Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Concert Riots & NYC Senate Race
Author:OOC: Race
Article:The Pittsburgh concert for "Dark Evolution" on Sunday ended in blood shed. A street fight broke out between concert attendees and Friends of Humanity protesters. The Pittsburgh Police Department has not made an official statement, unsure on who started it. Though it was reported that the guitarist Race called in the mic during the concert to: "Stand up for your rights."

The manager of "Dark Evolution" said their tour will be continuing uninterrupted. She stated, "We have a commitment to the fans, and we will certainly increase security for the safety of all."

On other news, Republican Robert Kelly is running for the New York Senate seat. His anti-mutant stance is growing in popularity and he is receiving backing currently from the Friends of Humanity. He has stated: "Mutants are a threat to national security. They are a danger to U.S. citizens and business."

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