DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameAnyone and Everyone
CodenameCaptain Universe
SpeciesCosmic Being
AffiliationThe Universe
  • Whatever a Situation Calls For
  • Enhancing Existing Powers

Captain Universe is not one person. Captain Universe can be you. He can be your neighbor. He can be your grandma. Captain Universe can be just about anyone at any time. Not much else is known about the Captain Universe power other than that it seems to pop up sometimes when there's big trouble.


Captain Universe is not a person. The Captain Universe power is in reality, the Uni-Power. A sentient energy field and aspect of the Enigma Force, it seeks out people in peril and bonds with them. Once bonded with a partner, the Uni-Power endows them with the phenominal cosmic powers, memories, and costume of Captain Universe (or just alters the appearance of an existing costume). Once the peril is surpased, it all leaves and goes on to the next task, leaving the host as they were before. The power will also drop a partner if they try to use the power for evil or personal gain.

While the problems the Uni-Power helps overcome can range from anything as small as standing up to a bully to as large as saving the entire universe, one mission is clear all the time. The Uni-Power's mission is to protect all life in the universe.

Known Wielders of the Uni Power

  • Ray Coffin of Florida - Prevented an invasion from the Microverse
  • Kinetic - Defeated the Fallen One and prevented him from destroying the Earth.


Log(s) happened before the revamp and may not apply in full:

Current Logs:

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