly unstable as Captain America and the Red Skull's manipulations had only made it worse. Eventually they settled their differences and all four men worked together to defeat the Red Skull. In the wake of it all Walker insists that Steve take back the role of Captain America. Reluctantly he agreed and became Captain America once again, allowing Walker to take his Captain costume and shield to become the U.S.Agent.

A major riot at the Raft caused many super villains to try and escape. Many former Avengers, including Captain America, banded together to stop it, and reformed the Avengers once and for all.

Steve met a mutant thief known as C.A.T. After more than few encounters the two entered into a romantic relationship that lasted until his death.

Like the other heroes of Earth, Captain America was sent to the Labyrinth. There he met the heroes of an other universe before joining forces with them. Together they defeated Kang, the Time Trapper and Labyrinth. The result of their victory merged the two universes.

Captain America was killed in action during a joint Avengers-SHIELD raid on a former super-soldier training facility in order to recover the serum that made Steve Rogers into Captain America from the Red Skull. On this mission Captain America encountered Winter Soldier aka Bucky Barnes and was distracted by his former partner being alive long enough to be gunned down by Red Skull. He died on the field, in battle.

Steve Rogers was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery along with other heroes of World War 2. His shield and costume were put on display in the Smithsonian. He would be remembered forever as an American hero who came back to a time that wanted him less, but needed him more.

Except that is not where the story ends. Steve Rogers has a history of cheating death, and this death is no different. But like the previous time, it was not by his own choice. Despite all the issues he had had with SHIELD, Nick Fury and the US Government, all of them knew that Steve Rogers was one of the most important men alive. That he needed to live. When Steve was interred, an empty coffin was buried in Arlington and a duplicate of the shield was put in the Smithsonian which was stolen by Bucky shortly thereafter.

Project Lazarus. A black book project intended to bring Captain America back from the dead if he was ever killed in the line of duty. It was started by Nick Fury who then put the one person he knew would do it right in charge. Sharon Carter. Fury knew that Agent 13 would make sure that no corners were cut, no clones were made, that the man who came back from the dead would in fact be, Steve Rogers. And not just a pale imitation. The only issue was that the project wasn't ready when Steve died. They did their best, they repaired the damage to his body, revitalized the cells and resurrected him. There was neural damage that they couldn't repair, and the team could only revitalize the brain and hope that his own natural healing would bring back Steve Rogers.

SHIELD put Steve into a new life. They didn't change his name but they gave him a new birth certificate, a new history and a new life. He was Steve Rogers, graphic artist living in Brooklyn. He had a lovely neighbor (SHIELD agent) and interesting neighbors who he did things for (SHIELD agents). He worked freelance for a design firm that his agent arranged for him (SHIELD agent pretending to be an agent, ironically). His barista knew his name (SHIELD agent) and his order. Their job was to insulate him from potential assassins and enemies and monitor him for any signs that he is remembering who he is.

Which is happening. Slowly, but he is getting it all back again. After all, there's a lot to remember. But while Captain America may not be back, Steve Rogers is, and he is starting to take the role. Even if the name still feels odd on his lips, there are people who need help. And he knows, beyond any memories and deep in his soul, that when people are in need, he'll be there.


Steve Rogers

Cap to the Rescue!

Single Minded - Steve is possibly one of the most loyal people alive. While not exactly naive in his trust in people he is quick to stand behind an friend or ally and believe their side of the story. It takes strong evidence to have him back down and admit that he was wrong in his judgment of a person or cause.

Steve' notorious hard head is well known when he makes up his mind on something. This irretraceable will has caused him to be at odds with his own friends and allies when he has decided to take action when other have not. But in the end Steve is a man of strong determination and strong opinions.

This single-minded determination translates into every aspect of his life: personal relationships, training, the battle field. Steve Rogers is not a man who stops or gives in. He doesn't run from a fight nor does he surrender unless it would mean the death of others. Some would call him brave, others would call him foolish but few would doubt that the man is willing to throw himself into danger with no fear of what was coming before him.

Anachronistic - Steve is a man out of time, and even though he has managed to adapt well enough to modern society there are still parts of him that are very 1940s. He has a tendency to do things that would be described as "chivalrous" and old fashioned. He tends to avoid using any form of profanity and admonishes people who do. He also tends to think that people dress a bit too risque for his liking but has learned to accept it as the style of the times. But on the flip side some things that have become taboo more recently he more okay with than those around him, such as people smoking.

However on the flip side of this, Steve has always been more socially progressive than those of his own era so despite this aspect of himself, he isn't likely to see any issues with woman working, racial integration, homosexuality, etc.

Optimistic - Possibly the one part of Steve most people never realize is inside him is the soft artistic side that has been part of him since he was a little boy. Some would argue that it is actually what makes Steve, Steve. Why the horrors of war, genocide, cynicism and futility have never made him cold to the world. That artist that is inside the Legendary figure who has seen so much pain and misery always sees the world as a canvas that can be cleaned up, painted over and made into something beautiful. Even the ugliest of drawings can be fixed with the right time and patience and skill. Something that Steve never forgets as he looks at the world around him.

Steve himself would say that the world needs optimist and that he's just filling that role. But that is the truth of Steve Rogers as a whole, the man who by all accounts should be a broken mess of PTSD and depression does remain the optimist. Sure that the world can and will be a better place despite no matter what anyone around him says.

And the optimistic side of Steve doesn't end with the world around him. Steve believes in people too. Steve doesn't judge anyone by what they did before they met him, he judges them purely by the actions they display afterwards. He is kind almost to a fault, willing to take the risk of having the wall pulled over his eyes over. He is willing to help anyone, any time, for an reason (unless it's illegal.) Time and time again this had come back and hurt him but that doesn't change his view. Ever person is a person first, what they did second. And every person deserves the everyday kindness that humanity should always offer it's fellow.

Charismatic - Steve Rogers is a natural born leader. His strength of character and steadfast determination tends to inspire those around him. He inspires those around him not just through words but through actions. Every other part of his personality contributes to this final part of Steve's personality.

His loyalty, bravery, single minded nature, his optimism, even his old-timed quirks endear him to those around him. To many people Steve isn't just a quaint man who views the world as black and white rather than the shades of gray most people see: Instead they make others believe in his world view, if only for a moment in time.


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