Marvel: In the Beginning...
Log Title:Don't Name This Wet T-Shirt Party
Summary:What starts out as a relaxing day with Scott and Jono working in the garage, turns into a water battle with Alex and the girls. Of course, it is all fun and games until someone blows up.
Players:Jono, Scott, Alex, Simone, Lily, Hank (cameo)
Location:Garage - X-Mansion - North Salem
Warnings:Language/Incest Joke

Scott is already in the garage, tools out, car hood open. And also already distracted as he cleans motorcycle parts for a bike he is almost done rebuilding. A Honda VTX 1300 Retro. After these parts are installed, he just needs to wash and paint the bike. Other than his hands, Scott is still clean in his worn jeans and t-shirt. Nearby, neatly hung is his leather jacket, two bike helmets and a mechanic jacket. There are mechanic bibs folded in a stack on a shelf as well.

His own jacket soon joining Scott's, Jonothon quietly enters and hangs this up. So not getting it greasy if he doesn't have to. Like Scott, he's also wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Something that it doesn't matter if it gets dirty. Unlike other days though, the collar of this shirt is just low enough to see the bandages he's wrapped around himself. <<Hey.>> Offered as he approaches. <<So which are we working on?>> Asked in amusement as there are two projects going on. The open car hood and that cycle. The teen drags fingers back through his hair in an idle motion, and the auburn locks drop right back into his eyes.

Scott looks up and smiles a bit, "The car. Just thought to stay busy while waiting for you." He finishes cleaning the small piece in his hand and sets it down on the floor with the dirty rag. He stands up from the short stepping stool he was sitting on. "Let's take a look at the car." He starts to head over toward it now. "It is making a clunking sound after it is started up, so it isn't the starter." Easy movements. Even with Scott's typically proper posture, his movements don't seem stiff, just confident. Even if it is something as simple as this.

Now if only Jonothon could make such a claim. He's been hospitalized for much of the last two years for once reason or another, and so can't claim to have much in the way of grace. A thin shadow in comparison to the X-man near at hand. <<Mostly worked on bikes, but had the occasional taxi. Worked on a lorry once. Start it so we can hear it?>> Maybe get an idea for where the sound is coming from in order to narrow it down. A simple start. <<How long have you been here?>> Curious about many things, but hasn't asked because he felt it would be rude.

"Just oh, perhaps an hour? Not long. Not like I gave you a specific time to show up." Scott moves to pull keys from his pocket and slide into the car, turning it on. It purrs on well at first, but then the clanking starts. He leaves it on, along with the driver's side open as he slides out of the driver's side seat. "If we have time after this, perhaps we can go on a bike ride. I have a Vulcan and a Harley." He leans against the side of the car with his hands, staring into the engine as if that will magicially reveal what is wrong with it. "Bet Andrea could pinpoint where the sound is coming from with her powers." Scott may not know the details, but he isn't stupid. He is also very observant. "She seems to see and hear just about everything."

Leaning against the edge of the engine, Jonothon smiles a little. << I meant the school.>> There's amusement in that mental tone too. Whether or not Scott answers, the teen turns his attention to the engine as it starts. The tilt of his head and he listens. <<Not sure I should answer that.>> About Andrea. But yes, she totally could. No doubt that the girl could hear them talking if she were on school grounds. <<A ride would be great.>> Pausing to reach a hand carefully into the engine and feel something. He knows where the moving parts are, and what gets hot. << I'm so not used to the idea of having a license to drive. Going to have to get the bike one too. The Professor handed me a permit when I arrived. It's down here. I can feel it.>>

"Oh," Scott says. "Two years." He then nods. "Let me turn off the car." He then slides back into the car to turn it off and slide back up as he pockets the keys. "For motorcycles licenses, you are going to want to get your parents approval." He almost forgot about that, you still have parents. "But if it is just learning, I can teach you. I'm searching for another junk bike too, so if you crash no big deal." It isn't like he would be teaching you at a high speed anyway. "Perhaps we can drag Alex in on it too." Scott gets the tools you guys need. "Least we don't have to slide under the car for this one."

Jonothon nods about the license. <<Already waiting word. Doubt it will be an issue.>> He rolls his eyes about it for some reason. Sometimes he forgets he has parents. That's how often they have been around in his life. Leaning there again, shoulders hunched, he watches as tools are acquired. <<Had some practice in London, but I'd appreciate more. Me tooling around illegally a couple of years ago doesn't do much for passing the test now. Let me know if you need money. That my parents are always sending.>> And no, he doesn't look like he's rich. Certainly doesn't dress like it. <<He really your brother?>> School gossip and all that. Once you're there with the tools, he helps with the disassemble. Not in any rush either.

Nor is Scott in a rush, wanting to do it right the first time anyway. He only gives advice if needed. "Let me know when they respond, and I don't mind adding additional lessons." He nods, "I'm good on money really. Take the other students out for ice cream or something in North Salem sometime. That would be more than enough repayment." For a moment, Scott looks hesitant, then nods, "He's my little brother. We haven't seen each other in years so...," and he just shrugs at that, letting the words trail off.

That's the way Jonothon thinks about it. Doing it right the first time. The advice is also taken well. He doesn't mind being told if he's doing something wrong. At least not with this. Does eye you a little strangely for taking the others out for ice cream. <<Scott, I can't eat.>> Sitting around watching other people enjoy themselves.. ah well, he shrugs. << I'll figure out something. Movie works just as well.>> That he could also enjoy.

The hesitation has the Brit watching. <<It's awkward?>> That's how he's reading this. <<Not easy when a stranger is suppose to be family.>> Doesn't dwell on that though. <<Don't know if it's okay to ask, but the man with the white face? Simone drew something and said you fought it to get Alex. Didn't give details though.>>

"I know. Afraid I don't know much things about going out as a teen that doesn't include food." Awkward. "Putt-putt?" Scott really has nooooo clue. "But there is a park to walk around in North Salem if you just want to get away from the school." Geez, social awkwardness. No wonder Scott feels for you, he has it too. Suddenly Scott pales a bit and glances down at the car. "Best not to talk about that. Hopefully we won't see him again." To make Scott has to be bad.

Jonothon smirks about things not involving food. <<A movie means I don't have to watch them eating.>> For all that they most certainly will be. Popcorn, candy, etc. <<...What the bloody hell is putt-putt?>> Asked with an expression that suggests you have suddenly gone mad. Ah, the small issues of not being an American.

