DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameClinton Francis Barton
Goliath (Formerly)
AffiliationAvengers, S.H.I.E.L.D.,
Arrow Family,
Avengers Academy (Formerly)
  • Special Bow
  • Trick Arrows
  • Marksman

Hawkeye was a former Supercriminal who was given a second chance when he joined the Avengers and became a hero. But then he turned his back on the Avengers to join a group of other villains call the Thunderbolts who turned out to be the Masters of Evil. Once defeated, he and the other Masters of Evil were sent to Prison. He broke out with some other Supercriminals but then ended up returning them to prison. Then he and some of the other Thunderbolts were given a conditional Presidential Pardon absolving him of his past crimes.

Goliath was a new superhero and member of the Avengers. He could grow to giant size and perform amazing feats of strength. However, he is believed to have died during Heroes Crisis when most of the heroes disappeared from the world.

Hawkeye finally reappeared during Heroes Crisis when the supervillains were winning. He fought hard to protect New York City, and earned back much of the respect he lost when he got arrested with the rest of the Thunderbolts.


The younger of the two sons of Harold and Edith Barton, Clint had a rough life growing up in Waverly, Iowa. His father drank and beat his children and while Clint's older brother did his best to protect him he wasn't always successful. All that came to an end when Clint was 4 and his father, drunk behind the wheel crashed the family car and killed both himself and his wife leaving Clint and Barney orphans.

The brothers survived as wards of the state for just over nine years before they escaped their children's home and joined up with Carson's Carnival of Wonders. They did odd jobs around the show at first but when they were noticed by some of the performers they were given a chance to train. Clint jumped at the chance, but Barney wasn't so keen, joining the army while Clint was trained by the original Swordsman and the original Trick Shot. As things turned out Barney may have made the smarter choice, Swordsman and Trick Shot both turned out to be crooks.

Despite trying to turn in Swordsman when his criminal tendencies were revealed, Clint found Trick Shot's robbing criminals shitick to be more to his liking and stayed with Trick Shot as his protoge until a robbery gone bad saw Clint hurt Barney (now acting as an enforcer for some two-bit crime boss). The incident changed Clint's mind about his life of crime and being inspired by Iron Man's heroics Clint tried to make a go of being a costumed hero. It didn't go well and his debut attempt to stop a crime got him labelled as criminal. Stuck, he dabbled in more crime when working in carnivals as Hawkeye the Archer wouldn't pay the bills. His dabbling lead to more misfortune and his first arrest, he ended up doing two years for felony weapon possession.

After his release he broke parole and was soon in trouble with the law again. However this time he had a better out and that was to accept the pardon offered by Captain America and join the Avengers. Clint loved being an avenger and even went beyond the day to day Avengering and offered his services to SHIELD and the FBI.

When the Thunderbolts appeared in the news he felt a connection to them. Here was a whole group trying to better themselves just like he had. But then he looked around at the public and even people within the Avengers who scorned the idea of them reforming. It was almost like a physical blow to him that they couldn't believe someone could change. Maybe after all this time they really didn't trust him either.

Feeling betrayed by his allies and tired of their squabbling he quit and joined the Thunderbolts. It was uncomfortable at first, being there surrounded by people he had fought with in the past, but gradually he started to build trust and friendship with some of the Thunderbolts at least. When Citizen V revealed himself to be Baron Zemo and declared to the world that the Thunderbolts were really the Masters of Evil, Hawkeye felt like the biggest pigeon ever. Fortunately some of his new teammates were sincere in their desire to change and sided with Clint over Baron Zemo. Though in the end all of them were arrested, and Clint found himself in jail again.

Hawkeye Shout

It was while he was incarcerated that Clint was contacted by Nick Fury about a special assignment. He agreed on the stipulation that Fury would ensure that Songbird, Atlas, MACH-IV and himself were all given pardons. So when Mentallo contacted Clint with the idea of a breakout, Hawkeye went against his better judgement and agreed.

Clint and three other Supervillains (One of which had Mentallo possessing his mind) had been placed in high-tech restraints that linked them together, meaning they all had to work together or else no one was getting out. Mentallo had a plan to find a Superweapon that HYDRA had been developing, steal it and use it for their own ends. That was what Clint was hoping for, and he secretly left a trail that Songbird was tracking him with, along with her SHIELD escorts. When Hawkeye's Chain Gang found the weapon, it turned out to be a Neurotoxin lab developing a Toxin that would be seeded into clouds, absorbed through the skin and turn every man, woman, and child on Earth into slaves to HYRDA's Mind Control. SHIELD got the weapon and Clint and the other former Thundebolts were pardoned.

Though the stain of his association with the Thunderbolts stuck with Clint's Hawkeye persona and he decided he would need a new identity and more to offer the world than some tricks with a bow. He got together with Dr. Hank Pym and together and with the help of Pym's growth serum Goliath was born.

The transformation would prove timely as short time after Clint took up the mantle of Goliath the Heroes Crisis happened and suddenly Goliath was one of the few remaining heroes facing a tide of super villains. Still Clint fought hard to protect New York city, working with the police, firefighters and the few remaining heroes to keep the city safe. He captured the Sinister Six single handed, stopped AIM from taking over Midtown but the Alien invasion proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back and Clint was almost killed in the fighting.


With Goliath believed dead, Clint returned to the fight as Hawkeye again. After borrowing a sky-cycle from SHIELD he continued his fight in New York until the other heroes returned. After the Heroes Crisis was done Clint took a break from his duties as a hero for a few months and traveled the different world he's found himself in.

During this time away he ran into his old mentor Trick Shot and his apprentice the new Trickshot, Clint's brother Barney. What happened next Clint doesn't like to talk about but what is known is that Baron Zemo was involved, and Clint walked away with a bunch more money than he had before.

Shortly afterwards he returned to the Avengers and renewed his relationship with SHIELD and continued his crime fighting work. Either around this time or slightly before Clint was captured by the Skrull (his memory is hazy about the details) and replaced by a duplicate. His duplicate was discovered and Clint was rescued from the Skrull by the Avengers, but the incident shook him up and caused him to take another extended vacation from the Avengers and SHIELD.

Taking refuge in Brooklyn Clint continued to fight crime and keep up the Hawkeye persona on the small scale fighting local organized crime and using some of his new found wealth to purchase the rundown apartment building he was living in. Though a clash with other mobsters would lead to the building being destroyed, Clint has stayed in the area buying an old gym on muscle beach where he and his proteges train when not getting over their heads with local trouble or SHIELD and Avenger business.


Clint barton

With the crappy childhood, the crappier mentors, dabbling in crime and a bit of jail time Clint Barton has been through the ringer a few times. All of that trauma has left some scars and made Clint wary about trusting good fortune. Oh sure, you might be good in the short term but that's how life gets you, things go great then /bam/ it starts burning down again. As a result Clint is always watching for things to start burning down and when it does it's his instinct push people away to save them from the flames. This makes him distant from a lot of people and phobic about responsibility or other things that might stop him from bailing and taking it all on himself when things go bad. That said responsibilities and connections do have a way of happening anyhow. He is loves being an Avenger, and It would take a lot to make him give it up, he's equally dedicated to his "work-wife" Nat (Black Widow), his ex-wife Bobbi (Mockingbird) and protoge Kate (Hawkeye II). Though he's always worried about letting them down and sometimes catches himself wondering why they hang out with him.

That said, Clint doesn't let any of that show. Outwardly he is a cocky showman with a million snarky comments and a talent for bad life decisions. Nothing bothers that Clint Barton, and he does all he can to make sure that everyone believes it.


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