Marvel: In the Beginning...
Log Title:Come With Me if You Want to Eat
Summary:The Professor, having been told about Lily by Andrea, sends Scott, Andrea and Jonothon to find her and invite her to check out the school. Later, Andrea gives Lily a tour and they encounter Alex, Simone and Bobby.
Players:Andrea, Lily, Scott, Jonothon, Simone, Alex, Bobby
Location:Brooklyn, New York City; then Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in North Salem

Location DescriptionsEdit

Brooklyn - New York CityEdit

The second largest of the five boroughs, Brooklyn lays south and west of both Queens and Long Island. The borough is known for ethnic diversity, and is divided into neighborhoods. Brighton Beach is known for the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, Bushwick for its Hispanics, Dyker Heights and Bensonhurst has a high concentration of Italians, and Sunset Park has a large Chinese community. Borough Park, Flatbush, Billamsburg, and Crown Heights are known for their Jewish families, and while they have no set areas, there are also Irish, Polish, Arabs, and even Indians here. Brooklyn is very rich in culture, and one can find a little of everything here.

Brooklyn is also the home to many types of industry, and yet more than half of those who live here work in other boroughs. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is here, northeast of the Battery, on the East River. Coney Island is in Brooklyn, as is the Green-Wood Cemetery. And of course the Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn to Long Island.

  • Players
    • Jonothon
    • Scott Summers
    • Lily
    • Andrea
  • Exits
    • Staten Island - New York City <SW>
    • Lower Manhattan - New York City <NE>

Front Grounds - X-Mansion - North SalemEdit

The front grounds are expansive. A long row of trees block most of the view of tall front brick walls and the road. The property is well cared for, and hedges edge along the circular drive. The drive dumps out into two areas, the first being the front of the school while the other being off to the side which is a very large garage to hold vehicles and a garage.

The front porch is made of stone with a ramp going up along one side to allow easy access for those with disabilities. The other two wings are visible from here, one on either side of the main part of the building. The brick mansion is quite impressive with large windows and such a view. Paths lead around the building, one to the right and one to the left toward all the wooded land which goes even beyond the tall brick walls, while still being part of the same property.

  • Players
    • Scott Summers
    • Andrea
    • Lily
  • Exits
    • Main Entrance - X-Mansion <XM>
    • West Grounds - X-Mansion <NW>
    • East Grounds - X-Mansion <NE>
    • Front Gate <O>

Character DescriptionsEdit

Andrea Ann TellierraEdit

Tall for a woman, this young lady stands just shy of six feet when in flats, and has a mature enough look and curves most would take her for her late teens, just under twenty years of age. She has a long, full mane of lustrous raven black hair which tumbles smoothly down to frame her face, over her shoulders and down to mid-back. Her face is a natural oval with high cheekbones, full lips, a narrow pert nose and raven dark sculpted eyebrows over deep crystal blue eyes framed by long dark eyelashes. Her neck is gracefully slim, shoulders broad but natural for her height, lending balance to her toned and trim unfairly hourglass figure. When she speaks, it is a warm, cultured soprano tone with clean diction. To be honest, this young woman is gorgeous, the sort of looks one would associate with (non-anorexic) supermodels and actresses. Say, isn't she familiar?

Currently this young woman is dressed casually in a tightly fitted scarlet red t-shirt with a low but still modest scoop neckline, long enough it could almost tuck in but isn't, perhaps flashing only a hint of skin on her tummy as she moves. She wears a pair of hip-hugger designer blue denim jeans with beadwork along the outer seams, on both back pockets, echoed in the loose, decoration-only beaded leather belt slung through the loops. She's wearing a pair of modestly heeled open-toe mules in scarlet red on her feet. A small black leather backpack rides one shoulder, with an obvious iPhone in a pouch mounted on the strap.

Scott SummersEdit

This young man is easily 6'3" but still appears youthful. His brown hair is cut short, and parted in the middle, hanging down to his ear and with a swept back look likely from the number of times the guy runs his hand through his hair. His face is long with a narrow nose. His eyes are hidden by strange, thick red sunglasses which are really made from a ruby-quartz. His expression is usually serious or withdrawn, but when he smiles it changes his appearance from young-20s to late-teen.

He is built though not overly bulky. This man certainly has a set of arms on him and a muscled back and chest, which is shown off by the ribbed black, sleeveless top he wears. It fits him snugly, revealing the possibility of a six pack as well. Hanging on his lean hips is a pair of worn blue jeans. The top his tucked into the jeans and a black leather belt loops through the belt loops, a silver buckle on the front. He wears heavy duty black combat boots. They appear scuffed up and as if they have seen much better days.

Jonothon StarsmoreEdit

Standing at five foot ten inches or so, this young man is in his late teens, and a touch on the slender side. If unkind you could say he's skinny. In spite of the fact he could use some weight, and he's a large nose, He is often seen as traditionally handsome. Square jaw, expressive features, fair skin. His eyes are dark, intense things, which at times reflect an unseen luminescence, setting dark brown aflame. His hair is a dark shade of auburn and long enough to touch the tops of his shoulders. It's rather uncombed however, mussed at the best of times.

Clad all in back, from the thick leather jacket hanging from his shoulders, to the dark jeans and the heavy, battered black boots he wears, the dark does nothing to add bulk to his frame.


Lily is a remarkable person. She is 5'10", completely hairless (lacking even eyelashes or eyebrows) and covered in scales that are rough to the touch. Down the center of her torso in front, along the insides of her legs and arms, and her face are all a very pale pink that is almost white. This darkens rapidly through several shades of pink, to red, and finally to a very dark nearly black shade of red along the outside edge of her arms, legs, and down her spine. Her blue eyes are rather startlingly normal in such an unusual face. Her body is completely androgynous, with neither male nor female characteristics readily apparent, and her hands and feet are very long. There is webbing visible on her hands from knuckle to first joint on the fingers. The rest of her body is hidden under a hooded sweatshirt and pants.

Alex SummersEdit

This young man seems to be the epitome of a All-American. His head is topped with swirling dishelved golden blonde hair, short on the sides and brushedforward, sparsely. A complexion of darkened pink, tinged lightly with scarletthrough the cheeks almost constantly. The locks of blonde hair tend to obscurethe crystal clear blue eyes that rest behind them.

He is built lean, blessed with a runner's physique that must be accompanied bya good metabolism. Tall though, cresting to about six feet tall. The young manseems like the athletic type, one to be picked first for football or something.

Someone must have caught Alex sleeping or something, considering the way he is dressed. Upon his upper body, he wears a white shirt, affectionately known as a 'wifebeater'. Its straps leave leave muscular arms exposed, as well as his lightly freckled shoulders from too much sun. There is very little fat on him it seems, flat stomach covered by white cotton.

Riding low on his hips is a pair of board shorts, black with grey dragons running down the sides, then around the hem that hangs just past his knees. Grey strings are tied tightly below his navel, to get those shorts from sliding off after he falls off his board, or bed, wherever he happened to be.