The paling as the Brit being quiet. Waits for you to stop looking down, and then offers, <<Sorry.>> Didn't mean to hit that many rough spots. << I won't ask about it again.>> Hmm, any other rough spots he can smack around? The teen returns to work, ignoring the grime he's picking up. <<So.. how about something equally awkward.>> Said with a bit of a smile, <<With all these girls around the school, and how they drool over you, why aren't you dating?>>

"Miniature golf," Scott answers automatically. Well, that's one way to turn Scott from a bit on a pale side to blushing some. "Well, Jean is dating Warren, Simone is dating Kurt and everyone else is jail bait." That's his excuse and he is sticking to it...for now. He tries to make a joke of it, betraying the fact that it holds little truth. "And they don't drool over me, girls aren't dogs Jono." He moves the last section to get to the issue. He lets out a whistler. "That is going to need replaced. I'll have to see if we have any spares in storage."

There's a brief grin for Scott's answer. <<Could have fooled me.>> About that they don't drool. Not to suggest the girls are ugly, for they are anything but. He even lets Scott get away with the obvious not quite true. Teasing like this isn't suppose to actually hurt.

Distracted briefly, Jonothon leans in to get a look. Just a quick one and he's getting out of your way. <<Jailbait is an answer I'll accept.>> For all he's amused at getting to tease Scott. <<You really keep all this equipment on hand?>> Disbelieving there. << I'd expected to have to head off to the store to find a replacement.>>

"Depends. For a lot of the repairs, I do them here unless they are electronic or require tearing the entire engine apart." Not that there isn't equipment here to handle that, but Scott isn't that good with cars. "The school tries to be as self-sufficient as possible, better security that way. Even the help that comes in, are...'influenced' by Xavier to not pay attention to strange stuff or to only see what they want to see." Like the kitchen and ground help. "We all pitch in with cleaning and keeping the school nice looking. Though to get Lily started in the garage, hopefully get her used to me. Though likely by winter she will be helping clean the inside of the school for an allowance." He shrugs, "It teaches responsibility, and makes the money earned instead of a hand out." Scott really thinks this stuff through carefully.

He then walks away and goes into a large storage closet in the garage, which holds all sorts of parts and some tools that aren't in the main area. Scott starts going through large grey plastic bins, trying to find what he is looking for.

Jonothon nods, but doesn't say anything immediately. He looks troubled with the influenced idea. Having been so influenced the days after he exploded, he's been wondering at the morality of all this. Yet, the teen days nothing. Is fairly sure that someone who idolizes Xavier as you do would justify it. Instead he opts to focus on Lily. << I hope she doesn't find it demeaning. The girl from the streets being made to clean for her cash. Just be mindful of it?>> For he too would appreciate not being thought of as charity. <<Don't mean to suggest it's a bad idea though. It's not.>>

As you sort through bins, the Brit cleans a little. There's not much to clean at this point, but he can get a few tools out of reach so there's no tripping and such. <<Not like I haven't been doing my chores too.>> Amused at that. Not like he needs money, but he does his share.

"And that is appreciated. Especially since your parents pay tuition and you get an allowance from them. You are actually a really good role model for new students." Scott then adds, "We are in luck, found it." He picks it up and carries it out, along with a baggy of required bolts and such. "Let's get this thing replaced."

The young man can only shrug at that. << I know what it's like to do without.>> Jonothon doesn't feel bitterness about that however. It's something he chose. A nod as you return with the part, <<Let's.>> Idly wipes his hands on his worn jeans and gets to work helping. << I do find it funny how you're barely older than I am, but you call most everyone here a kid.>> There he goes teasing you again. <<Speaking of that, and don't feel you have to answer, but how did you end up here? I've seen the Professor go out and recruit people several times since arriving here. My parents found him, but most everyone else he finds. The same for you?>>

"I suppose. I lived on the streets a while like yourself, been without parents since I was a child. I had to grow up fast. I don't really remember what it was like to be a kid. Jean usually had to drag me places to even pretend to be a normal teenager. I was always studying or working." Just like he is now. Scott then nods, "He found me. I was in some big trouble with the law through an accident. A lot of people almost ended up dead because of me," he states so matter-of-factly. "Then my foster dad - only one I ever had - at the time was making me commit crimes. I was confused, he was the only friend I had. The Professor saved me from jail or worse. I owe him a lot." There is a strain to his face, as if he just gave you an edited version. But he then shrugs. "Let's screw this in, you want the honor?" He holds out the special screw driver for this type of work.

And Jonothon listens. He asked, so he does the favor of hearing the story through. <<Thanks for telling me.>> Knowing that this had to be hard to relate. <<Okay.>> Accepting the screw diver he gets to work. Gives him a moment to mull a reply, and allows you a time when you aren't being watched. <<You're power, right?>> A pause before he explains what he means. <<The crimes I mean. That's why you were forced to help?>> Assuming forced here. Jono doesn't think your reaction says you were all that happy to help. <<Glad the Professor got you out of that.>> And no, not about to hold such things against Scott. Kids do what they have to survive, and often do wrong to please parents.

"Right. Before, my foster dad was great to me. But when my powers developed, I became a tool to him." Again, no major details. Scott then smiles a bit, "Good job Jono. You have talent with this. If you want to help me rebuild my next bike, let me know."

No details asked for either. If there's one thing he understands it's that some things hurt too much to talk about. <<That's bollocks.>> Becoming a tool. With a shake of his head, Jonothon offers that screwdriver back. << I'd love to help. It's something I enjoy.>> Working on machines is so much easier than dealing with people. Something he's sure Scott understands. So going to have to buy a motorcycle when his parents give their approval. <<Let's get the rest put back together and see if things sound better.>> The teen wrinkles his nose, dark eyes flickering with fire. He's laughing, if in subtle ways. <<How often do you get asked this stuff?>>

"Not often. A little more often now that there are new students...but I don't offer information," so few know. "And not all information to everyone. I don't know, guess I have a feeling you would understand." Scott apparently has the same feeling about you. But he then starts working to put the motor back together again with your assistance.

Now Scott does ask, "Just don't talk to Alex about this stuff, alright? We were separated and...he doesn't exactly feel good about what I've been through when he was with decent foster parents the entire time."

Jonothon would snort if he could, but there's a mental feeling like it. Oh yeah, he does. Looking up at the asking of Alex, the Brit shakes his head. << If I'm not going to tell what I know of Andrea, I'm not telling what I know about you, mate.>> There's a more earnest smile and he shrugs. Not talking about things is something he's good at. <<Give it time with Alex. The family thing will work itself out as you learn of one another.>> Whether it ends good or bad, it will gradually work itself out just the same.

