Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Terrorist Attack Against Mutant Teen
Author:OOC: Cyclops
Article:On Friday, May 6th there was a terrorist attack against an apartment building. It was believed that the target was Jennifer Takeda, which the internet is currently calling the 'Hazmat Girl'. These individuals all wore blue bands with the Friends of Humanity logo on, but the weapons were identified as AIM arms.

The X-Men appeared, including members Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, and Gambit, along with Generation X member Mercury to stop the attack while police responded. Ms. Takeda's whereabouts are currently unknown, but officials have stated that she is safe.

The Friends of Humanity claim to not know about the attack, which police believe was an attempt at kidnapping. The individuals arrested have not been confirmed at this time as AIM members.

Log: 2011-05-06 - Leave it to Hazmat

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