Purpose: Generation X is currently a defunct group. It was a team of young mutants in training training to become heroes or later join the X-Men. Despite attempts to prevent it, the group did gain a little fame; especially from the online community. Students that passed the try outs entered into a program for learning how to follow commands, think on their feet, how to control their power, and protect themselves in combat. When a person graduated from this group, they either join the X-Men, or went into independent careers. All students were allowed to try out for the team when auditions were held and some were hand selected by the staff. Primarily taught by the original five X-Men and Havok, they were occasionally given classes from the other X-Men or special guest instructors arranged by the school such as members of the Avengers.
Location: North Salem
  • Though the students (under 18) were excluded from the X-Men, it didn't keep them out of trouble, the real life kind. The X-Men decided that all the students were to be trained in self-defense and the use of their mutant powers in a responsible manner. When one of the most common questions from incoming students was: "When do we get to be X-Men?!," they realized the students needed something more.
  • Shortly before the new first full school year at the newly restructured Xavier's Institute, a 'New Mutants' program is quickly organized. The name is even more quickly changed to 'Generation X' because it "sounded cooler" to the selected students after the first meeting of the team. A few students are selected as potentials for the program and notified. It's decided tryouts will be held to determine who else joins the team out of the current student body.
  • Within the first week of school, try outs for Generation X are announced. Over the weekend, several students are put through many tests and interviews ending in one last challenge in the Danger Room. Those that pass become the first team of Generation X members.
  • Several of the team's original members voice displeasure with not being allowed to go on 'real missions' like the X-Men, but don't leave the program. Instead, they make plans to go into New York City and do some heroics on their own, dragging the entire team with them. They encounter and barely defeat Juggernaut and the X-Men compromise and give them less boring missions, but increase training the sessions in exchange.
  • The first full school year of Generation X is currently fully active and in training to be the future X-Men.

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