Simone DawnEdit

This woman's golden eyes gaze curiously out at the world around her, half hidden by a thick straight mane of cloud white waist length hair. Her darkly tanned skin is smooth and unblemished. Her angled face with high cheek bones, small delicate nose, slanted eyes and full lips give few hints of her true ancestral heritage. Seven silver hoops hang from her pointed ears and she often smiles sheepishly. Her head is held high, with a proud and guarded demeanor. She stands around 5ft 6 inches and possesses a slender yet generous figure.

Her clothing has seen better days. Today's outfit consists of a rumpled black shirt over which is a over large jean jacket. The back has been painted up with silver and gold stars. She's also wearing a pair of loose and baggy jeans, held up with a silver studded belt. Around her wrists are a few woven thread bracelets. On her feet are a pair of comfortable looking black boots with thick soles.

From her back arch a small pair of 3ft white wings, the tips of the primary feathers are a shiney gold. A second pair of of wings over lays the first, but these wings do not seem to be flesh and feather. Instead they are ghostly, semi-transparent, the edges have a white frost appearance and are the most opaque. These wings arch up much more magestically and have a span of around 6 ft.

Bobby DrakeEdit

This kid is rather slender, standing only about five foot four. Weighing in at around a buck twenty, his body is somewhat toned, a natural athlete. If one were to hazard a guess, one might imagine that this particular resident of the Xavier Manor is of northern stock.

Closer examination of his features reveal little more than has already been said. He is slender built, his features fair on the eyes. His eyes are a shockingly bright, ice blue, and his hair , cut close to his scalp but with an inch or two for styling.

His clothing is plain, consisting of little more than a light work shirt and dark jeans devoid of logos or designer emblems. On varying occasions he may be sighted in assorted T-shirts is clever or rude messages scrawled on them in clever ways. His feet, are normally covered with a pair of simple black tennis shoes. A basic black belt is cinched about his waist, serving only to keep his pants up.

Begin SceneEdit

Xavier gives Scott some basic information about Lily and how she once ran across Andrea during her pickpocket activities. First thing in the morning, this isn't what Scott had in mind to do, go chasing after a lost mutant. But all Xavier has to do is remind Scott how he felt when he was lost, and how Alex should get a chance to have as many classmates and friends as possible. That finally gets Scott moving. He stops at Alex's room, but the boy is still asleep. He still checks on him at least.

After receiving directions, Scott gathers up Andrea and Jono, "School trip to the city," and fending off questions, "We aren't going to the museum no. We are going scouting." He keeps it vague, being his typical infuriating self. The radio plays the entire time. But when New York City is reached and Scott finally ends up in Brooklyn, he first finds a parking spot. "Do you remember Lily?" He questions Andrea. "The Professor said she should be in this area for most of today. We are to find her, and offer sanctuary. No need to explain the real purpose behind the school in public." About it being for mutants.

Jonothon arches his eyebrows, but doesn't ask too many questions of Scott. He's been on one of these trips before. With Andrea. The teen's reaction is far different this time however. Now that he understands, he gathers his things, pulls on his coat, and goes along. All without a word. Once Scott begins speaking of Lily, the Brit gives Andrea a curious look. Who? Jono can already guess that Lily is a mutant, but what's the history here? His expression asks for him, as he doesn't even bother articulating his thoughts enough to send them. Come on, tell! Inquiring minds want to know.

To be blunt, Andrea is confused. She doesn't understand why she's being asked to leave classes and go on some field trip. This makes no sense to her. And it's just she and Jonothon and Scott? Again, this makes no sense. 'Scouting?' Still more confusing. But she rides along in silence, refusing to give in to the urge to knead her hands in the back of the SUV. But when Scott parks and turns to her, mentioning Lily, she blanks for a moment. This is just ... so weird. How does he know these things? What is she supposed to do now? While Andrea has been on the receiving end of a mission like this, she somehow never asked herself how it feels to be on this side. Disorienting, to say the least.

"Lily? She's a mutant. Scales, fish I think. I'm no biology expert. She was starving, pickpocketing in the park to get money to eat. I spotted her, gave her money to keep her from stealing. I tried to be nice. Is ... is something wrong?" Why are they here, exactly? She'll surely try to reach out to the girl given the chance. But the three of them together? "Lily was very ... skittish. I think she has been attacked before. We have to be careful not to crowd her. She's likely to panic."

Of course, even now, Andrea is focusing more of her attention on her senses and what they are telling her of their surroundings than she is on the guys in the car with her. Is Lily about? If she can direct them, maybe they can plan this out safely. Andrea will try.

Lily'd spent the morning diving. Between that and the money Andrea'd given to her, she was ... quite content, and was now wandering the streets, hood up and hands jammed in her pockets. She is, unbeknownst to her, within two blocks of Scott and co ... actually within line of sight, if it weren't for the cars and pedestrians.

A firm nod. "It is why I would like you to approach her Andrea. To ask her to speak with me. Jono has a calming presence as well, and it is another teen, so she realizes I am really talking about a school and not something else." Least Scott is finally speaking. "The Professor found out she doesn't really have anyone she can go to for help. She's alone, and no one deserves that. So, how about we give her a family to come home to?" He now moves to draw the two of you from confusion into motivation. Scott opens his car door and moves to step out as he leaves the two of you thinking about his words. He is sure Jono can keep his eyes peeled for her as well with the description Andrea provided.

Jonothon has a calming what? Not that this is wrong, for he broadcasts emotions far more than he wants to believe, but there's still a moment of surprise at Scott. He'd listened about Lily, nodding slightly. Very willing to help in this. Climbs out of the car, and takes a moment to look at the area. Brooklyn, huh? Hasn't been here yet. <<Think she'd accept?>> That to Andrea, speaking for the first time since this all started. Doesn't mean to make it difficult for Andrea to find the girl though. One thing the Brit doesn't offer is to scan for Lily. He's had all of a months worth of lessons and isn't ready for that. No, he uses his eyes for the time being, and lets Andrea do the real searching.

Andrea nods to Scott, tacitly agreeing to be their front-woman on this. "Alright." She touches Jonothon on the hand, and points while still inside the vehicle. "She's that way, sixty feet." She then quickly provides details of the outfit of the day, not at all dissimilar to her outfit the day they met in the Park

As Jonothon exits, then so too does Andrea, getting out on the other side and closing up the vehicle cleanly. << If we can keep her from panicking long enough to decide to believe us about what we're offering? Yes, I think she might. She doesn't want to steal. She's alone and desperate. And far enough gone that her pride is a shadow of its past. >> Andrea sends back, or tries. Jono still has issues with that, so he likely doesn't here a thing until she comes around the side of the car.

"Fifty-six feet, west-southwest. Just passing the red Miata convertible." Andrea mentions to Scott. "Would the two of you wait here, for me? I'd appreciate it." That said, she starts walking. She'll cross the street and head down the block towards Lily, slowly.

It doesn't take long for Lily to spot Andrea, though it takes a second or two more to remember her as Andrea. She cocks her head curiously as she gets closer. "Andrea?" Still slightly nervous, but also curious. And mildly suspicious. Twice in two days is a bit of a coincidence.

"She's good," Scott comments mostly to himself. But he leans against the car, wearing a worn black leather jacket over his shirt. He decides to make use of the time that Andrea is away, "How are classes going? Are you all caught up?" He knows how tough that can be, he had years of education he had to catch up on in two years.

