Friends of Humanity
Purpose: The Friends of Humanity are an anti-mutant organization created by Graydon Creed. The FOH are mostly well-known for terrorism against peaceful mutants as well as support for the Mutant Registration Act. They are often used as an example of what humanity will do to mutants if they do not rally behind Magneto.
Location: United States, Headquarters in New York City
  • Kelly runs on an anti-mutant platform and is elected.
  • Senator Kelly reruns for office and runs on the Mutant Registration Act. He is re-elected.
  • FOH supports the Sentinels Program.
  • FOH speak out against Atlantis after the invasion, establishing themselves as anti-superhuman.
  • FOH protests against the X-Men and Xavier's Institute. They demand the U.S. Government does something about them.

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