Marvel: Age of Heroes
Title:Friday Night Commercials & More
Author:OOC: Iron Man
Ad 1:

A burning building is in the background. Suddenly bursting forth from it is Iron Man, holding a beautiful woman in his arms who appears to have just been rescued. As he lands on the blacktop with a THUMP, a voice over and text flies across the screen:

A man's cologne,
For a night of heroing.
Ad 2:

Images of a new line of Avenger toys flash across the screen with scenery that can also be purchased. Sound effects are made as well for pretend explosions and the like. The voice over says:

The new line of Avengers action figures are available at your local toy store now. Expected just next month is also new member: Goliath!

Back to the camera span: A image of the new Goliath figuring as shown.

News Spot on Avengers Accessories:

During the news spot, there are images of many new Avengers accessories. There are bed sheets, body pillows, children's PJs, stickers, journals, story books, posters, and even a new Iron Man comic with guest artist Steve Rogers mentioned on the front cover, and more that flash across the screen.

"Well Sue, there appears to be more and more Avengers accessories that are on the market, more than every!"

"That's right Randy. With the Avengers newly formed, they are making quite kick start advertisement of their renewed power. They have always had good public relations, and all of their projects have a contract that part of the proceeds go to the funding of the Avengers and other charities chosen at the time."

"But why so much marketing Sue?"

"The Avengers is an expensive organization which even provides hazards pay to the members just like our soldiers. It is essentially an organization funded by the people, for the people."

"Aren't they just Stark's personal playground? He founded them, didn't he?"

"Absolutely not Randy! That is a misconception. He has donated heavily to them in the past and even now, but they are absolutely an independent organization. That show him respect for all the time, tech and money he has donated to them, but they are certainly not his personal army!"

"I thought you weren't a big Avengers fan?"

"I'm not really, I'm more of a SHIELD fan. If there were SHIELD toys, I would snatch them up! But I would never slight the Avengers for something they are innocent of; they still provided a good service. And the publicity and merchandise is a funding mechanism, but they still give some of the funds to other charities as well."

"And how should parents feel about their children wanting these toys?"

"It's not harmful at all. No more than playing SHIELD agents, or cops and robbers. Your children are looking up to a bigger than life idea, and can buy a Captain America Halloween costume and their parents as a result donates to the Veterans Charity with the purchase. Though I'd like to see more accountability on the Avengers side."

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