Scott shrugs off the advice. Talking about his relationship with Alex is even more closed off than details about his past. "Looks like we are about done." He then asks almost out of the blue, "Have you thought about learning ASL? Or perhaps BSL?" American Sign Language and British Sign Language. "When you aren't comfortable speaking in public, it might help you communicate. Could be used to pass along secret messages and stuff." Ya, he's trying to make it sound 'fun'.

Another topic crossed off the list. Hey, at least Jonothon's someone who will respect boundaries once they are established? The thought of sign language has him looking clueless for a moment. What? Oh! Confusion to surprise and then dubious thoughtfulness. <<Hadn't, no.>> Because he can talk telepathically and has been able to since he was twelve. Never occurred to him to learn another means. << It's a good idea. Not sure how much it would help since I've not met anyone who actually speaks either.>> Still, he will start looking into it. That could help. The fun part he ignores. No, this isn't fun. <<And I think once you get that piece in, we're done. I'm going to wash up.>> Not that his clothing doesn't show signs of the mess.

"Sink is in the back, has some soap that will get the worse of the grease off." The last piece finished, Scott starts to put the tools away. "Well, let me know if you want to learn, I'll learn with you." Sincere in his offer.

<<Pretty sure there are classes for it around.>> Community colleges and such. <<You don't have to offer to tag along just to encourage me, Scott.>> Jonothon's smirking for this. <<But thanks.>> No, if he wants to do something he doesn't need company for it. Jono's the kind to just go off on his own and get it done. This as he scrubs his hands clean. That said, if Scott wants to learn Jono won't snub the other.

He is getting the idea that Scott doesn't have a lot of company around here. Things said, and Scott's own actions, are telling. << I can see why Jean drags you out.>> Teased as he returns, drying his hands. <<Not that I've met Jean, but this is neither here nor there.>> Would like to meet Jean, but for reasons other than she's a beautiful red-head. A telepath his age would be nice to know.

"I'm not against learning something new Jono. Furthermore, if I learn or others here at school, you have someone to practice with. I think it's interesting," Scott simply puts it. He shrugs, "Don't look at me, I don't understand it. She's real busy with classes now, summer courses, doubles up during the semesters. She's brilliant." The items are placed away and soon Scott is in the back to wash up with you. "She's a good girl though, you can't help but respect and admire her when you meet her. She's just like that." A little bit of his own hero worship or perhaps crush? Perhaps.

<<Alright.>> About the ASL. He'll poke around on line later and see if there's anything being offered that you two can get to without too much trouble.

Perhaps his arse. Jonothon doesn't call you on it though. Wanting someone else's girl is never easy, especially if you can't open up about such things. <<Professor talks about her too.>> Not quite in the same way though. He leans a hip against the car and rubs faint dark smears off his fingers. <<Never met another telepath besides the Professor. Would like to ask her a few things.>> And dating isn't among them. Jono's not about to try and steal someone's girlfriend, especially not with his self-esteem issues.

Towel is draped over shoulder and he shrugs. <<Sometimes you just have to ask someone your own age. Which reminds me.. any idea what color the Professor's hair used to be?>>

"I'll leave her a message for a heads up then." A pause then, "In his office, there is a picture of him in military uniform. Black and white, and not much hair to see, but I think it was blond. Why?" Scott finishes washing his hands and uses a towel nearby to dry them.

Hmm. That ruins it then. Jonothon shrugs. <<Random curiosity really. Only know two telepaths.>> Lifts a hand as he speaks, motioning with two fingers. << I'm a red-head, Jean's blatantly one, and couldn't tell with the Professor. Wondering if there was some funky genetic quirk.>> There's a smile for it. Really, that was all. <<Not if he's blond there isn't. And thanks.>> For leaving Jean a message. << It gets weird sometimes.>> Especially people trying to think at him and he's not hearing it. Jono will learn eventually.

"I think that is what Jean wants to do. Find out who the X-Gene works, and how mutants well...become mutants. No rhythm or reason to me...I was shocked when Alex turned out to be one." The towel is rehung.

Pushing away from the car, the teen shrugs, and hangs up the towel he's been using. Still some gunk under his finger nails, but he can deal. <<Not like I know.>> Jonothon admits with a shrug. << I just noticed her hair and wondered.>> What guy wouldn't enjoy looking at Jean? <<There anything else here to do today?>> One repair done. Anything else?

"Not really, least you wanted to do that bike ride after all. And your choice, the Vulcan or Harley." Scott grins a bit at that. "Come on, I'll show you." He heads over to the area that holds his bikes and pulls the covers off of the two bikes in question. "What you think?" Alright, apparently Scott knows how to brag after all.

<<Harley.>> Said with a grin. And there is much, if silent, geek dome about the bikes being shown. Jonothon most certainly wants one. He merely admires these two however, running a hand over the leather seat of the Harley. <<Beautiful.>> Said in a wistful manner. <<Let's go.>> As soon as Jono gets his jacket anyway. Must get a license. Must. Even if he has to fly out to where his parents are and kick them in the arse a few times.

It is obvious that the Vulcan isn't street legal, but not so obvious that the Harley isn't. Both had enhancements to make them racers. Scott covers up his Vulcan, and nods, "Harley it is." He moves to get his jacket and two helmets. He places one in your hands to put on and then flips up his visor and removes his sunglasses. His eyes are kept closed as he slides his helmet on. He slips his glasses back on carefully before he snaps the visor down. The movements were smooth from long practice, but still unusual. He pulls out the key to the car and hangs it up...the two of you did forget to turn it back on and make sure it didn't make anymore sound. But it can always be done later. He opens a zipper in his worn leather jacket and pulls out a small keyring, which has four keys. Likely the key to his dorm room, and his three motorcycles. He goes to get on the bike first, leaving the kick stand down for now.

Accepting the helmet, and it's need, the teen puts that down at first so that he can pull on his jacket and zipper it closed. The British flag on the back is probably the only color he's worn in years. After that though Jonothon pulls on the helmet and works the chin strap as he heads outside before you. In as much as he did watch the glasses and closed eyes, he doesn't ask. This merely confirms something for him. <<This isn't technically street legal, is it?>> Asked with a good deal of approval. He's seventeen. Of course he approves.

"Shhh, don't tell anyone. If I'm going to rebuild an engine, I'm not going to go half way with it." But you can hear the slight grin in Scott's voice. "Hope on." Once you do, Scott starts the motorcycle as you get settled, and kicks up the kick stand. Pushing a button on the dash area of the cycle, the garage door starts to raise.

