Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Tony's Heart Surgery
Author:Tony Stark
Article:<< A celeb news program >>

"This just in, Tony Stark has pulled another stunt beneath the public's very nose. He has apparently had his heart surgery and is currently recovery comfortably in the Avenger's Mansion." The woman shakes her head, "And the public has been so concerned."

The man beside her states, "He likely did not want too many chocolates and flowers that they suffocated his recovery."

The woman laughs, "He is popular with the ladies. It is reported he has a personal nurse right now from within his company, but no one is talking about whom."

"Oh my, the royal treatment, it makes me curious. How is recovery going? Is the transplant going well?"

The woman gasps, "That's just the thing! Apparently he is using an artificial heart."

"Ah, but I thought it was a number of years before research was expected to be completed, I believe the date was 2013 after clinical trials," the man says.

It is easy to tell this is scripted as the woman snaps her fingers. "That's just it! It is not just any artificial heart, not even a Stark Tech one! Apparently, Mr. Stark custom designed this one for himself specifically, and is not adapted for some reason for other people. Though Stark Industries did state that they were continuing to research and develop artificial organ and the highly controversial clone organ transplants."

The man wows, "I wonder how that is possible. But I see here on my paper that Mr. Stark is due to make a press conference after he has recovered a bit. So we might just find out!"

Plot: To Stark International

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