Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Press Conference: Tony Stark
Author:Tony Stark
Article:A well groomed man looks into the camera and smiles as he speaks, "The press conference for Tony Stark, CEO of Stark Industries is about to start. Press from all over the world has arrived to record his announcement. You are hearing it first on CNTV live. We have Cindy Culver reporting at the event. Cindy, what is going on right now?"

Cindy smiles brightly for the camera, "It is very exciting. We are actually outside the Avenger Mansion's very gates! Mr. Stark is about to come out any moment to say a few words about his own condition and answer a few pre-selected questions the media had. One of the questions selected was mine, so I am very pleased."

"I would say so! Why the pre-selected questions? It seems a little unusual," the news spokesman comments.

Cindy nods, "It is. It was explained to us that it is due to the fact that Mr. Stark wishes to address some of our concerns, but has a limited amount of time to speak due to still recovering. His doctor has restricted the public appearance."

"Well, it is better than the last news conference where we did not get to ask any questions. I wonder if this is a new trend?"

"Let us hope so! Mr. Stark for all his controversy is very popular. Only recently he was lectured in the Daily Bulge by none other than J. Jonah Jameson about his inability to produce an artificial heart for the mass public use rather than just personal use. Oh, here he is now!"

The camera zooms in on Tony Stark as he steps form a car that drove to the gate of the Avenger's Mansion. The gate opens and he steps outside and up to a pedestal. When there, he gives a wave and removes the mic from the stand, sharing a grin for everyone. He steps away from the stand so he can be fully visible in his designer slacks and button up shirt. "Thank you all for coming today. As you see, other than the pockets under my eyes I'm doing surprisingly well. My nurse kept me up."

That draws some chuckles and laughter from even the press attendees. "Seriously though, she didn't. I slept like a baby. Good medication. I'll be sharing that with the world, believe me!" More laughter.

"My health has been a great concern lately. Stark Industries stock has dropped as a result as well. The Board members I swear are thinking of strangling me with frustration. Not that I blame them," very few chuckles at that one. "You see, I've been keeping a secret from everyone. I thought it was for the best. It took me a long while to figure out what I was going to do about it, and honestly, I needed the time to figure things out. I may be a genius when it comes to engineering, but I never claimed to know what to do with my life. I always just followed what I was groomed for, do what was expected of me and keep my mouth shut." There is silence there in response.

"Enough of the rambling, now on to the important stuff," Tony states with a dismissive wave of his hand. "My health is improving rapidly, the surgery was a success. Because of how my heart was damaged, it required special care for not only the heart but also the chest itself." Tony reaches up to start unbuttoning his shirt and then pauses to speak in the mic, "This is not a strip show, put your eyes back in your eye sockets. Really people." But he then continues, and soon reveals a glowing metal piece inserted in his chest. Circular and gold with an edging of red like the Iron Man suit, it is beyond artificial to say the least.

"As you see, not an easy sight for the eyes, but it looks a lot better than the chest plate I had before." The press is silent for a bit before they start talking amongst themselves and try to call out questions. "Calm down now," he waits a moment for compliance. "Listen, this heart of mine, it was custom designed by me and is high risk. The doctor that operated on me said I was not going to survive. This is not something I would sell to others as a 'life saving' option. It was a last ditch effort to stop people from counting me dead and counting out the money, and for me to take my life back," his tone hard.

Tony's tone then softens, "The good news though, is some of the data is able to be used for the artificial hearts that Stark Industries is researching. I have submitted the data to researchers and they are hopeful to have a trial study by January if all goes well, and have the hearts on the market perhaps as early as 2012 instead of 2013. Artificial limbs are about to enter trial studies as well, though the concerns of potential nerve damage are holding it up. It is understandable; these limbs hook up to your nerve structures to listen to your brain's commands, making cybernetics from dream to reality."

After looking about a bit, Tony smiles once more and moves to button up his shirt, covering up the redness and rough soreness about the artificial device. "Listen people. My father built an amazing company and it has helped the military of the United States over decades. We need to move on to a new stage however, saving lives and improving the lives of people's lives across the globe. That's not all; other division for Stark Industries that have been quietly developed will be opening publicly with releases very soon. Keep your eyes open for the future announcements."

"This world, I want to leave a mark on it other than being the one that builds the best quality weapons. It is why I backed Iron Man in working with others such as Captain America, Hawkeye, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel in founding the Avengers. I know people call me the Merchant of Death, and I've laughed it off in the past. I admit, for once, I'd like to be called the Merchant of Second Chances. Thank you all for coming, and I hope I've addressed most of your concerns." Tony hangs up the mic and heads back inside as cameras flash.

Cindy speaks up then into the camera as it returns to her, "There we have it, Mr. Stark is recovering well and has contributed data to shorten the release time of the artificial hearts. The suggested restructure of Stark Industries and his reluctance for weapons though is bringing a whole slew of questions to the forefront. We will be looking forward to the next official announcement."

Plot: To Stark International

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