This time he hears her, for he's trying. A small nod for that information, and Jonothon waits at the side of the SUV. No worries about not crowding Lily. He's been in her shoes before and knows well what it means to run for one's life. The teen does keep in mental contact with Andrea though. <<It okay if I listen in?>> Not sure how else to explain it. Leans back against the SUV and does that.. listens. Kind of cheating in a way. If Andrea doesn't mind, he hears the conversation through her thoughts. Would offer to link Scott, but Andrea's perceptions are weird and difficult to filter at his training level. <<No.>> About classes. There's the shake of his head. <<I missed most of a year being in the hospital.>> Even though he had private tutoring during the later part of that. <<I'm almost there though.>>

<< Sure, as long as it won't give you a headache. I need you not to frown at her.>> Andrea offers gently to Jonothon. It's his call, but she has said she is willing.

Andrea is not surprised that Lily spots her quickly, once they are on the same block, the same stretch of sidewalk, heading towards one another. Andrea is tall, and she stands out. Enough that surely Lily would recognize her. So instead of trying to fake looking surprised, she stands still, giving Lily the choice to approach or not as she sees fit. And she smiles. Andrea has a winning smile.

"Hi, Lily. You doing OK?" she asks, gently. Nothing big. No revelations. No mention of tall, buff guys in red glasses that want to meet her. One darned thing at a time, folks.

"I'm glad. It's tough catching up. You should come out and play basketball sometime though. You didn't seem interested in sports, but it is fun. Even if you end up yelling at Bobby for cheating, which he has a habit of doing. It's still fun." Scott is trying to connect with the teen. "I think we can get Kurt to play, and of course if we had me and you, that makes three. But Alex plays sports so I'm sure he would join. Might be able to get Bobby in on a game, and maybe Warren if he's around. Either way, least be two against two. It's something." Poor girls get excluded. Male bonding and all. Thankfully he isn't in Andrea's head and listening to her thoughts, because he would be blushing right now.

Lily hadn't seen Andrea get out of the car, so she doesn't realize the two guys down the block loitering near a car are with Andrea. "Yeah I am. Thanks again." She says. Then, because she /is/ curious and suspicious. "What're you doing out this way?"

Jonothon is only a year younger than Scott! Does shake his head about basketball. <<I just can't get into that game, but I'll give it a go. Sports haven't been easy since I was discharged though.>> The words are apologetic, and he means to warn, not discourage. <<Try football sometime. That'd I'd go for.>> Of course he means soccer, but doesn't quite know that difference yet. Does lean his head towards Scott though and admits, <<Andrea thinks you're buff.>> No, he doesn't tell Andrea he shares that. For Andrea he smirks, <<I do smile on occasion.>> For the asking him not to frown. Doesn't answer about the headache, for he's sure he will by the end of this.

<< Honesty is the best policy, right? >> Andrea sends back to Jonothon for a moment while she considers how to deal with this.

"I'm glad you're doing well." Andrea leads with, keeping up that friendly, open smile. Lily is in control, and Andrea is keeping it that way. "Would you accept 'sort of looking for you', without running away just yet?" she asks, quite forthrightly. Isn't naivete adorable?

Scott almost misses it, but then he listens to the way you said footballl, playing it over and over again in his head. "Soccer? I suppose that works, but it's tough with only four players. Perhaps we can get the girls to join in for soccor though. They are less likely to play basketball or American football, well, unless it is touch football....," his voice then trailing off, and he does blush. "What?" He then grumbles, "Never mind." And again under his breath, "Too young." Guy has been flying solo for ages, heck, Scott hasn't even had his first girlfriend yet.

To Andrea, <<Yes. In this case, I think it would be. She's already suspicious.>> Jonothon finds himself grinning a little at having gotten Scott to blush. Okay, that was fun. <<Yeah, she is, but that doesn't change this. Maybe I should nudge Simone your way.>> Yes, he knows Simone, and he knows she's at the School, even if it's briefly. Gets off the sports topic, doesn't it? A pause and he adds, <<Andrea's being honest. We'll see how this goes.>>

Lily tenses slightly, but the fact Andrea gave her enough money to live off of for a couple weeks weighs heavily in he favor. "It'd depend on /why/ you're looking for me." The suspicion is stronger now.

Scott blinks behind his (sun)glasses, "Don't," he says with surprising firmness. "I think she and Kurt has a thing. They look happy together." Scott then nods, "Honestly is often the best route Jono. Anyway, I'm fine single. I'm busy with Xavier's School and college courses, not to forget there is building my newest motorcycle. I'm a busy guy." Basically, don't try to hook him up, it's embarrassing.

Andrea consciously pulls her hands out in front of her so that Lily can see they're empty. See? No threat here. Andrea tries her best to project that harmless vibe, but she knows she has a hurdle to get over here. It doesn't help that part of her wants to listen in on the conversation with Scott. All she can hear is Scott's responses, but that'd be enough. But she has to concentrate on what she's doing, or this will go all sideways way too quickly.

"I mentioned you to a friend. My friend believes the way I do: that we should help people who need it." Andrea gives Lily a bit to chew on that, before she tries to continue. "I wanted to try to find you, so I could ask you if you'd be willing to meet him and talk about it."

Jonothon lifts a hand as he assures, <<I was joking. Don't worry, I don't get involved in other people's love lives if I can help it.>> And he's totally honest with that too. So not his business. News about Simone and Kurt is filed away as well, but not commented on. The motorcycle has his attention though. Perk! <<You build cycles?>> Guess what, Scott, you found a connection without even realizing it. Has to pause a moment to look pained, but it doesn't last. This does have him rubbing his chest again however. <<I did before my hospital stay. ..Mind some company?>> A bit hesitant to ask there, but he really does enjoy working on machines.

"Yes, I do. Stop by in the garage sometime if you want to have a look or help out. I have some working ones too, a Honda and a Harley Vulcan, real old one, but did some major enhancements to it. Purrs like a kitten." Scott grins a touch when he talks about his bikes, but it fades when he notices Jono rubbing his chest. "You feeling alright?" The movement seems like something Jono has done before. Perhaps it is just a habit or nervous geasture?

There's a long pause while Lily considers. It's risky. She doesn't honestly know Andrea from a hole in the ground. But ... she was nice. Helped. Hadn't even really blinked at the sight of Lily's hands, either. Mentally, she reviews the quickest route to the water, then nods slowly. "All right ... as long as he isn't far ... and won't freak out." About her looks, she means.

<< Tell Scott to stop slouching for me? >> Andrea gently implores of Jonothan, as she considers exactly how to handle this. As such, poor Jono gets treated to Andrea's 'public speaking brain' on fast-forward. If he didn't have a headache, he almost surely has one now. Poor guy. This is what he gets for being mission comms on this one.

"He's not far." Andrea offers, gently. But then she reassures more. "And I already explained. He won't freak out, I promise." But, because she needs Lily to feel safe, she goes one step further. "Any time you need to, you just walk away, Lily. OK? I won't follow you, and I'll make sure he doesn't either. We just want to talk, and maybe offer some help."

