DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Scott Summers by shngy
NameScott Summers
AffiliationX-Men, Xavier's Institute
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Optic Blast
  • Energy Resistance
  • Spatial Awareness

Scott Summers is a teacher at Xavier's Institute for English and is also an Assistant Headmaster. He always wears strange red sunglasses, and on the surface appears emotionally distant.

Cyclops is the field leader of the X-Men, a mutant superhero group of questionable material to the public. They are guest speakers for Mutant and Human equality.


Scott Summers is the eldest Summers boy. Son of Major Christopher Summers of the USAF he grew up in Anchorage Alaska at least long enough to grow attached to a family he would then lose. A family oddly enough lost to an alien race known as the Shi'ar. Scott blocked out the specifics of these memories, convincing himself they had crashed. Lucky for him his mother saved him and his younger sibling, Alex.

Unfortunately Scott also spent a year in a coma. During this time his brother was adopted and Scott woke to find himself being placed in a state home in Omaha, Nebraska ran by one Mister Milbury (secretly Mister Sinister).

Upon turning sixteen Scott ran away form the orphanage his powers manifesting in a series of events that endangered a mob of bystanders, Scott finds himself on the run after a backfired act of heroics. Unknown to him after the incident Professor Charles Xavier and FBI Agent Duncan were seeking him out and would eventually pull him away from the clutches of the Living Diamond. A criminal who was intent on using Scott and his mutant gifts to his own ends.

Scott matured greatly under in his time with Charles and the school. Part of the 1st Class of X-Men he lives as an example of what it means to be a hero and a mutant. He takes his role very seriously and strives to only get better, to attain perfection in his role and to protect those he loves. Scotts dedication is so much so when others left to better themselves in education or sought out adventure outside of Xavier's domain, Scott remained behind, improving himself as a man, teacher, soldier and mentor. Today he does his best to represent everything it is to be an X-Man.



When he was a young man Scott was often accused of being aloof, detached and standoffish, these are not untrue but in reality he was quite awkward, even at points considered a nerd. This coupled with his looks lead to him being nicknamed "Slim".

Eventually Scott came out of his shell, encouragement from Professor Charles Xavier and developing a close bond with his peers started to shape his confidence, he quickly learned to put on a mask of confidence, drive and steely calm that was admirable.

After a while this mask becomes his reality. Scott is a very capable, comfortable man in dire siutations, he has a level head, a sharp tactical mind and a desire to overcome adversity. He is further fueled by the dream of his mentor. The dream the X-Men strive for. Under the banner of this idea he has become a perfect soldier for mutantkind. A champion with a cause. An X-Man.


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