DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Ant Man
NameDr. Henry "Hank" Jonathan Pym
Avengers Academy (Formerly)
  • Pym Particles
  • Size Addition
  • Size Reduction
  • Mass Control of Objects

Dr. Henry Jonathan "Hank" Pym, Ph.D. is known to the scientific community as a brilliant biochemist, cyberneticist, entomologist, physicist, and roboticist. His work is most closely associated with van Dyne Industries, although he has taught the occasional university course. He has few friends, and is an immensely private person.

Giant-Man is known as a hero in his own right, a founding member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, and as the long time partner of the Winsome Wasp. He has been known under other names, such as Ant-Man and Goliath (though not the most recent Goliath that is believed dead).


Dr. Henry Joanthan "Hank" Pym is an American biochemist with extensive backgrounds in entomology, cybernetics, robotics and physics. He was born in Elmsford, New York. PymOs life was unremarkable until college where he met Maria Trovaya, a Hungarian refugee, whom he married. While honeymooning in her native Hungary Pym and Maria were assaulted by secret police. Pym was knocked out and Maria killed. He never understood why. Returning to America Hank vowed to make this world a better place to live, for all of humanity. It was his way of honoring her memory.

Pym earned his PhD. in biochemistry and came to the attention of Vernon van Dyne of Van Dyne Industries who recruited him right out of college and set him up in a state of the art lab and gave him complete intellectual freedom and a generous salary. He also became infatuated with van Dyne's beautiful teenage daughter, Janet.

Hank pursued Janet and they began dating. He also developed a number of patents for her father including a gas that reduced the effects of radiation on humans. He also developed a fascination with insects.

Hank discovered a type of particle that could shrink or enlarge objects and living things. They were eventually dubbed 'Pym' particles. Impetuously he used them to shrink himself and explore a nearby ant hill. That excursion nearly proved fatal. Undaunted Hank developed a cybernetic helmet that allowed him to communicate with the ants as well as a protective costume. He fought several spies and criminals as Ant-Man.

Disaster struck when Vernon van Dyne developed a teleporter that brought an alien to Earth. The alien killed van Dyne so that no one could send him back. Hank confided in Janet that he was Ant-Man and gave her the means to become the Wasp. Together they defeated the creature and became a crime fighting duo.

Hank Pym

Hank Pym at Work

Hank and Janet became founding members of the Avengers. They fought alongside Thor, Iron Man and the other heroes for several years but Hank decided that he was out of his league. He used another form of Pym particles to become Giant-Man, feeling he could contribute more. Around this time an AI he was developing went rogue and became Ultron, one of the Avengers' most dangerous foes.

After several years, and another identity change to Goliath, Hank and Jan left the Avengers. He felt stressed out from the constant dangers. He also wanted to resume his experiments. In addition the constant use of his growth powers had dangerous side effects on his body. He returned to entomology and his Ant-Man identity. He was only providing scientific support for the Avengers at this time when he suffered a lab accident. When the Darkness arrived on Earth Hank was startled and dropped several containers of a new gas that leaked. The gases in combination with the Darkness made him mentally unstable. After the battle in the Labyrinth Hank retired his Ant-Man identity and separated amicably from Janet while he worked to restore his mental health. He still helped Tony Stark with several projects as a civilian.

After many months Hank Pym has reappeared as Ant-Man and is ready to rejoin the Avengers.




Shy: Pym is a very reclusive individual. He's taught very few classes, kept his picture off the back covers of his books, rarely attends parties or other functions unless poked sharply with a stick or the like. Despite this he enjoys spending time with his few friends, whether being a lab rat or in small get togethers.

Guilt: Pym feels responsible for the death of his first wife, Maria. Her death spurred him to make the world a better place. One outgrowth of this is that his inventions seem more practical for helping people than say, Reed Richards' gear. A gas to prevent radiation sickness can be very useful, a Neg Zone portal is a rich man's toy.

Inferiority: For all the accolades he receives Hank has trouble believing he measures up to his friends. Thor is a freaking GOD after all. Likewise he sometimes feels his contributions as a scientist are not as incredible as they are to others. He once referred to them as a size changing suit and a psychotic cybernetic son.

Love: Janet van Dyne is the love of his life. He truly loved his first wife Maria but their relationship never got past the honeymoon phase. He has been to Hell and back with Jan and each trial they underwent caused their love to deepen.


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