That said, Andrea gives it a ten count, before she turns slowly around - she doesn't have to look back at Lily to see if the girl follows or not - and walks back the way she came, with the same pacing. The same ease. Heading for the crosswalk and waiting, before heading across the street, back towards the parking space, Scott, Jonothon and the SUV.

<<Thanks.>> Jonothon will so stop by sometime. He grimaces as Scott asks of his being alright. <<I'm fine.>> For all he's lying. <<It's the same issue that took away my vocal cords. Just hurts sometimes.>> And there's another lie. Jono has no idea what's really going on, but he assumes it's what makes it so he coesn't eat, breath, or talk, and thus shrugs it off. <<Growing pains I guess.>>

He looks off then as Andrea asks and gives Scott a strange look. <<She asked you to stop slouching.>> A smirk spreads. Ha. Buff Scott. Pushes himself to a standing position too, but Jono doesn't remotely count as buff, so he's not going to worry about it. Lets the link with Andrea drop because it hurts. It really sucks not being able to take some aspirin or what not. And so, trying not to frown through his headache, the Brit watches Andrea bring Lily over.

"You should speak to The Professor about it. Perhaps some medical scans can help figure out what the issue is Jono." But no one will force Jono to do the medical scans. "Best not to assume when one is not a-typical'." Scott then winces, "I don't slouch." But he stops leaning against the car and tugs his hands from his jacket pockets and makes use of his usual good posture. As Lily starts to draw closer - Scott would not have been able to pick her out because she is fully covered - he raises a hand to wave in greeting and smiles a bit.

Lily nods, and follows Andrea, slowing to a stop when she spots Scott. Ummm. Ulp? But after a moment, she manages to look past the 'tall and muscular ... uh oh' thing to the fact that Scott ... does not exactly have the air of a bully. Jono is, sadly, a bit of an afterthought once she gets past the urge to run from the guy who looks like he could probably break her in half. And besides, Jono does not exactly present a visible threat. Though the grin and wave do help ease Lily's worry. Ok, the tall guy? Kinda cute. Still, she stays just outside of grabbing range. "Ummm ... hi?"

Andrea does not move around behind Lily, but instead off to the side ... and clearly not in the way of Lily sprinting for the water, if that's what she chooses to do. Safety feelings are often about believing one has choices. Funny how she is one to understand this so clearly. "Lily, this is Scott. Scott, this is my friend I told you about. Her name is Lily. And this is Jonothon." After a moment's careful consideration, she doesn't add more, like about how Jono doesn't talk much. Y'know. Just in case he decides to 'talk.'

Jonothon is quite happy being an afterthought to be honest. He shrugs at Scott's suggestion of talking to Xavier. Yes, as a matter of fact he should. Doesn't answer though, for Lily is here and the Brit is watching. Smiles a little himself, but as stated before is quite glad to sit in the background for the moment. Scott can try first, and if need be he'll talk. Does lift a hand in greeting thanks to Andrea's introduction though. Don't mind Jono. Skinny guy in black on the other side of the SUV~

"Hello Lily, it's a pleasure to meet you," Scott says. "I'm actually here to represent a private school," getting right to the point in one way. "We heard about you, and thought you might be interested in attending. I mean, everyone has a right to an education right?" Now that, that is finished, he goes on to say, "We can go grab a bite to eat at a diner or perhaps go get a soda. I basically want you comfortable, it feels a bit strange to stand on the side of the street talking like an advertisement, least for me." Not a bully at all. Scott can be quiet and grumpy at times, but he's a decent sort with a bit of awkwardness he is still growing out of. "If you can be gentle with me, I'd appreciate it. It's my first recruitment with The Professor, he's the headmaster." Step one, get to the point, step two, try to make Lily comfortable, step three, gain her compassion.

Lily's expression falls. "Private school? I ... " She glances at Andrea in confusion. Because private schools mean money, right? And Andrea at least knows Lily's not exactly rolling in dough. "I can't afford something like that."

"We know your situation, Lily." Andrea reassures, gently. yep. She's right here, helping out for all she's worth. But this is a hard thing to 'sell' to a scared street kid, and Andrea knows it. "We wouldn't be here offering, if money was an issue. Money is covered." And clothes. And food. And a place to stay. But they'll get to all of that. For the moment, Andrea is just trying to disarm panic the best she can. "Just hear him out. Please?" she asks, as softly but imploringly as she can manage.

The voice Lily hears has a British accent, for Jonothon adds, <<It's a place for people with similar troubles.>> And no, the teen's lips don't move as he speaks. Might not even know where the voice is coming from, as it's not heard with one's ears. <<That's why we all came to talk to you. We understand, probably better then you realize.>> He leans against the SUV again, tucking hands into jacket pockets. Scott can be the intimidating one. Jono will just slouch.

"Exactly," Scott says. "It's a lot to take in Lily. A chance for schooling, a place to stay where you can feel safe and cared for. It seems like a dream, right? But it isn't, it's reality. The Professor built this school to make his dream into a reality, to help teens struggling with their newfound gifts into adulthood. To better the world and the lives of individuals. I mean, of course this is a price. You are expected to obey the rules like crufew, do your homework and show up for class. Not to go places without telling the staff where you will be, just in case you get in trouble. You will be given a cell phone should you need our help. But that's just common sense stuff. Oh, and we have a huge lake behind the school, Breakstone Lake. All privately owned to boot." Yes, Scott resorted to bribery.

Lily /yelps/ and backpedals, so startled she doesn't even head for the water, just ends up plastered against a nearby building, eyes HUGE. "Wha ... ?" Her voice shakes, high and squeaky. Fortunately, Scott starts talking, apparently unaware of Jono's 'chatting' with Lily, which makes her think it's not any of the three, because Scott? Doesn't exactly have a really strong Brit-type accent. Neither does Andrea. And Jono clearly hasn't spoken yet, right? It's enough to steady her, calm her down. She takes a few deep breaths and comes closer again. "I ... no one would mind? How I look?"

"No one I know of." Andrea comments to Lily's question, even as she's looking to the other two for some kind of clue. What freaked her out? She doesn't want Lily to run or panic, but she keeps the lines of flight open. It's the only way she knows to ease through this. "Another friend there is blue and fuzzy, with elf-ears and a tail." See? Fish scales, not nearly so bad. Right?

Oh, Scott is aware of it unless Jono was purposely keeping it from him. He just doesn't react to it as anything unusual. "Not at all. Why would we? You have a gift Lily, just because you look unusual doesn't make you any less special or important. We have some staff MEMBERS that are a little on the 'furry' side." More than one. He then looks over at Jono, "Did you do something to spook her or was it me? Am I really that intimidating?"

Jonothon headhangs a moment as Lily back pedals. <<..Sorry. I think it was me.>> The apology is for Scott, but it's the same British voice. This time though he does move his lips. Really must get in the habit of that. Keeps forgetting. (And he did a general broadcast, so Scott knew.) <<Gel, the whole point is that your looks won't matter at the school. We all have our problems.>> Like how he's rubbing at his chest again, over the breast bone. Nods as Andrea remembers to mention Kurt. <<The idea is to offer a place where you don't have to be afraid. That's why we came to ask you.>>

That description of Kurt makes Lily's head snap up. In recognition. "Kurt? Kurt goes there?" Clearly, she's met him. And thinks he's more than a bit all right, if her tone's any indication. The telepathic thing makes her jump again, but at least this time, she doesn't bolt. "What /is/ that? Doesn't sound like a normal voice." Seems like Kurt was the turning point. If this lot can accept him, she's pretty sure she'll be ok, so now all that's left is the curiosity.

