DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameRemy Etienne LeBeau
AffiliationX-Men, Xavier's Institute,
Guild of Thieves (Formerly)
  • Kinetic Energy Manipulation
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Psionic Charm
  • Telepathic Resistance

The Prince of Thieves, the Ragin' Cajun...Remy LeBeau. He's as known for keeping his secrets as he is for being a terrible flirt and irrascable charmer. He's good at getting himself into tight places...but maybe not so good at getting himself back out. What's less clear is where his true loyalties lie, given how close to his chest he keeps his cards. Literal or otherwise.

Gambit is a known member of the X-Men team, notable not only for his peculiar choice of wearing magenta into battle--maybe to match the color of his powers?--but also for being very good at blowing things up. He is also affiliated with the X-Institute.


Remy was born in a hospital in New Orleans with his physical mutation already evident-- his strange black and red eyes. His parents did not want him, so instead the Thieves' Guild of New Orleans--following an ancient prophecy's directions--stole the child from the hospital and instead placed him with a gang of child thieves and their handler, a man who went by the name of Fagan. Remy was raised on the streets by Fagan, finding that he excelled at sleight of hand and pickpocketing. Around age nine, he interrupted what appeared to be several grown men mugging a young girl. That wasn't what it was, but Remy became friends with Belladonna Boudreaux as a result nonetheless.

He was around twelve when he tried to pick the pocket of Jean-Luc LeBeau, head of the Thieves' Guild. Although he didn't get away with it, Jean-Luc determined Remy was ready to take his next step on the path of destiny, and formally adopted Remy, taking him out of his life on the streets. Remy was immediately named the new heir to the Thieves Guild', above Jean-Luc's biological son, Henri. He was trained in more high-stakes thievery and continued his relationship with Belladonna, the daughter of the head of the rival guild, the Assassin's Guild.

At fifteen, while trying to aid a younger cousin on his coming-of-age trials, Remy's bio-kinetics manifested. It was enough to free Remy from the situation he and his cousin Emil had gotten into, but not enough to save Emil's life.

At eighteen, Remy discovered he was bound for an arranged marriage with the daughter of the head of the Assassin's Guild, to unify the Guilds and supposedly bring about the Prophecy he'd been 'born' to embody. The wedding to Belladonna happened--much to Remy's relief he was already in love with her--but at the reception Belladonna's brother Julien objected and challenged Remy to a duel to the death. Remy bested Julien in a fencing match and was subsequently exiled from New Orleans on pain of death. He was told later (incorrectly, although he doesn't know that yet) that Belladonna had killed herself out of grief. There was nothing left for Remy in the Big Easy anyway-- the town was home, but filled with dark memories.

Subsequently, he began to wander the country doing odd-jobs--largely working as a cook in a diner or stealing where it wouldn't get him into trouble with the Guild--until he began to realize that his mutant power was spiraling out of control. Unable to control the rapidly growing amount of power in his body, Remy sought out through the only channels he knew--the dark, shady, untrustworthy ones--a solution to his problem in the way of a mutant specialist and surgeon who called himself Mr. Sinister.

Remy moved briefly to Seattle, and agreed to undergo Sinister's surgery in exchange for doing specialist jobs for the 'doctor'. The surgery was a resounding success and left Gambit with a controllable amount of power, but the longer he worked for Sinister the more he was called upon to do jobs he wasn't comfortable with. When the last job resulted in the death of a lot of innocent people, some of them children, Remy called it enough, and disengaged himself from Sinister's service. Of all of the victims of that terrible day now known as the Mutant Massacre, Remy was only able to save one; Sarah Rushman, a young girl who had little control over the accelerated bone growth that was her mutation.

Gambit went back to wandering across the country, stealing what he could to survive. A potential job finally led him to Muir Island, where instead he came across the X-Men in the course of defending Muir Island against an attack by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. While Remy had initially intended only to observe the conflict, a subsequent injury to Storm caused the Cajun to engage, choosing to take Storm to safety. When the fight was over, Remy was introduced to the X-Men and chose to take them up on their offer of a place on the team.

The attraction between Gambit and his teammate, Rogue, was obvious almost immediately, and of course exacerbated by the fact that Rogue's powers did not allow her to touch anyone skin-to-skin. To say that their relationship since Remy joined the team has been tumultuous is to put it mildly; they're probably as well-known for their vicious verbal battles, sometimes complete with slamming of doors and Remy disappearing for a few days afterwards. He always returns to her, but not always in one piece.

Remy also took up the task of being the Groundskeeper at the X-Institute, lacking any other legitimate day job, so when Sarah Rushman appeared at the doors, all grown up and calling herself Marrow, Gambit was the first to give her a chance as his 'assistant groundskeeper'.

When the Labyrinth happened, Gambit was amongst the heroes pulled into its clutches. Cast by chance into a set of maze-like tunnels similar to those the Morlocks had lived in, Remy was forced to make his way through them, battling for every inch of progress until Kang was defeated, triggering terrible memories of the Mutant Massacre and digging the thorn of that pain deeper.

