Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Dark Evolution Controversy
Author:OOC: Race
Article:The band called "Dark Evolution" is currently a big issue with Friends of Humanity. They have cited a ban on the band just as the first concert of their tour is approaching. Friends of Humanity cites that the band is singing not only mutant songs, but encouraging a mutant uprising. The news company has discovered possible lyrics from their song "Blooded Moon". These lyrics include: "Each drop of blood calls to its kin", "we are the empowered", "call me god", "humanity reveals its death mask", "calling out for resistance" and "symbol of the new world".

There is another song of surprising popularity called "Blood's Secret" with lyrics such as "I'm calling out, for the kin of my blood's secret", "alone, I shall stand proud", and "but in conflict comes the truth of humanity."

They also have a song titled "Hero" with lyrics such as "I need myself a hero" and "take me to the sky". Their songs often have voilent themes, such as "Monster" which is about famous serial killers about the U.S.

The first concert date of their tour is this Friday, October 1, 2010 at 8:30 PM EST. Tickets are now for sale at the ticketmistress.

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