DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Scott Summers by shngy
NameScott Summers
AffiliationX-Men, Xavier's Institute
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Optic Blast
  • Energy Resistance
  • Spatial Awareness

Scott Summers is a teacher at Xavier's Institute for English and is also an Assistant Headmaster. He always wears strange red sunglasses, and on the surface appears emotionally distant.

Cyclops is the field leader of the X-Men, a mutant superhero group of questionable material to the public. They are guest speakers for Mutant and Human equality.


Scott Summers was born the son of Major Christopher Summers and his wife, Katherine. While flying on vacation, the Summers family's small, private plane was attacked by a spaceship, an emissary of the Shi'ar Empire. Scott and his younger brother, Alex, were given the plane's only parachute and sent to safety, while their parents were presumed dead as a result. As they plunged towards the earth, however, the parachute failed and, in his panic, Scott manifested his optic blasts for the first time, driving scarlet energies into the ground at the last minute to slow their fall enough to survive. Nonetheless, Scott suffered a significant head injury, the result of which left him unable to control the use of his powers to this day. Waking up in the hospital, to Scott's dismay, he and Alex were quickly separated: younger children are easier to find homes for, so the blonde boy was scooped away from Scott.

Life in the orphanage was difficult for Scott. Losing both his parents and his brother in short order made him emotionally fragile. In a time of lesser regulation on childcare, the orphanage was survival of the fittest, and the damaged young man made an easy first. In time, Scott learned to put a protective shell around himself and how to dish out punishment himself. While he never grew popular there, rough boys, after a time, learned to steer clear of Scott Summers, unless they wanted to take as good as they got. Meanwhile, unknown to Scott, the orphanage was under the direct control of the rogue geneticist Mister Sinister. Sinister quickly became fascinated by Scott's unique genome, his mutant strain showing a wide variety of interesting potentials. Scott went through a lot of medical examinations along the way, including being fitted with a special pair of ruby quartz glasses to protect him from eyestrain. By that point, he hadn't manifested his powers openly since the fall from the plane, an incident that remained foggy and impossible to put together in Scott's traumatized mind. He only wore his glasses sporadically, however, resulting at last in an uncontrolled manifestation of his power in public. Scott fled an angry, anti-mutant mob and, even as he learned his special glasses could contain his energies, he also learned that he would be feared and hated by those who didn't understand his powers.

Scott's public display of power attracted the attention of Professor Charles Xavier. Seeking out the young mutant, Charles enticed Scott to come to his School for the Gifted, as it was called then, in spite of the machinations of more sinister forces to try and keep them apart. There, Scott began, for the first time, to blossom. The fellow mutants of the first class of X-men became not only friends, but family. Scott almost immediately fell in love with classmate, Jean Grey, although he kept it to himself as much as he could. And Charles' trust and belief in him allowed him to see himself as something other than the boy whose parents died, as the freak with the laser eyes. As field leader of the X-men, he discovered he had a gift for heroism, cool under fire and naturally skilled at tactics and leadership. He proved worthy of the trust placed in him and, as such, grew more into a man.

With the X-men, Scott has withstood many adventures and faced many hardships. From early days battling the villainy of mutants such as Magneto, Sauron, The Blob and Mystique. He watched as the school grew and grew, becoming the Xavier institute and, as he grew older, became more teacher than student (to the point that he's now Deputy Headmaster). His brother, Alex, arrived, having manifested his own mutant gifts and leading to a complex and sometimes heated reunion. And, in time, when two worlds faced a crisis, he plunged into the Labyrinth alongside his fellow heroes of two worlds. There, he suffered horrors, both physical and emotional, of which he still prefers not to speak...but, in the end, they prevailed and a new world dawned. Despite the new state of affairs, Scott found himself in much the same position: leader, teacher, mentor. And, of course, father, as the vagaries of time and space have brought him children he's yet to have, coming back from dire futures to warn and prevent. He's learned to love them all the same, even if some have a tendency to grind his gears. It seems to be a common Summers family trait. Through it all, he's remained a steadfast rock in the storm, the man everyone could rely on. The only question is, how much of a beating can a rock take before it begins to crack and erode? Only time will tell.



DUTY - Scott is a creature of responsibility. He takes pride in following through on his word and doing things the right way. Disciplined and methodical, he's a first one in, last one out sort of man. Indefatigable, he never gives up and always keeps his higher purpose in mind. He never takes shortcuts and doesn't have much patience for those who do.

FIERCE - While others may see him as staid or boring, the truth of Scott Summers is far different. Scott feels passionately and it is that same passion that drives him to fight as hard as he does, to expect and achieve as much as he does. He's the true believer, the protege, and he's determined more than perhaps anyone to make Charles Xavier's dream of coexistence a reality.

STOIC - Scott keeps his cards close to the vest. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but, for all the passion in his heart, Scott rarely makes a big display of his emotions. His pilot father, when he was very young, regarded it as a sign of weakness, as did the boys at the orphanage who'd take their boots to any kid caught crying in his bunk. So, he learned to keep things to himself, and now only shares his truest self with those who've earned the trust to be worthy of it.

DIRECT - Scott generally doesn't pussyfoot around. He believes in honesty and tends to be very straightforward with people. He's not afraid to give an honest assessment, especially in his capacity for team leader. Mistakes, after all, can be the difference between life and death out in the field. Even in his early twenties, he already has the makings of a drill sergeant in his own way, although he tries to temper it with compassion when he can, especially towards the younger members of the team and students.

BROODING - Part of the downside of stoic is that, when something's wrong, Scott tries to deal with it on his own. He has a habit of suppressing his feelings, of putting them aside in favor of the needs of the moment. This can let things build up in him and generally make him an unhappy man. He's at his best when he has someone to talk to and confide in.

TOUGH - While others of a more brawling (and hairy) nature might get more credit for it, Scott Summers is as tough as they come. While he's certainly physically tough, his real toughness is in his mental fortitude under fire. He's capable of thinking quickly and handling pressure, staying cool and confident. This not only allows him to function well in such situations, but gives him the ability to inspire others by his example. His toughness is one of the reasons that, whatever they feel about him personally, when the X-Men are in trouble, most of them look to Scott.

HOPEFUL - Scott believes, genuinely, that right will win out in the end. He looks forward to the future, thinking that each day will get them closer to the achievement of Charles' dream. He sees it in the eyes of the new students who come in and in the hearts of his comrades around him. As tough as he can be, Scott is, in many ways, an optimist. It just doesn't make him soft.

LOYAL - Scott sticks by his friends and family through thick and thin. He would never betray those he cares about, and actually, genuinely loves most of the people in his life, even if he doesn't show it. Once you're part of his 'tribe', he'll do anything for you, even if you have trouble getting along on occasion.

ROMANTIC - Scott's passionate nature means he falls in love easily and hard. He's a believer in true love, and takes matters of the heart very seriously. Obviously, this can be a complicated issue, and so it is, oftentimes, both a strength and a weakness.


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