Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Tony Stark Alive but Dying!
Author:OOC: Tony Stark
Article:Yesterday, Tony Stark was rescued by Iron Man and other Avengers, Captain America and Kinetic. He was apparently being kept captive by an independent warlord known as The Mandarin in China, against the Chinese government's mandates.

<< Flashing across the screen is a video recording of Tony Stark wearing an army workout green t-shirt and pants as he is escorted to a limo with Captain America and Kinetic. He waves briefly, a close up done of his face which appears to be bruised and scratched up some. He then disappears into the limo. >>

Unfortunately, Mr. Stark is not in the clear. It was discovered upon his rescue that he has a heart condition due to a weapon test accident some time ago that has placed his life in danger. Stark Industries stock is expected to drop further than it has already done after the report of his potential death.

When questioned about his life expectancy, the military has stated, "The pre-dated injury is excessive. We strongly advise Mr. Stark does everything within his power to find a solution, rather than risk his life daily with the temporary protection he has in place."

We now go to behavior specialist Mr. Winters.

Mr. Winters, how do you believe Tony Stark has hid his condition for so long?

<< The program continues... >>

Log: 2010-10-08 - To Stark International: Heart Failure and Comrades

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