Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Cold War Threatens to Global War
Author:OOC: Tony Stark
Article:The 5 O'Clock News

Uneasy relations between China and U.S. are at an all time high. Communist China has accused the U.S. of attacking them with disintegrator missiles, and the U.S. is accusing China of attacking them with the same type of missiles that were stolen from them. Evidence from both sides has been provided that the missiles have been used just last night.

On General Lee in news conference has stated: << Clip Shown >>

"We are currently in talks with China. We believe a third party may be involved that would welcome dissent between our countries. The army is still searching for the remaining missing missiles."

The President also wishes to make an announcement. << Clip Shown >>

Sitting behind his oval desk, the President has his hands clasped in front of him. "Today, we had a scare. I like to believe we have overcome the old Red Scare that our parents dealt with in daily life, and that is something I do not wish our people and country to go back to. China is an ally. We may not always agree on topics, but we have the same goals. These goals are peace and global economic freedom. We will work together to obtain those goals, so please be at ease. We will find who is responsible."

Plot: To Stark International

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