"Yes. Mister Vagner." Andrea pronounces the name in the German. Frankly, other than it being her voice, the intonation and everything is a frighteningly close match to Kurt himself saying his name. There is a reason why she is multilingual. She glances at Jonothon, and then offers, "Not all gifts are obvious things, Lily. Sometimes a gift can be very subtle. Like the ability to send one's thoughts to another, when one cannot speak anymore." Or, y'know, the ability to see and hear without eyes or ears. Things like that.

"He teaches self-defence and will likely start teaching german, and perhaps some religious and culture classes." Though Scott does say, "If you keep making the girls cry, you won't get a girlfriend Jono," getting the guy back a bit for teasing him about Andrea and Simone. But he smiles a bit, to reveal he is only teasing. Then, more seriously, "There are lots of gifts and many of them do have costs like yours Lily. Some just aren't as obvious as Andrea say." A pause then, "No one can ever see my eyes for me. It's dangerous. I can't even remember what my eye color used to be, maybe Alex would know." He shrugs vaguely.

Brown eyes roll at Scott, but the Brit is more amused than anything. Even in spite of his headache. And because that explanation from Andrea too was subtle, Jonothon lifts a hand. <<That's me.>> Said to Lily. <<I don't have vocal cords, so this is the only way I can talk. Sorry, gel. Didn't mean to scare you.>> See, Lily isn't the only 'scary' thing around here. <<Mate..>> That to Scott, <<I doubt I'll ever get one around here.>> Didn't know that about Scott's eyes though, so he remains silent and learns a little something.

Talk in people's minds? Unable to let anyone see his eyes? Ok, Lily's curiosity is rapidly starting to overwhelm her nerves. Whatever else, these people do not sound like the sort that would freak out about her, and if they're on the up and up ... well, she doesn't know what she can do /after/, but she can at least finish high school, which is something. "I ... it's ok. Just startled me, is all. Never run into anyone who could do that, before." She takes a deep breath, then nods. "Ok, I'll come. It can't be too bad if Kurt's there."

"It's not bad at all. I graduated from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. I got to college at Empire State University now though." Scott moves toward the car to open the driver's door, "Do you want to sit in the front Lily or in the back with Andrea? Or whatever seating arrangement you are most comfortable with really." He just guessed the two he mentioned had a higher probability of being the one Lily would want. "We will be driving about an hour outside of the city." Not wanting the girl to be surprised at all.

"Neither one bites, either. They're very well behaved." Andrea indulges in some well-meaning teasing, hoping it'll help continue to ease Lily's nerves. "Come take a look, Lily. If you decide it's not for you, I'll personally see you safely back. I promise." The offer is made not because she thinks Lily will run, but because Andrea can afford it, and Lily knows that. So it's a show of good faith. Andrea moves around towards the vehicle, and opens the rear door, then slides inside. Best not to crowd Lily. Let her make her own choices. But through all of this, Andrea hasn't made any sign that explains whatever it is she can do. Though she did not miss Scott's comment. Eyes, hunh? Interesting. That fits, but what does it mean?

<<You shouldn't make promises you can't keep, Andrea.>> Jonothon is teasing about the biting. There's a pause as he asks, <<Can I start frowning now? You gave me a huge headache.>> Really, whether or not he has permission he's going to be doing it a little. His aches something fierce. Allowing Lily to pick where she wants to sit, he takes the spot she doesn't. Praise be for backrests. Going to nap on the way back.

Lily hesitates for a second, then slides in the back seat with Andrea, feeling somewhat more comfortable with her than the two guys for now. Once in, her hands come out of her pockets, and, after a slight hesitation, the hood gets pulled back, letting them see her head clearly for the first time. It's not fun. Oh, the scales aren't the issue. It's the slight puffiness along jaw and cheek that, to those who've seen it before, speaks of Lily having gotten punched in the face recently. There's no sign of bruising, but then, the scales do camoflague that sort of thing. She giggles a little at the teasing.

Scott notices the 'wound' and frowns. He really wants to punch the person that did that to Lily. But he takes a deep breath and starts the car. He starts to drive out of the city. "Do you want Andrea to give the tour, and Jono too if he is feeling better?" He realizes Lily isn't real comfortable with him and doesn't push it. "I can prepare a dorm room for you in case you want to stay."

The visibly puffiness draws a wince from Andrea, even if she did see it earlier. It's easier to see now. "Ow." she mentions, softly. Nothing more. If Lily wants to explain what happened, she'll listen. If not, she'll shush up. << Sure. You can frown now. Sorry for the headache. >> she offers Jononthon.

Poor Lily! Andrea did say the girl was hunted. Jonothon doesn't say anything though, and slouches as far down as a seat belt will allow. <<It'll be okay.>> A quiet mental voice for the girl. One that he doesn't share with the others. <<I got here just a few weeks ago. The place is nice.>> So he's new too. More or less. Andrea is given a smile and a shrug. No worries. He'll survive. <<Now if only I could take some aspirin.>>

Lily glances over at Andrea. "Yeah, ow. That's how I know Kurt. He stopped it from ending up as worse than an 'ow'." She's not going to mention Simone, since she doesn't know yet that Simone's at the school too. Nor the visit to the circus doctor who'd made sure it really was just bruises, and not something dangerous.

Scott remains quiet on the trip, letting Jono nap. This gives the girls time to gossip in the back if they wish. The radio plays softly, kept down for Jono's benefit.

Andrea doesn't ask a lot of questions about what happened. She's betting that will all come out eventually. "I'm glad it wasn't worse." is the most she offers. But her biggest thing is wanting to make sure Lily knows nothing like that will happen at the school. Otherwise? Definitely girl talk. Teddybears, classes, the cute boys, romance novels, and cute boys (this being the batch of those who don't attend the school, like models and actors and music stars and such). And poor Scott has to sit there and listen to the whole thing. Things he never wanted to know about womankind in its younger evolution.

For most of the trip, Scott just works at blocking out the girls and listening to music. But sometimes he catches a thing or two and has to try not to blush. Scott parks the car in front of the school, letting Jono get out and head inside as he excuses himself. Scott speaks to the girls, "Andrea can give you the tour Lily. I'll have your dorm room prepared before it is finished." Lily will find when she does go to her dorm later that the bed has fresh sheets on, and there are bathroom supplies and even two changes of clothes that would fit her. Not to forget, a nightshirt, though honestly it is just one of Scott's old t-shirts that says: 'Ride Hard' with a Harley logo on it.

"Take a walk about the grounds, the building and make sure to show her the basement. I'm not sure if chlorine is acceptable for you Lily, so you might want to avoid the pools if it is bad for you. But Breakstone Lake you will notice is really large and it's safe to swim in." Note: pools as in more than one. Actually, there is an indoor and outdoor pool. "I'll go park the car in the garage."

