Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Mad Thinker Strikes Again!
Author:OOC: Box
Article:There was early morning chaos in Queens today as a quiet, unassuming neighborhood found itself a battleground. While investigating a hideout of The Mad Thinker, Iron Man of the Avengers and Box from Canada's Alpha Flight were attacked by one of the criminal genius' Androids. The heroes managed to keep property damage down to a minimum, though fire and smoke damage to the building the hideout was in was extensive and most of the windows on the street were shattered by the explosion and following battle. City road crews hope to have repaid to the street completed by May.

The Mad Thinker himself did not appear to be present and the de-activated robot was taken into Avengers custody. There are reports that Box was severely injured in the battle as well, though details about that are very sketchy at this time and neither the Avengers nor Alpha Flight are confirming anything at this time. Hospitals and repair shops are being checked out by the Daily Bugle's reporters at this time looking for the Living Robot to bring you the truth first.

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