<<What and ruin this?>> No way he's telling. With the offer he happily climbs aboard the cycle, not even shy about holding to Scott. <<Where we going?>> Jonothon would be content with 'around', so it's not all that critical a destination be in mind. << I'm kind of surprise the Professor lets you do all this.>> At Scott's age anyway. Non street legal motorcycles? Never mind the cost involved.

"I scrap the money I earn," though Xavier pays for his college. "I'm sure he knows, but he often pretends not too. I'm sure he has his reasons." Scott doesn't pretend to understand The Professor. But soon the bike is reeved up and the Harley takes off, though he is careful not to leave a skid mark behind. He calls back behind his shoulder, "We can enjoy some of the bike roads before returning." And soon enough, he is driving the bike out of the front gates and turning it onto the road that extends past Xavier's.

Jonothon doesn't understand the man either, which is why he wants to ask a few things of Jean. Maybe she can translate. The shouting over a shoulder earns you laughter. Not a sound the teen has shared before. Rich and full, if quiet, inside your mind. <<You don't have to shout, you know.>> Bright amusement at it. Something is quite distinctly different in that voice now. He lacks the training to separate words and emotion when he links. Can separate the two in normal broadcasting of his voice though. <<Don't normally listen, but this seems to require it.>> Listen to thoughts he means.

<< I don't mind. >> And if you read emotions, you get a sharp sense of enjoyment from Scott as he rides the motorcycle and moves it faster - though nothing insane as he still has you on the back. There is also pride that you would link with him. As if he realizes it is a two-way street. << I like this. I always wondered if this is what it would feel like to fly without a jet. >> He takes the curve expertly, slowing down some to allow for any shifts of your body weight...but you seem so light, it makes little difference.

<<Never got much of a chance to do this back home.>> Ride and truly enjoy it. Regrets and wistful feelings lurk along the edges of his words. And linked, Jonothon doesn't even realize that he's matching motion. Picks up on cues before actions take place and acts accordingly. <<Does anyone not want to be able to fly?>> Asked with a grin inside your mind. <<..You're a pilot?!>> At eighteen? There's a sudden, and very strange, sensation that joins his shock, but it quickly gets stuffed back to the corner of his head where he sticks it. <<Christ, sorry.>> Doesn't want to make you crash.

Scott keeps control of the bike easily, though there is a mental jump at your surprise. << Yes. My father was a pilot too. >> The memories are faded, but they are remembered with fondness. << He was in the air force, and we even had our own plane. >> A real antique, the Wooden Terror. << Wonder if Alex remembers the old lessons... >> Scott is thinking of bonding opportunities, cause speaking to his brother is really awkward. Like he wants to protect Alex...but he has a feeling Alex hates him for that. << You can get a lot of opportunities at Xavier's, if you just open yourself up to them Jono. You can get freedom that you can never get at a normal school. >>

It's a really good thing you are used to telepaths, for this one totally isn't used to it. Faded as they are, Jonothon wishes he had similar. Doesn't share that though. You don't deserve to get his depression dumped on you even if he is a telepath. <<Worth a try.>> About Alex, for all that more isn't offered. That topic made you uneasy before. Instead he shifts gears. << I'm seeing that. Explains why the Professor had no trouble giving me the permit and letting me get the drivers license.>> A normal one anyway. <<Can also see why you call us all kids.>> Said with a grin. His words hold so much more while linked. The little emotions he hides normally shine through. It's not something you can see, but his eyes are also flame filled. The Fire behind his powers colors the link itself.

A dry chuckle comes from Scott, also heard within his head. << Give it a few more years Jono, you will be doing it too when the next classes come in. >> Scott starts to turn the bike around where there is plenty of room at a clear off just off the side of the road. He is then heading back down Graymalkin Lane, back toward the school above the speed limit on the Harley. << We have a good straight stretch, want to play at danger? >> Scott has extreme confidence that he won't lose control of the bike, and has already listed the pros and cons of offering to go much higher speeds with you on the bike. He realizes he shouldn't do it, but once in a blue moon Scott with bend the rules.

<<Been a while since I was in school.>> Bemused that. Too busy in hospitals, and hiding at home. Jonothon's thoughts rapidly shift at the idea of danger. <<Totally.>> Linked as they are, he's not even going to make this more difficult. <<Just don't get a ticket.>> Another grin there, and the teen merely waits to see how fast the bike can go.

Young Alexander Summers comes tumbling down the front steps of the mansion with his wrist up and his eye upon it. Apparently, hes late for something...but he just walks out to the front gate of the mansion and waits. Someone going to come pick him up or something?

<< Deal. >> And then Scott hits the gas. Faster and faster, soon approaching hundred miles per hour, then hundred twenty. But after that, he has to start to slow down as the curve is coming up and then Xavier's after that. Jono can sense Scott's grin, a real grin. This is the type of excitement that Scott lives on. He is down to sixty by the time he takes the curve, faster than he was earlier. And then starts slowing down a little more as in a little bit the school gates are approached.

The real grin is echoed through the link as the young telepath takes in two sets of similar emotions. Both of the young men love this, and Jonothon doesn't even realize when the psy-fire becomes active. So by the time Scott is slowing down, Jono rather looks like he's on fire. Not that he is, but hey. Must be quite a sight for Alex to see as the two return to the school. <<No wonder you love to fl... Christ.>> This as things are back down to reasonable speeds. <<Um...>> Sudden worry and the sense that he's all tingling in ways he's totally not used to feeling. Cuts the link kind of suddenly there for it.

Scott almost stops the bike too fast, "Whoa!" He is peering back at Jono, "Hop off you have energy retaining issues like Oa? Maybe....shoot some off, not toward the bike." Scott isn't worried about sudden discharges of energy, but he is worried about his bike. Which might be amusing or not to Jono. He leaves the bike idling as he straddles it, letting Jono get off first. Alex is nearby, "Stay back Alex," just in case. Yes, big brother is trying to protect little brother again. Likely drive Alex insane at this rate.

"Oh blimey, Scott." Yes. A cockney accent from young Alex. "I'm supposed to wait here, the Blandings supposedly bought me a car." He does take a step or two back from the curb, looking off towards Jono and his ka-boomness.

Jonothon scrambles off even before the bike has stopped, and stumbles several steps for it. The fire wraps around his shoulders, coiling on the air. It's showing his emotions, so is quite agitated. A living thing. <<..What?!>> Shoot something? No, the Brit just doesn't get it. <<Shoot what? How?>> Nope, doesn't know he can blast yet.