Since then, Gambit has remained...generally...a loyal member of the X-Men team, having helped defend a young girl against an attack in the Bronx, defended the mansion against the likes of those such as Deadpool and the Sinister Six, and even been a participant in breaking up a slaving ring and discussion the ramifications of Operation Zero Tolerance. When there isn't mud-wrestling to watch, that is. He still is, after all, exactly who he is.


At first glance, he's just one of those /guys/, the kind that's just a little oily around the edges. He described himself as a charming louse once, and it fits. Swamprat fits too. There's just something /about/ that guy, but part of that /something/ about him is that he's generally too damn charming for most people to care about that little nagging sense he leaves in the back of the mind, that sense that he isn't quite housebroken.

His smile comes readily but half of the time it's a mask. Maybe more than half the time, it's hard to say. He's been a thief and a con-man if not from birth than at least from as long as he can remember. Remy is a natural charmer. He finds it easy to find the right words to say most of the time; he's very good at talking people into doing things his way, and very /fond/ of talking. He's the kind of person who talks to himself just to hear the sound of /someone's/ voice, the kind of man who always has some kind of snarky witticism ready for any occasion, be it in the middle of combat or not. He's a pretty good storyteller and has a lackadaisical way of coming across, as if everything's one great big joke, some /grand adventure/, and he can't be bothered to take any of it seriously. Maybe that's a bit of the /something/ hiding behind his snakecharmer's smile. He isn't always laughing /with/ you, sometimes, too frequently, Gambit is laughing /at/ you.

His sense of humor can get a bit vicious, especially if Remy is feeling put-upon in any way. He's not always the nicest of people, and unfortunately knowing the right thing to say in almost any situation also means he knows the wrong thing to say; he's pretty good at offering forth whatever combination of words is needed to most upset the person he's talking to, even if he doesn't mean them. He has a temper and it manifests first and foremost with nasty, acerbic snark and wit. This is not at all the joking, rambling personality that he exhibits when he's in a good mood; this is an aspect of his personality that cuts to see something bleed, even if metaphorically. When he's angry, he absolutely says things with the sole intention of hurting others with his words, a method of lashing out he's developed in an attempt to deal with the pain and anger he's undoubtedly feeling at the time.

Remy can and does get serious. If he isn't the world's best thief, he's in the top five with ease, and he takes his job very seriously. Well. He takes his job mostly seriously--what's the point if he can't have a little fun with it?--and is more than capable of settling down to concentrate on the task at hand without any antics or pranks that he might have tried in a less serious situation. Not, of course, that settling down curbs the edge on his sharp tongue. It takes a lot more than dire straits to do /that/. Although not a natural leader like other people on his team, Remy is a capable leader and can exhibit plenty of authority when it suits him. He's not anything like Logan or Scott Summers, so he's much more likely to try and manipulate people into doing what he wants, not above wheedling or the appearance of it to get his way.

The man is also the absolute king of bad decisions. He is easily tempted and does not stand up to temptation nearly so well. He has his vices--plenty of them--and on many occasions Remy has been known to inadvertently throw a whole bucketful of monkeywrenches into a good thing just because he couldn't keep his hands to himself, proverbial or otherwise. Sometimes he manages to show an amazing amount of inner resolve, but all too often Remy is a fallible man, wooed away from the straight and narrow by the prospects of a thrilling caper or even just a pretty woman. Some habits are hard to break. Even harder for Remy is the concept of trust. He doesn't trust easily, as he feels sooner or later everyone he trusts betrays him. He doesn't seem to have put together that some of this is due to the fact that he is himself often untrustworthy, but there it remains; he's been used more times than he cares to think and every time he swears it will be the last...and then he chooses to trust someone again, and he's used again. Gambit can be very selfish when it comes down to it, and if the cards come down to helping someone else or getting his own hide out safely...well, odds are Remy will choose to save himself. Or he would have, before his time on the teams. Being an X-Man tends to change a few things about one's world view.

At the heart of it all, however, Remy likes to think he's a good man. He tries to stand up for what's right, he feels like he has a moral code buried in there somewhere. He doesn't steal from those who can't afford to lose what he's taking, or so he tells himself. He doesn't kill if he can avoid it--and he usually can. He isn't a mass murderer and he isn't a villain. He tells himself this every night, as if to remind himself that he has the best of motives, every /intention/ of walking the path of the angels...even when he doesn't manage. He's made a lot of mistakes in his past, made a lot of stupid, selfish decisions, and they weigh on him. He carries an immense amount of guilt and subsequent angst with him, where ever he goes, because also at the heart of it all, he doesn't actually /like/ himself much, despite his apparent ego. He has hopes and dreams and ambitions like any other man, but he squashes them ruthlessly on account of feeling as if he doesn't deserve them. He struggles to make up for all the darkness in his past but still can't manage to stay in the light in his present, which results in Remy quite often sabotaging the things he has going well in his life, even subconsciously. After all, feeling bitter, alone, and betrayed is far more familiar than contentment.


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