Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Rolling Stone: Tony Stark
Author:Carol Danvers
Article:Tony Stark. The man, the legend, the playboy. Stark Industries' brilliant and strong willed CEO, Tony Stark has been the guiding light of everything Stark tech, from their large government contracts for mass arms, to the ventures of his country to better the less fortunate. He is a legend to the world, and single. A multi-billionaire, Stark fills his time around the world with many things. Tony Stark is the biggest rock and roller of history. From the party, to the after party, he is the man who parties as hard if not harder than he works. But now the party animal of the decade has shifted his attention in a new direction.

And a whole new direction it is. The 'Avengers' are already winding up with an all star roster, with the All Star Bodyguard Iron Man being the spearhead of the effort. And while Stark was very quiet about who all is being offered positions within the organization, our sources say that it has been tentatively that the United States Flagman Captain America is to be the first person to be recruited within their ranks. However, rumours are already brewing of others already being drawn into the fold of superheroes.

We have to ask ourselves though if Tony Stark will be the new shining star in the trouble times or just another brilliant flash of lightning in the dark skies as the storm nears. Only time will tell with Tony Stark, and until that time comes New York City, and the rest of the United States can look forward to millions of new inventions being pushed out onto the market, and millions of parties a year being dedicated to the man, the legend, the living legacy, Tony Stark.

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