Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Did Iron Man Cross the Line?
Author:OOC: Iron Man
Article:"We are reporting live from Washington D.C." In the background one can see a body bag and police. Iron Man is nearby answering questions.

"Less than an hour ago at 3:46 PM, a protester currently unidentified was murdered by the terrorist suspect known as 'Mallen'. The suspect then proceeded to try and attack Congress while they were in a meeting. Iron Man arrived just as the suspect was approaching the building and the fight ensued. Police report they were summoned by Iron Man to evacuate people and provide support."

A view of the damage done to Capital Hill is shown. It is not pretty. "Witnesses have reported that the super powered suspect was in process of being defeated by Iron Man. However, the current statement is that the suspect refused to be restrained and to save the lives of bystanders and police, Iron Man ended up killing the suspect."

Another shot of Iron Man speaking with police in the background, and some sort of holographic display is being shown hovering in the air by Iron Man, but it is unclear at the distance what it is.

"Detective Connor is now approaching to make a comment."

The camera shows Detective Connor having separated from the police group speaking to Iron Man and approaches the camera. He smiles sadly, "Thank you Miss Turner. I am grieved to say that there has been death today. One of an innocent and one now identified as a known domestic terrorist, and the terrorist that attacked the FBI Headquarters in Houston, Texas. We will always support that the law should be enforced through the court and not through violence."

The man pauses a moment before continuing. "We have seen video footage of the battle and have questioned Iron Man. Though we will investigate further as a precaution, it is currently decided that Iron Man did not use excessive force. He made a call that will haunt him for the rest of his life, as it would haunt any soldier or cop that has pulled a trigger and taken a human life. I also hope, that the people will support upgrades to the SWAT teams across the states in training and equipment to deal with super powered criminals. Without a willing surrender, many people would have died today if Iron Man did not do what he did. And that is the greatest shame of all."

Miss Turner, the reporter, is shocked in silence for a moment before taking the mic back. "No charges are being pressed against Iron Man at this time. Furthermore, the bills for increased funding for the SWAT teams in response to super powered crime is true. The country will mourn the lost of the lives of the FBI agents and protestor, and hope that the next super powered criminal can be brought to justice by the laws of the people."

Plot: To Stark International

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