Marvel: In the Beginning...
Author:OOC: Iron Man
Article:In the afternoon of August 24, 2010, New York City thought they were going to die when a flaming mass came out of the sky and flew toward the city. In the end, it crashed into the Hudson River. It appeared to be a space craft or unknown air craft. Strange military personnel pushed people back and kept confiscating cameras. We only managed to get one fuzzy photo.

<< Included is a photo of the ship in the Hudson River and a black rubber boat with people wearing blue in it. It is not of the best quality to say the least. >>

It is reported that the Fantastic 4 came from the ship. No official announcements have been made other than that it was not a threat to national security and to permit clean up of the site before coming into the area. Honestly, the people demand the truth! What are they doing? Why are they stopping us from taking photos and investigating? And who are these strange people that blocked the way?

Plot: Space Adventures

Log: 2010-08-24 - Space Adventures: Crash Lessons

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