Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Dark Evolution Concert Recap
Author:OOC: Race
Article:The "Dark Evolution" opening concert for their U.S. tour successfully filled the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. Protesters for the Friends of Humanity were outside the restricted area, handing out pamphlets and carrying signs.

<< There is a video clip of protesters trying to get concert goers to not attend. There may even be a mutant or two passing by the screen if you can pick them out fast enough. >>

During the concert, the Friends of Humanity got particularly excited during the songs Bloodied Moon and the final song Blood's Secret.

<< There is a video clip of the FoH screaming, throwing fists in the air, and generally trying to disturb the ongoing concert while security looks onward. >>

However, during the final song, some of the Friends of Humanity is suspected of throwing beer bottles at the walls and security guards. Police responded to break up the protesters.

<< Next is a video clip of some throw beer bottles from the crowd breaking against the sections of partial walls, and a blink before the next clip reveals police breaking up the protest. >>

Though police have made no official comment; it is suspected that a few mutant concert goers were accosted after leaving the event. Dark Evolution's next stop is scheduled to be Pittsburgh.

Log: 2010-10-01 - Dark Evolution Kicks off Their Tour

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