Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Sigma International B&E
Author:OOC: Captain America
Article:Sunday March 13th at approximately 10:30 p.m., Police responded to a call of Gunfire occurring at Sigma International Corporation headquarter's in Manhattan. Upon investigation it was determined that there had been a conflict that resulted in a large amount of property damage inside the offices including the breaking of a large pane window. Several security employees were injured during the break in. But no security footage or reports were able to identify the attackers.

Sigma International is a newly formed international company specializing in the financing of energy, infrastructure, and high technology. The young corporation seems to begin to agressively cornered the sector and has grown exponentially. Ceo Dell Rusk has reported that charges will be filed and hopes to see the criminal brought to justice.

Log: Marvel: 2010-03-13 - Who does it remind you of?

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