Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Mutant Sighting in North Salem
Author:OOC: Wild Thing
Article:An Eye Witness state, "I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. I was idling in a shop just browsing when I looked out the front window. The street was oddly empty but for five people. One was covered in what looked like silver metal, another wore an egg suit over them and another was in purple armor! The other two looked normal really, a girl and guy. Anyway, the purple armor guy was fighting the normal looking guy and the silver guy, shooting stuff at them!" One must wonder if it was Hydra attacking again, but it is believed that it were mutants fighting in the very streets of North Salem! Still, no police records were reported and the normal looking girl went with the two armored individuals. The two remaining men left for parts unknown. Just what is happening to our world and can we expect more of these odd situations to appear?

Log: 2010-07-22 - They Have Issues: Kitty is Kidnapee!

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