Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Friends of Humanity Protest Almost Turns Riot
Author:OOC: Cyclops
Article:A Friends of Humanity protest at Harlem High School was broken up by combined efforts of the X-Men and NYCPD, when it escalated in the throwing of rotten fruits and vegetables and rocks at student Jennifer Takeda. The student has been the center of attention for the protests, as due to her mutation, she must wear a hazmat suit for the safety of others.

X-Men Cyclops, Beast, and Wolverine were noted to have been there, along with two younger individuals. When Xavier's Institute was questioned, they stated it was Skin and Jubilee from their Generation X program, providing backup. A number of Friends of Humanity members spoke out against the X-Men, stating they were violent against them, and television cameras did catch a few thrown objects being exploded by an eye blast from Cyclops, and a number of firework blasts from the individual known as Jubilee, however the television cameras did not catch any of the blasts being directed at individuals.

The police have arrested a number of Friends of Humanity members for assault and battery and disturbing the peace after being caught throwing objects at Miss Takeda. It was reported anonymously that a tear was made in the hazmat suit as a result of the attack. When the school was questioned, then principle stated: "If there was a tear, it must have been repaired immediately as there was no hole in her suit when Miss Takeda reported to her history class. However, she is suffering from a sprained ankle because of the things thrown at her, and is on crutches. The safety of the students is a growing concern."

Log: 2011-04-16 - Radiation Girl & Killer Tomatoes

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