Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Terrorist Attack in The HUB
Author:OOC: Wild Thing (Staffer)
Article:There was a mutant terrorist attack in The HUB, within The Bronx. On manager of a pizzeria which decided to remain anonymous was harassed as well as a good amount of property damage was done. Eye witnesses report a number of teenagers there fighting with a frog looking mutant can causing quite a mess. Some reported that they believed the teenagers may have been mutants as well, but it is inconclusive at this time.

When the teenagers looked like they were beaten by the terrorist which police have reported as "Toad", two other individuals showed up, obviously mutants. One had a red blast coming from where his eyes would be located like a cyclops, and another had a silver metal body. These two individuals beat and knocked out the individual dubbed Toad and then disappeared with the teenagers as police arrived.

Police were unable to track them down, but they did arrest the terrorist. When he was being kept at the local police department, somewhat he was released before transport could arrive to move him to Rykers Island. They suspected one of their own officers, but later found him knocked out cold and with no knowledge of the incident.

This suspicious activity makes a man wonder what America is coming too! Terrorist attacking in broad daylight, Nazi's burning down buildings, and the police without the means to keep criminals in jail! All this brilliant and new state-of-the-art technology is going to the military, but what are our police receiving? Nothing! Where does the injustice end?

Log: Marvel: 2010-06-21 - The Terrible Toad

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