DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Hulk Bruce
NameRobert Bruce Banner
CodenameThe Hulk
SpeciesAltered Human
AgeLate 20s/Early 30s
AffiliationAvengers, Stark Enterprises
  • Transformation
  • Raw Power
  • Super Strength
  • Invulnerable
  • Healing

Bruce Banner is known in the scientific community as a scientific genius in the fields of biology and chemistry and especially in the nuclear aspects of those disiplines. He is also a skilled physician. Outside of the scientists, he is not well known if at all.

The Hulk is half believed in and some believe he is just an urban myth to scare them. The stories about the Hulk revolve around incredible strength and unharnessed anger. The fact that it suddenly became public that he has joined the Avengers has more than shocked a number of people, especially the U.S. Government.


Bruce Banner was born to Brian and Rebecca Banner. His father, a nuclear physicist, had been exposed to radiation prior to Bruce's conception. These mutated genes were passed on to Bruce, who proved to be much smarter than his father at a young age.

His father resented this, and thought his son a strange mutant, though none would believe him, Brian's career soon spiraled into nothing, abusing his son and wife along the way, eventually resulting in Brian murdering Rebecca, mentally scarring Bruce forever.

Bruce lived with an aunt and soon attended Desert State University, racing through his bachelor's degree, and gained his PhD from California Institute of Technology in only six years. This genius was not ignored, and soon he was working for the Defense Department in New Mexico under General Ross. While working for the department, Bruce developed a bomb based on gamma radiation. He also fell for the general's daughter, Betty Ross.

The first test of the bomb accidently included Bruce. When Rick Jones stumbled onto the test site, Bruce ran out to save him, absorbing the gamma radiation with his mutated genes, gaining the respect of the man.

It was as he was in the base medical facility that the Hulk first happened. It seemed to happen whenever adrenaline was released, usually in anger. This first encounter resulted in the destruction of the base, forcing Bruce to flee the base to escape General Ross, even if it meant leaving Betty behind.

Eventually Banner learned how to control the Hulk, even gaining control of the memory. He first was able to control his transformations by using gamma rays, but he soon was able to control the release of adrenaline, and kept learning new forms of meditation for different levels of control.

There was one incident where Bruce was able to help Betty Ross after she was attacked by the Sandman and relieve himself of the Other Guy, though sadly it was temporary, but it did begin to build a friendship between Doc Samson and Bruce. They both seek a cure for Bruce.

In one instance of destruction wrought by the Hulk, he was taken down by Iron Man in a suit made to take down the nearly unstoppable brute. After receiving a presidential pardon after defeating Metal Master, he has since started working for the Avengers, providing both brain and brute force, depending on the situation. During a blood transfusion to save his cousin Jen's life, he passed on his Hulk powers to her. During the Heroes Crisis, the Hulk fought his way through a robot forest. Since the crisis, he has been focusing on using his brain more, working behind the scenes or trying to find a cure for the Other Guy with Doc Samson.


There are two personalities for Bruce and the Hulk. For Bruce, he is a quiet guy that will avoid confrontation at almost any cost. He prefers to be left alone and will work with his various projects. He is very mild-mannered and easy to get along with, barring certain circumstances.

The aforementioned circumstances result in Bruce's second personality, the Hulk. The Hulk likes to smash things, and is a nearly unstoppable terror to those in his path. He is prone to anger, though has control of his rage, and is fully aware of his abilities.

Bruce is conflicted with how he feels towards the "Other Guy." There is some insecurity that while others will be famous for their minds, he will instead be known for smashing things, despite being one of the greatest minds in his fields. He avoids this like the plague, keeping it bottled up, though if he is truly angry he will cut loose. He almost understands the Other Guy, but does not wish to meet him often. Bruce acknowledges his usefulness, and will use it, but only if he must.


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