Really, there's no explosion, nothing going boom. Jono just stands there, looking like he's wearing a fire elemental for a shoulder wrap. Then after a moment of sheer panic he realizes that this feels totally different. <<...>> Starts patting at his chest, then pulls off the helmet. <<This is bloody weird.>>

And then, "A car, really? That's awesome...," and then he can't help it. He laughs. Scott honestly laughs. "It actually looks really neat Jono. Blue flames. When you get a motorcycle, we should paint some blue flames on it, in your honor. And for me to shoot my blasts, it is just natural. There is no holding it in. So I guess you would just relax if you are able to release energy and let it go." Well, it's better than squeezing it out like a dump. He flips his visor up to reveal his red (sun)glass covered face beneath. "What do you think Alex?"

"Motorcycles? Good for getaways...I don't think I'd take one very far." Alex shrugs towards the approaching Scott. "And releasing energy? So far...I've just let it kind of slip away from me. I gotta be careful though...don't know what my stuff is quite yet." The hint of a semi is in the distance, pulling something along behind it.

Jonothon blinks at Alex. A what? Oh, Alex! <<Hey, mate.>> Given in greeting now that he's not abjectly terrified. Good thing the professor instilled a few mental triggers not to totally freak out, or he could be blasting. More seriously, and to Scott, he shakes his head as he allows his hands to fall. As his mood shifts, so does the dance of the psy-fire. << It doesn't feel like it did after I exploded. Not sure this is a release. ..I'd also really like to turn it off now, thanks.>> A trifle plaintive that. Not that he's expecting anyone to fix it. And he sure as hell hopes that he doesn't blow up again.

"You will learn your body better than anyone else Jono. Though if you blasted a hole in the ground, I'm sure you can do it again if you wanted," Scott states logically. He then moves the bike a few more feet closer to the gate before turning it off and kicking down the kick stand. "Your entire foster family visiting to drop off the car Alex?" He still calls them foster instead of adopted. His own issue.

The professor claims such things too, but Jonothon is still highly dubious. << I think it was more that I exploded.>> Of the blasting. Oh yes, there still be blasting, but for now he merely burns. <<Sorry I ruined the end of the ride.>> Helmet under arm, he follows Scott, and as it sinks in that someone may be visiting the psy-fire snakes out around him - growing. Shit, what if he can't turn it off? <<Maybe I should go inside if he's expecting company.>>

"Ehh....Jeff didn't seem all that excited about it, so I don't think they spent a lot of money on it." Alex eases his chin up towards Jono, acknowledging the young man. "I don't think they're coming, Haley would've been hella excited since she found out." That's right, hella. The semi is approaching and it seems that its pulling a trailer that is used to transport cars, one or two of which are on it towards the back. "Jono? You alright man? Just...take some deep breaths and stuff."

"Nothing to ruin, I thought it was neat. You have an interesting power. Stressful, but interesting." Then Scott has to add, "He doesn't breath," struggling to hide his smile. But then he gets an idea. "Share my mind for a second Jono, I have an idea and it might help you," out as a vehicle is approaching it would mean Jono would have to go through the gate and hide behind the wall if he doesn't try an alternative.

Deep breaths? Looking at Alex like he's mad, Jonothon spreads his arms in a helpless gesture. << I don't bloody well have lungs!>> Just how is he going to do that? Not that this is Alex's fault. With the truck making an appearance, the Brit gives Scott an uncertain look, but he does the link. Fire dances in his thoughts even as it riots around him. Jono is trying so hard to remain calm, but it's failing. There's also a pressure felt in his chest. Nothing like it was before though. <<What? We'd better hurry.>>

Scott shares his calmness, his nerves of steel in an emergency. He takes deep breaths himself, letting Jono feel them as he tries some impromptu meditation techniques. Centering his thoughts toward calmness, and opening his senses to the smell of blacktop and grass, to the feel of sweat from the heat through his leather jacket, the sound of traffic nearby, the feel of a slight breeze ruffling his hair. He just takes it in and accepts it, using it as a filter and pushing his emotions toward the back of his mind. << Peace, acceptance... >>

"Then just calm down..." Alex is shaking his head, watching that truck. What is he supposed to do? Memorize everyone's life story? Hes still trying to figure his out. "If that doesn't work, I can stop'em a bit further down..." He starts to wander down the street towards the approaching truck, lifting a hand up as if to halt the vehicle early. There are several nice cars upon the trailer, a few rather expensive...and a jalopy that has seen plenty of better days right at the end of trailer, the last one loaded.

Jonothon ignores Alex for now because it's for the better. Focusing on Scott's thoughts, he attempts to take that calm into himself. It's the centering he needs. Still learning that from Xavier, but it isn't something he can master to do on his own in a few weeks. Scott's way of doing things doesn't quite mesh with the Brit, but it shows him how to find his own way. Oh! This is what he does with Xavier!

Eyes close, and while Alex will have to slow the truck down, Jono does make the psy-fire retreat. The stuff pulls in to where it's only at his chest, stubbornly not wanting to be locked away again, and then with a last push, it all fades. Leaving a thin teen in a slightly battered shirt. It and the bandages are clearly wearing through with it all. <<Thanks.>> Heart felt that. Eyes open and he looks to the truck.

"Not a problem. Just glad it worked. You did will develop your own techniques. I researched Bhuddism to find mine." Scott smiles a bit and leaves his bike behind as he heads toward Alex. He doesn't know this truck driver and feels protective of Alex. He is like a mother hen. In either case, Scott tries not to make Jono's episode a big deal, so that Jono doesn't make it larger than life himself.

The truck has stopped, and the big trucker guy is stepping down from the cab and pointing down the way, towards the vehicle at the back end of the trailer. practically outraged. "Seriously? All these nice looking cars and I get the thing that requires me to get a tetanus shot?" Alex's arms cross across his chest, the trucker looks unapologetic. "Look kid, I move cars. I'm not Santa Claus. They bought that Impala, the Impala is what you're signing for, and the Impala is what I'm leaving without. Here's the keys." And the tattooed hand holds out keys towards Alex, who in a huff takes it.

And Jonothon does indeed make good on that escape. He merely nods to Scott, let's the link drop, and heads for the garage. He needs to put the helmet away anyway. Garage time! Oh yes, the Brit is going to hide for a while.

