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Though many people just think he's just crazy. He says he's Hercules, son of the Olympian god Zeus and hero of ancient Greece.


Born of the mingling of mortal and Olympian blood, Hercules is a figure straight out of Greek myth. While his mother was mortal, Hercules' father was Zeus, King of the Olympian Gods and, frankly, something of a philanderer. The half-blooded Hercules grew quickly and showed a boisterous and passionate nature even in his youth, marking him even more strongly as the son of Zeus. As a result, Zeus found himself perhaps more fond of this bastard than most, showing favor and attention towards Hercules and, in the process, angering and arousing the jealousy of other gods, most notably his wife, Hera. Hera even went so far as to attack Hercules while still an infant, sending deadly serpents to poison the boy only to watch as the child crushed them in his strong hands. As he reached adulthood, Hercules' strength grew and grew, surppassing that of all mortal men and, in time, even the gods themselves. His heroic nature soon made him an idol among the people, creating more unrest. Worse, he often thwarted the plots of the gods, standing up on the side of mortals and considering himself more one of them then one of the gods. in this way, he made enemies of many of his relatives on the high mountain, but Hercules cared not. After his mortal side 'died', Hercules was raised to Olympus and given full godhood, installed as a god of strength and inspiration.

Over the years, worship of the gods decreased, but Hercules remained himself. He travelled greatly, visiting other cultures, other pantheons. He drank beer in Ireland and ale in Asgard. He supped red meat with the gods of the Mongols and suntanned atop the Pyramids. In other words, while the world changed, Hercules remained much the same. The Dark Ages kept him far away from Europe and the West, travelling largely in Arabia and the East to avoid the poisonous nature of the medieval culture. While the warriors and knights may have had their noble sides, Hercules couldn't stand the sight of the serfs plowing away in the field for nothing. The citizens of the great Democracy never had to suffer that way.

As the ages past, Hercules began to think that perhaps the world had passed him by, that the time for heroes had gone. But, as the 20th century wore on, it became clear that a new Age of Heroes was on the rise. Soon, he began to find himself called back into the fray. Old enemies came out of the woodwork, while new ones came down from the stars. Hercules found new allies, new joys, new evils and, most importantly, new beers and new women.

In the last few years, things have been especially good for Hercules. In the age of celebrity, he's fully embraced his fame, showing up on red carpets, doing the occasional endorsement, dating the occasional starlet. Without any pesky secret identity or fear of reprisal, Hercules is adapting to modernity to the degree that he's beginning to wonder if this wasn't where he'd been meant to be all along.


EGO - Hercules has been the strongest person, ever, for as long as he can remember (even if that wasn't always technically true). He's been lauded as a hero for thousands of years, given hero's banquets, awards, had songs written about him, films made. In general, he's a pretty big deal. And he knows it. He's not usually much of a jerk about it (usually), but he nonetheless has a very, very healthy sense of self worth...and is prone to do what he can to prove it if questioned.

NOBLE - Hercules is, at heart, a do gooder. For all his Olympian heritage, he believes in the little guy, and has fought all his life to protect the weak, the helpless and the victimized. He despises the selfishness and savagery of wicked men (and gods). Put simply, he tries to do the right thing, even if he somehow stumbles along the way.

TEMPER - Hercules has something of a short fuse. Passionate and fiery by nature, he's more than happy to raise his voice, make a ruckus or throw down and fight on a relatively moment's notice. By the same token, though, he's quite quick to forgive and will often share a beer and a hug with someone he was pummeling mercilessly only moments before.

HEDONIST - Hercules is a funlover. A party animal. He used to hang with Dionysus' crowd back in the day, and that's continued all the way to present times. Whatever the wildest, most raging celebration in the city, he will almost certainly be there, wearing a toga, Halloween costume or nothing at all, depending on the theme. He's always chasing fun whenever he's not questing (and often when he's on), and sees no reason to sit around moping or angsting about life.

SATYR - Not technically true in the literal sense, but Hercules has what they call, an eye for the opposite sex. Well, really, just sex. Hercules is a notorious womanizer of legend, and tends to find himself often enamored with, bewitched by and drawn in by the beautiful women of the world. While they often, of course, return this affection, it nonetheless isn't always the most genteel of behaviors, especially since he has no issues being crude about it at times.

BLUNT - Hercules says what he means, always. He never lies or prevaricates, often fails to take others feelings into account and, all around, speaks his mind. This can lead to hurt feelings and grudges, but it also means that his friends can rely on him to be honest and true, and never sugarcoat things or lie to them.

ENTHUSIASTIC - Hercules feels things very strongly so, when he's in a good mood, he gushes, he sings, he cavorts, he generally makes a fuss about it. He's a natural cheerleader, trying to raise the spirits of those around him and help them look on the bright side. Unfortunately, by the same token, when Hercules is in a black mood, it is truly black, utterly tragic, and consumes the world in sorrow. He becomes inconsolable, turning away all comfort and refusing all pleasures. Luckily, these states are rare and usually last about one or two hours, depending on how much he liked the girl who dumped him.

DETERMINED - This might also be labelled stubborn (certainly by his father). Hercules, when his mind is made up, is very difficult to dissuade. When he's facing adversity, it can be a great boon, refusing to back down and never giving up the fight. On the other hand, when he's making a mistake, it can be quite difficult to convince him of the error of his ways.


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