Lily warms up the longer the drive goes, and by the time they get to the gates, she's chatting merrily with Andrea, thoroughly enjoying gossiping like a normal teenage girl, something she's sorely missed over the last year and a bit. The school shuts her up though, eyes huge. "You're kidding, right? This is more like one of those 'lifestyles of the rich and shameless' type places." HUGE mansion. WAY huge. What the heck. "Chlorine doesn't bother me, as far as I've ever been able to tell." She'd tried it a few times, sneaking into backyard pools once or twice before she settled on the waterfront. "And did you say pools, as in plural? Is this place for real?"

"One indoor, in the basement with the gymnasium. One outdoor. And the lake. Which really is huge and beautiful. Pretty pristine, too." Andrea offers, sliding out of the car and letting Scott head off with it, simply giving a little wave to him as he departs. "I promise, we won't miss a thing. And yes, it's all real. Hard to believe at times, but quite real." Lifestyles of the rich and shameless? Well, to an extent Andrea resembles that remark. "Want to see the outdoors first?" she inquires.

"Course. This was The Professors home before he opened it up as a school to my understanding. He was from a well off family or something. I don't really know much about it," Scott explains. "Though it has gone through many upgrades since his youth to make it into what it is now. Some of the stuff you see wasn't even around when I first attended here a couple of years ago." He then grins a bit, "Enjoy yourself. Envision yourself a princess or whatever it is girls do." Once you are both out of the car, Scott drives it away toward the garage to park it.

Lily just sort of blinks. And fights the urge to pull her hood back up. She's hidden under it for long enough to feel more than slightly naked having it down. "This is kinda on the wrong side of believable." She mutters. But beggars can't be choosers, and that's what she is. A beggar. She's tired of living hand to mouth. Tired of having to watch over her shoulder every moment. As long as no one here tries to hurt her, she's one up on her life in the city. Anything else? Is just gravy. "Lead on." She says more loudly.

For a moment, Andrea actually holds out her hand, offering it to Lily. No, she doesn't see the other girl as needing literal handholding, so much she just wants her to have whatever sense of security she can offer. "I'll make a note not to take you to see my place in Los Angeles." she comments gently. "This is the north side of the grounds. Around to the west is the english gardens and the hedge maze, along with the tennis courts. The basketball court, patio, outdoor pool and the lake are out back to the south." Andrea offers as she starts leading the way.

Alex comes out the front door of that mansion, khaki shorts and one of those shirts you wear under baseball jerseys with green sleeves. A cell-phone in his hands and hes not looking where hes going, typical teenager. The steps down from the door is taken at a leap, he *does* manage to look up before running into the ladies present. "Oh! Hey. I was starting to think this place was an all-boys school." He glances between the two of them, a pause and nothing more for Lily. "I'm Alex....or am I interrupting something?"

Lily blinks at the hand being held out, but takes it. Thanks to the construction of her hand, the hand-hold is a bit ... awkward. And then they nearly get bowled over ... by yet another cute guy. Ok, Lily can definitely learn to like it here, even if nobody ever looks her way. Eye candy is /always/ good. And now that she's starting to relax a bit, she's not as jumpy as she was back in the city. "Ummm ... hi." Then, with a bit of a grin. "Not interrupting."

Oddly enough - Lily may detect this, especially since they're holding hands at the moment - Andrea does not startle when Alex appears, bounding out of the door and down the stairs. How could she possibly have been expecting that? "Not an all-boys school, Alex. I'm sorry, you just missed your brother." She doesn't explain where Scott went, as that's not her call. If Scott wants him to know, he'll explain later. "Alex, this is Lily. She's visiting, and considering joining us here. Welcome yourself, by the way." Yeah. How'd she know all of that? Is she a telepath?

Alex furrows his brows towards Andrea, a scowl almost creeping onto his face but he manages to bash it down within him. "Yeah...Okay." His hands dip into his pockets as she blurts out his personal life. "I guess I'm a bit of a disadvantage....everyone seems to know who I am here, I'm not enjoying being a celebrity, its harder to get away with things." Alex looks between the two of them now, as if expecting something. "Do I have to get a magic 8-ball to find out your names?"

Lily is more than slightly confused. "Why would you being someone's brother here make you a celebrity?" She wants to know. Clearly, she's not in the loop. "My name's Lily." She repeats.

"I am Andrea." Though honestly, anyone with any decent pop culture knowhow knows who Andrea is, though they'd be shocked to know she was /here/. Just shocked. "I think you'll find that it is nearly impossible to get away with things here." She won't mention that she can pretty well watch and listen to everyone on campus at once, nor will she bring up that Charles is apparently some uber-telepath. She'll just let Alex learn all on his own. "Shall we take a look at the maze and the gardens?" she offers to Lily, ready to lead the way if the other girl is ready to continue her tour. "You're welcome to join us for a tour of the grounds if you'd like, Alex."

"....Great....I might as well put my lockpicks into cold storage." A smile towards Lily as she introduces herself, twice now. Got it though, her name is *definitely* Lily. "I don't mind, Scott was going to give me a tour when I first got here, but we just crashed out."

"Lockpicks?" Lily gives Alex a dubious look, then nods to Andrea. "Sure. Sounds like a plan to me." Anywhere but the kitchen. They'll never pry her out of there.

Lockpicks? Andrea files that away for later, mentally speaking. "Well then, I'll stand in for Scott's tour." she offers Alex, as she leads the way, still lightly holding Lily's hand. "Here to the west of the main building, we have the gardens. That shed is not off-limits, but it's just the gardening tools, potting soil and such. We have a gardener, but some of the students enjoy doing some gardening work as well." Maybe one of them is a plant-controlling mutant? "Then we have the hedge maze, which is my favorite." Because she can't get lost, though she doesn't explain that to anyone. "And beyond is the tennis courts." And on they continue, though Andrea herself notes that Kurt and Simone seem to be out in the maze. Perhaps Scott was right?

"I was planning a jailbreak...." Alex shakes his head at Lily when she gives him that look. "It was for a good cause, honestly." He doesn't seem to interested in gardening, at least, the maze is looked at with interest. Simone and Kurt get a wave from her, "Why would they have a hedge maze?"

"A jailbreak?" Ok, now Lily's giving Alex that 'you're a criminal, aren't you?' look. Good cause her BUTT. "Probably because it's sort of required for places like this. Gotta have the fancy gardens and stuff."

Andrea is giving Alex a similar look. Who on Earth would need lockpicks /here/ of all places? "As Lily said, this place was originally a long-held home for the Professor's very wealthy family, and such things were quite traditional. I like it." She then mentions and motions to the stables that lie beyond the maze. "And that building in the distance, past those trees, is the stables. The fields you see there are the paddocks and stock course." Of course. Everyone would know that. Right? Gah!

Then Andrea spots Simone heading in their direction from the stables, and raises a hand to wave. Which may look a tad odd, as she is doing so to a figure she couldn't possible recognize at all at a range of nearly four hundred meters. But she does it anyway.

Simone has left the stables to go wander about the grounds some more. She doesn't want to go inside just yet and Kurt's gone back to work on some lesson plans. She pauses when she sees some one waving. She looks over her shoulder, is some one else there. No? she goes on to investigate who the people are.

