DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameSelina Kyle
AffiliationBat Family, Cat Family,
Birds of Prey
  • Cat Burglary
  • Acrobatics
  • Feline Empathy

Selina Kyle is known in many circles as the Gotham City socialite who champions herself for the protection of the species of big cats world-wide, having founded a foundation to fund the protection of them. She's also known to be quite the seductress, having been seen on the arm of some of the bigger-name men in the city, and also has the reputation of being a shrewd businesswoman.

Catwoman is considered to be one of the world's best thieves, known and hired for her ability to pull off jobs that many of her ilk are afraid to even attempt.


Born to Brian and Maria Kyle in Gotham, Selina did not exactly have a happy childhood. Her mother never particularly cared for her, and her father was abusive to Selina and her sister Magdalene. Selina tried to spend as much time away from her erstwhile parents as possible, being protective of her younger sister. She took gymnastics from a young age, using it as a way to escape from her difficulties and she had a natural talent at it. She was fiercely protetive of her sister, and the two found a sort of safety in one another's embrace.

Of course, that all changed one day when Selina came home to find her mother's corpse over in the tub, having killed herself. Things only went downhill from here, with her father drinking himself over into a stupor and eventual death a few years later, leaving Selina and Magdalene with nowhere to turn and go to, not that their family life had ever been safe in the first place.

Abandoning her sister, Selina went to run. Run and hide out over in the streets as her sister went to live in an orphanage. Selina would turn to skills at petty theft nad breaking and entering to support herself, falling into the community of urchins and homeless children that populated Gotham. And the darkness that preyed on them even here. On the streets, her gymnastics talents would be a boon, helping her and letting her stand out from the other children and giving her just a few moments of escape, sometimes.

But, life on the streets is risky. And at one point the streets bite back and Selina was caught, and sent to a juvenile detention center. If anything this and the orphanage are worse than the streets, and Selina gets a very unwanted eyeful of the corruption that seems to plague every pore in Gotham. Exposing the corruption to others, Selina is able to make an escape from it and run back to the streets. Now in her middle teens, Selina tries another foray to makig money to support herself, working for a time as a prostitute. This fares her little better, and she's caught in another frmae of abuse and realizes she can't live her life this way. She dedicates herself to never being taken advantage of again and always putting herself first and her own well being.

She goes and slowly works her way up at becoming a full time street thief, going for bigger and better paydays, training herself and honing her skills. She goes to the gym of Ted Grant, the man known as Wildcat and learns self defense skills such as boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts. From the streets she begins building a reputation of an expert thief, gradually developing her own persona.

That of Catwoman. A few encounters with the man who is called Batman, the Caped Crusader, leave her with a challenger. And someone whom has stolen bits of her. Possibly her heart. But, Selina Kyle develops her own dual identity as Catwoman's reputation builds. Selina, a socialite and climber in the ranks of Gotham's wealthy and a dabbler in causes and charities supporting wildlife. By night, Catwoman, expert thief who steals from everyone.

With her playful yet adversarial relationship in Batman and her rising sense of competitiveness in the streets of Gotham setting out to be the best thief in the city, Selina has for the first time in her life a sense of confidence. Confidence in herself and her own abilities and the choices hse is making. And her own safety. Life is hectic and busy over the next few years as Selina works at building up her own skills and reputation, picking up the things that would make her the best burglar in Gotham.

Also she develops what is a virtually empathic connection to cats, somehow being able to feel what the cats are after and make requests over of them. Building up her own reputation in the streets, and her own nest egg, Selina is well on her way to being the best burglar in Gotham. Her sparrings with Batman serve to only drive her even further. She is his confidant, and he is her foil. She learns to master the arts of seduction even to the same degree that she has thievery, and plays in a larger world.

Selina has her on-again, off-again flings with Batman and Bruce Wayne. The two tango in both worlds, night and day, if never quite firmly settling down with one another emotionally. Selina tangles with the other good and bad types in Gotham, sometimes helping, sometimes hindering. She forms a sort of ad hoc alliance with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, the trio getting into their own sorts of escapades out in the streets and being quite friendly, learning they can call on one another.

The persona of Selina Kyle rises as well in the ranks fo Gotham's social wealthy, and gets a playful reputation for being extremely mercurial in temperament. She and Batman playfully bounce back and forth, and for a time Selina is a solid ally of the Bat-Family, working as well with the Birds of Prey and helping in Gotham, if not always reliably, then at least being on hand. But, the Catwoman can sometimes be fickle and prone to going off and doing her own thing, and not wanting to be bound down to anything as she also occasionally does robberies simply for the thrill of it, and is occasionally seen returning to her semi-adversarial state. Upon seeing her one can never be sure what she will be doing - stealing, helping, or just filching. Friend, not quite enemy, always enjoying her own way.


  • Mercurial: Selina is mercurial, like the cat she's patterend herself after. Her moods are always focused, but seem to change from moment to moment based after little more than whimsy. Rarely to extremes, but even for those who know her it can be hard if not impossible to predict what patterns she is shifting into and where she is going. She likes taking people by surprise.
  • Indepndent: Selina is her own woman, ultimately. Sometimes ally to the Bats and the Birds, but ultimately she makes her own decisions in life and decides what she feels is best for herself. She is not necessarily a loner, but in the end she decides what she wants and what she has to do it, and if she has to burn bridges sometimes, she will. She is independent and protective eof her own status, and sometimes will lash out simply because she has gotten too comfortable and too established in a circumstance.
  • Protective: There are few things that Selina is protetive of, in her own way. Her cat totems, the numerous felines that live in her home, the network of young girls she is adoptive of, and orphans. Selina has a fierce protective streak for girls that live on the streets and who have it tough, and she will go out of her way even beyond her own standards to mess up anyone who goes after them.
  • Playful: Selina is a tease, a rampant flirt, and otherwise laid back. She can steal things simply for the sake of stealing things, and lead Batman or anyone else on a chase after her. She can play with others for what simply might be a sense of pranks in getting into their heads. She can associate with Harley and Ivy simply for variation in companionship. But, Selina is a trickster, fickle, and does things out of a sense of her own amusement sometimes. After all, a cat gets to enjoy simply messing with people sometimes.


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