Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Disrespect of Human Rights!
Author:OOC: Cyclops
Article:Now, mutants or not, the blatant disregard of human rights is terrible! First, just the thought of getting two individuals in a cage to fight each other to the death is disgusting, let alone having the rich bid on it. A woman known as Ms. Noir was found locked in one of her own cages and arrested by police. Security recordings of the crowd and the actual fights were found on site. Police are now searching for individuals that were in attendance for illegal gambling and potentially assisting with murder, as well as assault and battery. Only a handful of these mutants have stepped forth, saying they got in debt or were captured and forced to fight. Police are keeping their names confidential. Still, what is this world coming to? Hell's Kitchen or not, this seems to be abhorrent!

Log: 2010-06-07 - Ms. Noir's Downfall

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