Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Toxic Teaching?
Author:J. Jonah Jameson
Article:This paper has always been a supporter of civil rights, be them based upon skin color, religion, or even genetic mutation. However, a situation was recently brought to our attention of a case where the rights of one, could lead to the harm of dozens. A girl, who shall remain nameless for now, who has within her a mutant gene that is so hazardous... so dangerous... so toxic that she must wear a special suit just to be out in public. And out in public she is, surrounded by dozens of other young, innocent youths who may not even be able to understand the risk they take daily.

What will happen when little Billy is rushing back to his desk from the pencil sharpener and he trips, accidentally ripping that suit? What could be said to console grieving parents if a schoolroom prank like a tack on a seat lead to sheet covered bodies being rolled out on gurneys? Is the school really doing enough to protect the children in its care?

I believe in Education. It's brought me to where I am today, owner of the most beloved newspaper in The Big Apple. Still, times have changed. Perhaps we should look to the wonders of on-line education rather than risking our next generation? You can learn a wealth of information on-line at all sorts of places, including! Should we really ignore the risks to the many for one young lady when there are ways for everyone to be happy and safe?

As always, your humble servant, J. Jonah Jameson

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