Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Electro Arrested
Author:OOC: Scott Summers
Article:Arrested today in The Bronx was Electro. He was found after a young male mysterious caller called in to report a bank robbery attempt. He was wrapped in a rubber mat and out cold, with shallow and treated stabs in his stomach area. The bank was closed as it was in the middle of the night. When Electro came to, he ranted about the X-Men stopping him, and asking where Zot was, and if he sided with those heroes, in unkind words. The location of Zot is unknown, as he was reported an accomplish in an attempted robbery with Electro that Captain America stopped just last week. It is unknown the location of Zot, or if there is an arrest warrant out at this time. Police have reported that they only wish to question him about his role with the situation.

Log: Marvel: 2011-06-24 - Caim's Past & Future: I'll Take Responsibility

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