Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Crimes in the name of Science?
Author:J. Jonah Jameson
Article:Once again, the normal people of America are victimized by those that feel they are set apart from the rest of the rules of society by the fact they run around in long underwear and have super powers. Between the antics of Tony Stark's pet project The Avengers, the Mutant Extremists who seek domination over the Human population, things were bad enough, but now even the Fantastic Four seem to have gone over the edge of recklessness into the realm of the criminal!

Once I would have given some approval to Reed Richards and his band because they at least have the guts enough to let the public know who they are. But after his spacecraft joyride that ended up crashing into the Hudson, I was thanking God that there weren't some poor innocent bystanders washed into the waters by the waves or crashed beneath the dangerous craft if it had landed just a short ways towards either bank. But still I would have told you that for the most part I was supportive of the Fantastic Four. That was until the news came today of a vicious and evil act apparently perpetrated by the quartet of power.

The Smithsonian Museum, haven to some of the greatest Treasures known to mankind was broken into and several irreplaceable artifacts of the ancient world that had been there to be studied because of their puzzling and amazing construction were stolen! But the thieves didn't make a clean job of it. One of the Security Guards managed to get a good look at them before he was brutally knocked unconscious. It breaks my heart as it probably will to you Mr and Mrs America, to learn that the criminals were none other than the Fantastic Four! Has Reed Richards finally lost all connection with the society around him that he believes he's above the law? Did he covet the Egyptian artifacts for himself or was he afraid someone might make a scientific discovery from them before he could? Has he just finally taken one too many hits to the head? I put the call out there to the Fantastic Four, do the right thing. Return the stolen artifacts and turn yourself into the police. I am sure some mercy would be taken upon you for the good you have done in the past.

- J. Jonah Jameson. The extra J is for JUSTICE!

Plot: Space Adventures

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