Least Jono doesn't have to run, though Scott does call out. "Give me a moment if you want and you can ride up with me." But won't force Jono. Soon he is beside Alex. "Hey, it's still a car and we can fix it up. Jono knows stuff about mechanics too." He pats Alex's back. "We can even pick out paints for it when it is fixed up." He is being a good big brother and trying to cheer Alex up.

"What is this thing?" Alex has been handed paperwork now. '68 Impala SS...fully paid off, original engine in good condition..body..poor condition. "This thing is like...30 years old. Does this thing even have power windows? Air Conditioning?" The shaking his head at the youngster as he lowers the back ramp and hits the button that eases all the cars back and lets the Impala, painted primer grey, roll down to the sidewalk. "Yeah...paints..." He is walking towards the car now, blonde brows all afurrow.

Scott appears more amused than perhaps he should. Least he attempts to hide it from his younger brother. Gripping Alex's shoulder briefly, he releases the younger man to sulk over his new car, new being figurative and not literal. "Doesn't seem bad to me. We can double check the engine, clean it up. Want designs on the car? Perhaps racer streaks or something?"

"I want the thing to run. I want it to play music, and I want it to keep me cool." Alex heads towards the car and fiddles with the lock before opening the driver's seat and sliding into it. A slight smirk is upon his face though, at least now that hes settled into the car. The key goes into the ignition and Alex's foot stamps on the clutch before turning the key. tick..tick..tick.....thump thump.....ROAR! Smoke billows out the back for a moment before the engine settles into a throaty growl. No kitten under this hood.

Scott pretends to be coughing as he laughs. With the paperwork signed and the car obtained, Scott goes to get his motorcycle, and slaps down his visor to hide his continued laughter. He starts his motorcycle and leads the way inside so he doesn't get a face full of smoke. Though the gates do auto-close behind Alex's car once it is on property.

Alex eases the car into first gear and maneuvers it easily through the open gate and down the path towards the front of the mansion. Hes behind Scott the entire way and checks something..Of course. The radio doesn't work. At least the seat is comfortable. His head comes out the window. "Where do I go with this beast?"

Scott motions for Alex to continue following him as he drives to the front of the garage. A button on the bike is pressed and the garage door opens. He drives his bike toward the back corner with the others. Soon kicking the stand down and turning it off. He goes to cover it back up. There is plenty of room for Alex to pull in as well.

The Impala gets eased into the garage now, heading towards where there's other cars..and then is backed up skillfully into a parking spot and is turned off, the hood popped. Young Alex steps out and heads to the front to pull the hood up and latch it into place. Ugh. Grime everywhere.

Jonothon is there in the garage, but he's kind of on fire again. No where near as bad as when he was freaking out, but yeah. He stands from the stool he was trying to relax on as the door opens. <<..Christ.>> That doesn't look good. <<What happened. I heard a boom.>> This is why the psy-fire.

Scott flips up the visor and closes his eyes, removing the (sun)glasses. He then removes the helmet and replaces the red lenses atop his nose before reopening his eyes. He hangs up his worn black leather jacket and helmet. "Alex almost blue up his car." He is struggling not to grin. "Looks like it needs washed first so we can see what all is going on inside the thing. Lily is going to have fun cleaning up her first time." Luckily there are numerous drains all over the massive garage, to use a hose and wash the dirty down them. "We got a fixer upper for Alex's first car."

"Yeah...fixer upper..." He reaches down and runs a finger across the top of the engine block...pure greasy grime. "Ugh...." Alex steps away and heads towards where ever there might be to wash his hands or wipe them down.

He what? Jonothon gives Alex a look for that, but doesn't ask otherwise. Sounds like poor Alex got a clunker. Guess the family wasn't quite as generous as Alex thought, huh? << I'll get the hose.>> For washing the car out. Trailing wisps of psy-fire, the Brit does just that. <<Looks like this is going to take a while.>> Not that Jono minds. It will give him something to do for days on end. If Alex lets him work on it anyway.

There is a large sink in the back. "Change into something you don't care if it gets too dirty it never comes clean Alex. If you don't have anything, you can borrow some of my old things." Scott nods, "Why not make it a sort of class project, the three of us?" Perhaps having a third person will help make things easier between him and Alex, more natural. "Fix it up, do an awesome paint job, the whole nine yards?" He looks over toward Alex, likely hoping he agrees.

"Shit guys...I ain't worried about." Alex has managed to get the grease off that finger. Then he is removing that nice dress shirt in favor of the darker color undershirt. A few rags are grabbed, cleanest ones, and brought back to the hood of the car. "Lets clean this rust bucket up and see what I have to work with."

Dragging the hose over, his own jacket long shed and safely elsewhere, Jonothon begins hosing the engine down. Nothing fancy to start. They can get the brushes and stuff in a bit. << I'm fine with it.>> Rebuilding the car. << I've wanted to do so anyway. Just never thought about who's car it would be.>>

Scott grabs some brushes to try and work the worse of the grease off under the moving water. Leaving Alex to wipe it grime with the clothes. "This think is disgusting. How can they say this was a good condition motor? In who's mind?" Dirty and chaos is for all around. Everyone will look very manly by the time this engine is cleaned off.

"I think they meant good, as in, it still runs well." Alex is shaking his head at Scott. An engine gets dirty, it happens. All three boys are crowded around the front of a jalopy of an Impala, covered in grey primer and rust along the top of the hood and canopy. Jono is currently spraying the inside down with a pressure washer, trying to get rid of about a decades worth of grime from the engine. All three boys are undressed some and looking particularly manly.

After a good dose of grime is removed from the engine, Jonothon simple turns the hose on Scott. Without any warning at all. He is very careful not to hit those glasses however, aiming for Scott's chest and abdomen. <<Oops.>> He offers deadpan. However, the Brit does not undress. He keeps his rapidly getting wet clothing on, thank you.

A side note for those joining.. Jono is also on fire. The psy-fire curls around him, a living thing made of light. Can't turn it off, so he's been ignoring it.

Scott wears a sleeveless top and worn jeans with snags in them. His usual, he must have 50 pairs of each. These currently have grease stains all over him. "Ack!" He then reaches out to snag Jono's hand to to spray Alex, "Don't spray me, I'm not the one that has been cursing." Apparently Scott is still determined to clean up Alex's language. Now Alex gets to drip with water, just as Scott is. And of course, that only makes Scott laugh. A rare thing coming from Scott, full laughter.

