Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:The F4 Were Impostors
Author:OOC: Wild Thing
Article:"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered today to see a live announcement from the Fantastic Four about their unusual recent habits, and rumored illegal activities. Here is Mr. Fantastic himself now!"

Mr. Fantastic steps up behind the stand and clears his throat. He looks around while everyone quiets down. "First, I would like to apologize for everything that people have been through." There is a pause as questions about their guilt are shouted out, but he waits till everyone calms down again.

"Next, I would like to establish that it was not us that committed those crimes. It was actually impostors. At this time, these robotic impostors were captured by The Avengers, and we were safety retrieved by the same superhero group only recently."

Questions are yelled out about where they were held, who created these robots and so on.

Mr. Fantastic smiles patiently, "Please, quiet please." He waits a moment before speaking again. "We do not know at this time who exactly is behind it, and are currently researching it. We believe it was someone not of America. We are currently working with the government to deal with the situation. Starting next week unless there is an emergency that demands our attention beforehand, we will be back on-duty. I'm sorry I cannot share more. We will handle it best we can with the government by our side."

Questions are called again before Mr. Fantastic takes his leave uncomfortably. Public speeches aren't his forte.

Plot: Space Adventures

Log: 2010-08-29 - Space Adventures: First Flight and Boom Presents

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