Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Stark Industries Holo-Release!
Author:OOC: Stark Industries/Tony Stark
Article:Stark Industries has used holograms in some of their advertisements, in conventions sponsored by them and so on. However, they have never shared the technology before. Finally, Stark Industries has officially released the Holoband, which fits on an individual like a watch or bracelet. It is meant to be used for medical purposes, assisting individuals that are burn or accident victims and such to appear their normal selves between surgeries, or assist those with physical deformities to adapt to the world. It is meant as a device to assist individuals going through difficult times. Each device has a serial number and comes pre-programmed. They are also registered to the currently user and only loaned through approved medical programs.

When questioned about other holo-releases, Stark Industries already said they were working on producing a holo-graphic interactive PDA much like the one Tony Stark uses to sell. However, it would likely be sold on a case-by-case basis, because of the expense of making them. When asked if it would be sold to the military, Stark Industries said that they would likely want a few but they doubt they would be released throughout all the military branches.

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