Alex is paying close attention to the engine of his car, trying to name stuff in his head probably. He smirks as Scott gets plastered with water. "Oh, you definitely missed." But then its his turn? Alex getting his own spray of water to drench him. "Fucking Christ shit!" Not exactly fluid, but apparently getting wet isn't helping his potty mouth.

It's been a nice day so Simone has been out flying. She lands on the garage's roof and catches the sound of voices. And potty mouths!

Jonothon can't laugh out loud, but his expression certainly says he is, especially as Alex starts swearing up a storm. << I don't think your plan is working, Scott.>> If water was suppose to get Alex to stop... The fire wrapping around his person dances with mirth. It shows all his emotions and right now it looks happy. Sure he can't turn it off, but he hasn't blown anyone up, so he can deal.

"Spray him again Jono. Maybe I should get soap for his mouth." Scott almost seeming in a 'dare me' attitude. He takes his brush and starts in on the grease on the engine block again. "Seriously Alex, there are much more effective ways to express yourself in the English language without resorting to cursing. Such as: It was shocking oh brother of mine, that you could do such a thing to me, I'm already plotting my revenge."

Simone hops off the roof and floats to the ground in front of the garage house, landing on the drive. "Hi guys, what's up?" she asks.

Three guys, doing guy things. Partially dressed, except for Jono. They're all drenched with water. Alex is in jeans and a white undershirt, Scott is ragged jeans and a tank top and Jono dressed as Jono always is. In black. They *were* working on cleaning out the engine block of a '68 Impala, but due to immaturity they've started spraying each other. "I could say it like that. Or I could say it with some flavor. Like. 'You dirty sonofabitch brother of mine, You better watch your shit, cuz I'll be coming from you.'.." Apparently Scott doesn't agree with cursing.

And with that, Jonothon turns the hose on Alex again. <<As you wish.>> Said like the Princess Bride just to be entirely silly. For those arriving, the Brit is also on fire. Yes, he really is. Fire wraps around his chest and shoulders, curling around his person. The water doesn't seem to affect it either, and he's soaked. << I don't think he much cares, mate.>> To Scott about Alex not swearing.

One of the extra wide garage doors is open right now, letting fresh sunlight and air into the garage. A radio is playing in the background, barely noticeable. Scott is currently dripping wet, his sleeveless shirt clinging to his muscled torso. His worn and ragged jeans also wet. He holds a wire brush as he works at cleaning grease off of an engine within a worn out car that has seen better days. An eyebrow is raised. " are getting it now!" And the brush is dropped and Scott is rushing around the car to get to Alex. "Five bucks I can get Alex over my knee still," he bets Jono. Simone is currently ignored, the poor girl because Scott is busy harassing his little brother.

Lily heard the ruckus from the kitchen ... and decided to investigate. Only to find a bunch of ... immature boys playing. It makes her grin. And, briefly, enjoy the eye candy. Because the Summers Brothers? /Hot/. She glances up at Simone. "Boys." She says, in that 'what can you do with them?' tone, grinning in amusement.

Simone takes a look at the guys and grins widely, gigging a bit as she brings a psi wing to hide her laugh. Oh my. my. "Too bad we left our cameras at home hmmm Lily?" she murmurs to the other as she arrives.

Alex moves away from the car now, after getting blasted with water yet AGAIN. He skirts around the front of the car, around the other side away from Scott and into the main portion of the garage. "We've got boxing gloves, Scott, if you've got the urge to end up with some bruises." Oh. A challenge? It seems so.

<<What? I'm suppose to take the losing bet?>> Jonothon protests, and leans against the car so that Scott can run around it. Since he's not wrestling, he can notice the girls looking in. Even on fire he smirks a little and claims, <<Tickets are required. A pound each.>> For this is certainly going to be a show for the girls. A show they pay for as Jono turns the hose on them as well. Doesn't reach them well, but he tries.

Scott grins, "So scared kiddo. You are years behind on proper training still. I'm going to tan your rear, teach you to clean up your language. It makes you sound like a hoodlum. Don't you know, I already got your life planned out for you? High School, college, respectability. Maybe a wife and kids." Oh, he's really teasing Alex right now. "I'm thinking an office job, 9 to 5?" No, Scott isn't really planning Alex's life.

Lily barely even blinks when she gets doused. Turning a hose on the girl that swims? Not exactly going to freak her out. "Camera or camcorder." She agrees with Simone, then, with a glint in her eye. "Wanna help me tackle mister broody-pants over there? If everyone else is getting wet ... "

Simone eeps as she sees a hose being aimed towards them, her wings arching up in front of her defensively. "Oh no you better not Jono!" she gasps back. Her wings get splashed some but she unlike the aquatic girl backs up. "Oh no, do you know what happens to feathers that get wet? It's worse than wet dog!"

"I'm thinking more of...arrested at 20, grand theft auto...spend some time in the pen, get some rep up, come out, sign up with a mafia and settle into a nice professional life of crime." Alex's hands ease up in a normal boxing stance. But that stops when he hears the female voices and looks out over them. "What is this? A super-soaker party with only one super-soaker?"

Dousing the girl with the water based powers is all part of the fun! Jonothon doesn't want her feeling left out of the fun. <<What do I care? I can't smell.>> But this is said in a teasing manner. He's alright with paying the consequences of this problem he's making. <<White tshirt contest.>> Is what Jono tells Alex. Why else soak the girls? Okay, that really wasn't his goal, but he can sure joke about it.

Scott uses Alex's distraction to his advantage as he charges his younger brother, who is almost as tall as him. Not that it matters, He works to flip Alex right, rather bending his brother over as he still stands on the ground to twak him once on the rear if Alex isn't careful. "Jono!" Yes, he is scolding Jono for picking on the girls.

Lily sticks her tongue out at Jono, then charges at him, apparently not all that worried about the fire. Of course, she probably would be if she knew just what it was and how much of a whammy it packed, but she didn't, so there she was. She veered aside at the last possible second, trying to snag the length of hose just behind Jono.

Which is exactly why Simone never wears white t-shirts. It's asking for trouble! Before she can get sprayed again Simone lurches up into the air, far out of range but not so far she can't watch the fun and taunt back. Her wings mantle out, flapping only now and again, some how allowing her to hover but not having to swing her wings like a frantic humming bird. "Get him Lil'!"

What? Scott seriously isn't going to try and spank his brother is he? Pseudo-gay-incest-wow... Alex isn't up for that, and lets a mild punch off into Scott's midsection before rebounding backwards out of his grasp. "Wow man. I didn't know you wanted to spank guys."