Lily is looking about the place with a sort of goggle-eyed look. This place really does look like it'd fit in 'lifestyles of the rich and famous'. "This is unreal." She breathes. And then Andrea waves. Lily squints in that direction. She might not recognize Simone at this distance (at least, not if the wings aren't in evidence) but Simone might recognize her, since her hood's down.

Alex is walking along with Andrea and Lily, falling back to walk beside Lily, since Andrea is being some sort of know-it-all about his life AND the grounds. Ugh. "Its a long story...but it turns out I don't have to worry about it anymore. I brought them just in case." He looks off towards Simone as well, when Andrea makes her presence known with her wave.

Not having seen Simone with her wings out before, Andrea still doesn't seem surprised by them. She just waits patiently as they start heading around the grounds, knowing Simone will be close enough to address soon. "Good afternoon. You must be Simone? Welcome to the school. I am Andrea. This is Lily, and Alex. I'm giving them a bit of a tour." And if Simone is at all pop-culture aware, she'd recognize Andrea pretty easily. What's /she/ doing here, one might wonder?

Lily blinks. Peers. Blinks again. "Simone?" Ok, that's /twice/ now she's known of someone here. A big grin crosses her face. "You're here too? They said Kurt was." And she can't quite help glancing around, half expecting him to appear.

Simone meanders and meanders and oh! look it's Lily! and Alex annnnd.. a girl she's not sure she knows but sorta looks familiar. It's one of those 'wrong place' deals where you don't recognize some one you've seen before cause they aren't where you normally see them. "..uh.. Hi.. " she smiles brightly. It's a tad forced but it's not fake. There is just a whole lot on her mind. "... ahh.. nice to meet you.. I know Lily.. met Alex already.." she says, with a bit of a confused expression. "...ah yea, he's gone inside for a bit.."

Alex's pocket buzzes and he reachs in to pull out his phone and flick it open, one of those rotating dealios. "Hrm..." Distractable much? "Oh! Hey Simone..." And he doesn't seem to have much to talk about though. "I'm gonna take off guys...nice to meet you Lily."

Andrea nods and gives Alex a little wave. "Bye, Alex." It apparently wasn't nice to meet her. She'll try not to be insulted. "Shall we continue the tour, Lily? Or would you like to visit with Simone for a bit? I can come back later."

Simone rubs at the back of her neck. "When'd you get here Lily? " it seems Xavier is inviting all of Kurt's friends and associates.. interesting. She feels a little like a pokemon. Gotta Catch Em All?

"Ummm, about fifteen minutes ago?" Lily says, waving goodbye to Alex as he takes off. She glances over at Andrea. "I think we can tour and gossip at the same time."

"OK. I just didn't want you to think you had to tolerate me around eavesdropping." Andrea offers to Lily with a smile. "Would you care to join us, then, Simone?" Andrea offers, just before she leads the way around the corner of the mansion, bringing into view the big stone patio at the back of the house, the Olympic outdoor pool, and the rather substantial lake, not to mention the woodlands in the distance. "The Professor says that he owns the entire lake, all the way around, and a few miles of the woodlands as well. So this place is rather private."

Simone nods. "I haven't seen much of the estate yet.. I slept for most of the day after we arrived last night.." it was a very, very long day. She smiles "Yea that'd be cool." she notes. "So you live here too then? " she asks of Andrea.

Lily grins at the sight of the water. Wow. A whole lake, all to herself. A girl could get to like something like that. And she wouldn't even HAVE to fish, if she didn't want to. Ohhhhhhhhh. Best part, right there. Lunchmeat and pork and beef and chicken oh my! Subsisting on fish protein had her all but salivating at the thought of other proteins. "Wow. This place is huge."

"It is pretty big, yes." Andrea admits to Lily as she leads the way onto the patio, then follows the toepath down towards the pool and then the lake beyond. Basketball courts can also be seen here. "Live here? No, I go to school here. I come in every morning, take my classes, and usually leave in the early evening. I live with my adopted father in Long Island." And she visits the City often, as Lily could attest. "It's for the best for the school's continued privacy."

Simone arches a brow at this then nods.. Waiit it's starting to dawn on her where she's seen the other girl. "You.. your on tv aren't you? friends with She Hulk right?" yea having a celebrity come in might cause problems.

Lily is still ... blissfully ignorant. She's not exactly had an opportunity to watch TV much in the last year and nearly a half. "You know She-Hulk?" Awed disbelief at that.

Andrea giggles a bit at Simone, and nods. "Yes, I've been on TV. Including a recent TV spot with She-Hulk. She's a very nice person. I admire her." Yep. That's Andrea Tellierra, folks, teen model and actress, nominated for an Academy Award and everything. Going to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Get it?

Simone mmms "Don't the ah.. photographers try to follow you out here?" she asks, shifting her wings unconciously making them pull inwards against her back.

Lily blink-blinks. "You've been on TV?" Then, to Simone. "I didn't see any when we drove up. They're ... kinda hard to miss, you know?" The paparazzi are bloodhounds. Theyd've been at the gates with zoom lenses if they knew where Andrea was at.

Andrea smiles and shakes her head. "That's why I don't stay here. I transport myself in every day and go home every evening. We use unmarked vehicles and body doubles to distract the paparazzi." See? Andrea takes this stuff seriously. She smiles and nods to Lily. "Yes. I've been on TV. Two seasons on the Disney Channel. And several guest spots on a variety of shows. Not to mention news spots and interviews."

The winged girl smiles and nods. "Wow.. this place is full of surprises.. " her wings relax and stretch out again comfortably. "So ah, how long have you been attending the school ? How'd they find out about you?" she wants to know!

Lily grins. "That is so cool." A real live celebrity of sorts. People who are like her, a chance to finish school ... this ... yeah. Lily figures she'll stay. It's too good an opportunity to pass up ... and for the first time since she manifested, the weight's starting to come off her shoulders. It feels good.

For those who can see through walls and the like, Bobby is currently sneaking around the house, a large handful of densely packed snow in one hand, creeping along side the house. At his current pace he'll emerge from the corner just as you ladies turn it. His arm is behind his back and as you approach, he pops out from behind the corner. "Hiya Ladies.. And how are we doing today?" He asks, beaming widely, very obviously hiding something. "Heya Andrea.. How are you ladies doing this fine May day?" He asks, and by the way he says Andrea's name, the perceptive of you, can likely tell there is something there. Just a hint.

Andrea answers with a smile. "I've been a student here for about a month now. As for how they found me ... I honestly do not know. The Professor and Jonothon came to see me at one of my photo shoots, and invited my guardian and I to come visit the school. They were very subtle about things, but it wasn't unlike my visit today with Lily." Andrea honestly doesn't know how the Professor found her. But she just hasn't needed to know.

Andrea grins with pleasure as Lily seems to relax, enjoying all of this. "I'm glad you like it."

As she has a few times, Andrea responds a bit before anyone else could or should, turning towards the corner of the patio just as Bobby is emerging with his snowball hidden in hand. "Hello, Bobby. I'm doing fine. Please allow me to make introductions. This is Simone, a friend of Mister Vagner's. And this is Lily. She has been newly invited by the Professor. I'm giving them a tour of the grounds." She has some idea that Bobby is up to something, but she's waiting to find out quite what it is.

