Marvel: In the Beginning...
Title:Avengers Toy Commercial
Author:OOC: Iron Man
Article:Kiddies and Collectors, fans of Avengers! Newly released, the Avengers Action Figures! With the founders: Iron Man, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye and Captain America. Included with the release is none other than the telekinetic user Kinetic!

<< During the announcement and image of the Action Figures are flying across the screen on a shiny table. As each superhero is spoken about that figure is centered on. >>

Each comes with a special accessory. Iron Man comes with a repair kit, She-Hulk with a bikini in honor of her famous swimsuit supermodel work, and Captain America with his shield! Ms. Marvel has an Avenger PDA, Hawkeye has his bow and quiver, and Kinetic comes with a pose'able flexible yellow net which acts for his telekinesis!

Part of proceeds will go to funding the Avengers and other Charities!

<< The screen expands out to reveal someone picking up the toys and playing with them over lunch? It appears Tony Stark and Hawkeye are sitting across each other and posing the figure while seeming to be speaking to one another excitedly. >>

Posters are also now available of the superheroes with action figure releases!

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