Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Tony Stark Dead?!
Author:OOC: Tony Stark
Article:10 O'Clock News

"Nancy Billings here reported from site at Stark Industries." The camera glances up to revealing the burning rubble atop the Stark Industries building for the thirtieth floor (actually two floors worth of penthouse) and the twenty-ninth floor burning as well. "The penthouse atop Stark Industries has been destroyed in what is rumored to be by a disintegrator technology. As you will see, there is little rubble, and only a few pieces on the street below."

But then Nancy's face gets very, very serious. "Sadly, the whereabouts of Tony Stark is unknown. He was last reported by security to have headed up to his penthouse and has not answered summons. He is currently reported missing until fire officials can found out if he was really in his penthouse, but sadly no body is expected to be found due to the force of the explosion," the reporter suddenly looking grieved for a few moments.

Clearing her throat she continues, "Board members are already moving to try and secure the stock, wanting to assure investors of the security of their investment. It is unknown at this time how Mr. Stark's suspected death will influence the company."

Plot: To Stark International

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