Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Stark Industries Cuts Government Contracts
Author:OOC: Tony Stark
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<< Included is a photo of Tony Stark speaking at a podium with Iron Man standing beside him. >>

Long-time weapons manufacture, Stark Industries is actually cutting government contracts. At a press conference today, Tony Stark stated, "Over company has done good work, and our weapons have been used for the protection and safety of United States citizens. This is something to be proud of. However, in this world we have also experienced zero accountability. My heart condition was called by one of Stark Industries own mines, and a military conflict was almost caused between China and the U.S. because of Stark Industries missiles, even if they were not in our care at the moment. It is time for Stark Industries to give the people more than weapons and bullets, and I believe we can achieve that goal and more."

With their already expanding medical division, Stark Industries is also expanding their electronics division and publicly opening an entertainment division. Their first release will be beginning of November, in time for last minute Christmas shopping, an S-HoloBox. Interactive holographic controls and room displays large enough for up to two people, it provides interactive games at a whole new level.

<< Continued Section Local 5: S-HoloBox >>

The S-HoloBox's first game is going to include a flight simulator with a varying of aircrafts including small planes, commercial, fighter jets and more. The second game, due out a week after the first one is to be a racing gaming. You use one of your home chairs and the holographic room display surrounds it to give it the display of a real race track and car with interactive abilities or you can guy the accessory chair to feel vibrations and movement as well.

Though it was not directly addressed at the press conference, Mr. Stark did hint that a few things would still be made for the government and he declined any comment on branching out to the international market.

Plot: To Stark International

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