Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Questionable Orphanage Destroyed
Author:OOC: Cyclops
Article:A woman stands in front of a wasted building that appears to have suffered from an explosion. "We are in Nebraska, at the location of what was formerly an orphanage. Sometime late last night, there was an explosion that was visible for miles. Red lights flashed across the sky. One eye-witness that was enjoying a drink on their porch said it that it was like the two red beams were trying to reach for the heavens."

Police and fire fighters are seen moving about the wreckage as the camera pans out before returning to the news reporter. "Police suspect that a mutant may have been involved. While investigating the wreckage however, they have come across disturbing information. A few children have stepped forward, saying that the orphanage was some sort of testing facility, where strange experiments happened. They children are now in custody of the state. The operator of this orphanage is unable to be found for comment."

Sketches of someone that looks furry and feral is shown, as well as someone guy with really long hair. "Children have identified these two individuals as guards at the orphanage, which prevented them from running away. If you have any information, please contact the police. When question about the red lights, the children said a hero came and saved them and promised the police would help find a safe place. None of the children have reported to having any mutation themselves."

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