Simone ers as the blond boy wanders in and starts talking.. supiciously. Her head tilts as she regards him. Wait. Jonothon? How many Jonothons can be out in this area? ".. a british..Jonothon?" she slowly asks.

Unfortunately for Bobby's plans, Lily grew up with an older brother. She knows the signs of impending troublemaking. She edges over so one of the girls is between her and him. "He ... sounded british, when he talked to me." She says, waving one hand at Bobby.

Bobby smiles innocently, walking up to Andrea and looping and arm around her shoulders. "You ladies on a tour? You should let me tag along. I'm lots of fun to be around. Just ask Andrea." He tells them, bumping her hip with his. Yeah he's overdoing it a bit.. but how are you gonna make shy new people laugh and feel comfortable if you don't break the ice. Speaking of which. He closes his fist, and the snow crushes between his fingers, and he drops the mess into the ground, smiling innocently.

Andrea nods to Simone's question. "Yes, Jonothon is British. He's a friend and classmate." She grins at Bobby's sillyness, and doesn't seem to mind his forward ways. But the perceptive amongst the girls might catch the pinking of her cheeks. She's embarrassed, but resisting it. "Bobby can be very fun. He took me ice skating for the very first time. It was fun."

Simone eyes the snow now on the ground. Then she peers back at Bobby, her wings russling. Wet wings are not fun. "I guess then all of the students really are ah mutants then? " she hasn't gotten to talk personally with Xavier yet. It's been a lot of clipped answers from Scott and some info from Kurt. The whole picture isn't yet complete. ".. so how many students attend?" she asks. Then she adds. "Cool." at the mention of ice skating.

Wait, snow? In May? "Snow?" Lily asks, staring at the dab on the ground before it melted. "How ... ?" And then she blinks at Simone. "/Everyone/ here is like us?" Ok, so Bobby (like Scott and Alex) looks normal (and is also kinda cute ... this place is racking up the eye candy points fast) ... but still. Unreal.

Bobby looks back at the mess he dropped and wipes his hand dry on his shirt. "Yep.. Welcome to mutant high.. We do the regular school.. general education and the electives you want. The Prof is a genius who knows other genius's. College programs.. everything you need. I couldn't tell you how many students go here.. but the class sizes are like ten to fifteen ish and uh.. yeah snow." He tells you all, holding out out the arm not holding Andrea. You can see wisps of cold vapor rise from his flesh, and his skin frosts over, the frost building. A moment later his arm from the elbow down is icy and semi translucent. He flexes his fingers and you can see he still has full mobility.

Andrea lets out a bit of a squeak as Bobby changes his arm. Sorry, she hadn't seen that before. But once he flexes his arm, showing all is well, she relaxes. "Wow." she offers, a tad breathily. "The Professor accepted me as a Junior despite my age because of my academic record from my tests and my tutoring. I'm taking advanced placement courses, and even collegiate studies." But notice, Andrea hasn't explained to anyone here why it is /she/ is here. If every student here is a mutant, what is Andrea's talent?

Simone arches a brow at the .. iced up.. arm.. ".. whoa..." she murmurs. "that's wicked.." she grins, putting a hand over her mouth and nose for a moment in wonder. She nods towards Andrea and mmms "..that's ah.. good.." says the young woman who was lucky to even get a GED.

Lily's eyes widen at the change in Bobby's arm, and once it settles, she can't quite resist the temptation to touch, reaching a finger out to trace along the back of his hand. "Can you feel that?" She asks.

Lily's finger traces over his hand, and you can all hear the rasping. "Yep I can feel it.. but only a little. The ice acts as armor." He tells Lily, rather amazed she isn't yelping at touching him. "What? You didn't think the ice skating was my only trick did you." He tells Andrea, hugging her one handed. "Most of the people here can do something. Some powers are flashy, some not so much, but all are effective." He tells you, and his armor starts to melt from beneath as he raises his body temp back to normal. It falls off in chunks and once his arm is normal again he attempts to wipe his hand on Andrea's cheek, grinning as he does it. "They teach you to use your gifts here too."

Andrea eeps at the brush on her cheek of the wet, cold hand. "Well, of course. But I never imagined something quite like that." It's just that simple. Andrea is new to the idea of any other powers other than her own, so she has little experience in broadening her mind to consider the possibilities in any larger context. "I have only been here several weeks. I'm sure it'll be a long time coming. But that was really impressive."

Simone perks up at that. "... really now... an' how do they do that?" the winged girl asks with a great deal of interest and curiosity. She used to practice with her old crew, if not for them she knows she wouldn't be able to do half of what she's achieved.

Lily pulls her finger away after a couple seconds. "Ok, that's cold." She sounds ... surprised. Why, precisely, is anyone's guess. Seeing the faint surprise on his face, she says. "Mine's more than the scales. It's kinda the whole swimming/diving package. I dunno how deep I can go, but I have some protection against pressure and cold." And once she's been well-fed for a few weeks, her body will fill out with an additional protection, but she doesn't realize that yet. She's not exactly had a steady supply of ALL the nutrients she needs available. "And that sounds really cool. I've always been curious about just how much I can do, but I didn't want to risk it, not alone." Yeah. Finding out your limits the hard way, in water? Not a good idea.

Bobby glances at all three women there, then drops his hugging arm to Andrea's waist just to see if he can. "Well.. two main ways. The first.. sucks.. but it's effective. Practice, practice, and practice until your sick of it.. then practice more. The second way doesn't always work, but it's better than the constant practice. And that's if the Prof can find someone with similar powers.. Like Warren has wings too.." He says motioning in Simone's direction. "So he might pair you two up to train, both because he's probly more experienced.. and because you can teach each other. So... yeah."

Andrea nods a bit at this, though she shies away a bit from Bobby putting his arm around her waist. She was good letting him get away with the around the shoulders bit before. There's a wry twist to her lips for a moment, as she considers what he has said. Looks like her only real solution will be the slow and painful 'practice practice practice' bit. If only she knew what to practice. "Well, at least here none of us will be alone."

Simone ooohs? "There's some one else here with Wings? Awesome.." she grins brightly. "I look forward to meeting ah.. Warren.." she says. "But practice isn't so bad.. really it is the only way to get good at something." she doesn't seem to mind the idea. She's about to say more when her stomach loudly grumbles. She blushes a bit and grins. "Er.. maybe I should go get a snack.. and check on Kurt.. " she smiles. The fellow just might need some help with his lesson plans after all. "I hope to see you all later.. okay?"

Lily grins. "Mine will probably be practice." She says, then blinks. "Wait, there are people with similar ... ok, that's just wierd."

Bobby chuckles. "Yeah.. Warren is cool, I'm sure he'd love to help you out. And for those who have a hard time with their gifts.. the Professor is good at helping them. And we have facilities designed to containing the more extreme gifts.." He says vaguely, smiling. His hand pulls away from Andrea's waist just as fast as he dropped it, as he was testing his boundaries and he just found them. "So.. yeah.. But I need to hit the sack, I have four exams tomorrow, and studying must be done.. Later ladies. G'night Andrea." He tells her grinning that silly grin of his.

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