Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Destruction at Bronx High School
Author:OOC: Wild Thing (Staff)
Article:Bronx High School had a delay in starting school on Monday morning because of a vicious attack on the property on Saturday. Police have reported that twenty individuals of varying ages broke into the school, destroyed property - including student lockers, classrooms and administration officers - and spray painted anti-mutant slurs along the halls. As many know, this is the school where a girl known as Jennifer Takeda attends in a hazmat suit due to her mutation, and has recently been the site of a Friends of Humanity protest.

The arrested individuals are registered members of Friends of Humanity, but the organization has officially stated: "We do not condone such violent behavior, and encourage a peaceful solution that includes removing the dangerous mutant from public property and ensuring the safety of our children." The state is pressing charges against the individuals for breaking and entering, and destruction of public property.

Furthermore, it is reported that Marvel Girl and Wolverine of the X-Men were the ones that stopped the destruction of school property and was able to limit it to the first floor only. The only injuries reported on those arrested and charged were only minor and the worse including a few broken fingers.

It was reported that it was believed Ms. Takeda was seen on scene, but it is unconfirmed at this time. If you have further information about the incident, please contact police at 657-863-8357.

Log: 2011-04-24 - School Chaos

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