Too late, Scott, sorry! Jonothon stands his ground, hoping that Lily won't barrel into him, and he's turning to protest her grabbing the hose, and tightens his own grip on it. Not that he's super strong or anything, and she can easily snag the back end. <<Hands off, gel.>> This is his! Water goes everywhere now that he and Lily are fighting for it. Of course he's also smiling, so hey. Too bad he misses that line from Alex as he's turning to Lily.

"You aren't a guy, your my baby brother," Scott adds with a snort. The punch actually bunches off Scott's stomach muscles. It stung a bit but that was it. This time when Scott moves, he is going to try something else. He actually leaps onto a car, and slides across the hood to end up behind Alex. The dent easily popping back out of the car's hood as Scott lands on his feet. He then faints at attacking Alex to get the boy to respond so that he can use some fun aikido on the kid - got to love redirection of energy. "Get him Lily," he calls out encouragement, not seeming to have it distract him for the battle with his younger brother.

Lily yanks on the hose, grinning at Jono. "Not a chance." She tells him. Water, of course, goes everywhere, whether she gets the hose or not. She peers over at the Summers boys, and wrinkles her nose. "Alex? That was just ... OK, really, really disturbing. And wrong. And ... I am about this close to siding with Scott. You /really/ need some soap and straightening out if you're thinking up stuff like that!"

Simone stays in the air, laughing at the hi-jinks below. Suddenly she takes off, flying to who knows where? That can't be good.

Alex Summers has taken to just avoiding his old brother. "Hes the guy threatening to spank me." So he slides across the hood of a car, giving him ample time to backpedal and move back towards his car, towards where everyone is getting drenched by the flailing power-washer hose. Thankfully its not turned all that high.

And Jonothon does his best to keep the hose, for all that he's certainly not helping keep anything dry here. As Lily is distracted though he steps on the hose and turns it on her again. That water doesn't bother her totally isn't the point. He tries to get her but good. And of course it's not on high. Jono doesn't want to hurt anyone. Psy-fire is spreading, the teen unconscious of it. The stuff wraps around him, and even the hose in part.

A snort. "I'm thinking of just beating you and washing your mouth out with soap." Scott starts to move again, this feinting again to try and corner Alex. "Simone, shouldn't you be helping me as a teacher here, teaching the next generation some manners?" But she is gone for now, or up to something. Scott's eyes narrow behind the glasses. "So going to get you. Stop running away." A grin spreading across Scott's face.

Lily splutters a bit at the first bit of water, which gets her in the face, then just shuts her mouth and quits breathing for a bit. She yanks on the hose again, but now that Jono's stepped on it, it's not really going anywhere. the weird colored ... whatever it was ... that was surrounding Jono made her hesitant to try to actually tackle him, until the stuff leaked out far enough to brush against her and nothing happened. That settled her, and she swiveled, trying to hip-check him since they were in such close quarters.

As the crow flies the pool and a bucket aren't hard to find, nor does it take long to find one. Dipping the large bucket into the pool Simone is soon back in the air, flying back towards the chaos going on in front of the garage. Oh she's going to help, don't you worry!

Alex Summers is behind the two rambunctious fools, Lily and Jono...and his hands move to grab onto Lily's shoulders. "Sorry about this, hon." And then she gets pushed off towards the incoming Scott as a distraction before Alex makes to try and wrestle the hose away from Jono!

Jonothon is forced to step back as the hose is yanked, and then he's hip checked. Off balance, he begins to topple, and there's a brief flash of fear. Not that it's a huge one, for what? He'll land on his ass, but that doesn't change the fact that he's briefly pulled off balance, and there this cute girl a little too close.. *SHRAK-PHOOM!* From his chest, angled up and away from people, comes a blast of what appears to be fire. The poor roof though! And hopefully Simone wasn't anywhere near it. Alex can have the hose, really.

The roof is blasted outwards, tiny bits raining down on the yard beyond. Jono doesn't even have time to freak. He kind of faints after it happens. And sure enough his ass hits the pavement, but then so does the rest of him.

"Alex!" About to yell at him for using a girl, but then Lily is wrapped up in Scott's arms as he pulls her away from the blast, pushing her down to the ground as Scott instinctively covers her as he rests on his knees. Well, that stops the bickering between the two brothers, and Lily gets to be held however briefly against Scott's wet tank topped chest. When it quiets and Scott looks back up, "Hey, Jono, you alright?" Scott forces himself to keep calm, "Are you alright Lily, Alex?"

Alex Summers drops to a knee as that blast shoots off, reaching forward and grabbing the fallen Jono's ankles and dragging him so that at least his shoulders, neck and head are under the protection of Alex's upper body bent over them. Silence...and then bits and pieces of the roof crumble and tumble down onto the two boys, gashing at Alex's back and his arms that are covering his neck.

Lily tenses when Alex grabs her. Initiating roughhousing is one thing, getting grabbed when she doesn't expect it ... not fun. Not when she's a little too used to people having ... issues ... with how she looks. But then she's on the floor mostly under Scott and ... "Wha?" Startled, alarmed, and not at all inclined to get up. Survival instinct ... make yourself an itty-bitty target and maybe you won't get hurt. "M'fine."

Simone was about to toss the bucket of water onto Scott and Alex when the FOOOMMMM!! of Bio fire goes up into the air, and takes out a good chunk of the roof. She lets out a yelp, and the water bucket and the water in it go flying up into the air as she makes a frantic back wing, to avoid getting turned into fried chicken. The water and the bucket to tumble to the ground followed shortly by the winged lass. She lands psi wings first, then rump onto the drive. "Oooowwwwww!!!"

Once Lily answers, Scott is moving toward Alex and Jono, "Alex, answer me!" He didn't see Alex cover Jono after the blast, to seeing Alex over Jono now, his heart feels like it is going to stop. Alex can likely hear it in the tone. The way to make Scott panic at this point in his life, is to go after Alex. He doesn't see Simone right now, his brother front and center. It is unlike him, to neglect anyone, but he only found his brother. To lose him now...

Jonothon is already coming to as he's dragged and protected. So Alex gets a very confused face made at him before dark eyes go wide. Not that his eyes are wholly focused. His whole expression reads Shit. Jono's dazed, but none too happy. <<....>> The psy-fire around him is still there, just very small. It receded with the blast. << I'm sorry.>> Pure apology there.

Alex Summers doesn't move, still upright more or less as that debris tumbles down over the two of the boys. It stops though..and the dust settles. Obnoxious cussing youngster, check. Summers brave sometimes stupid heroism? Also check. He stands and glances up towards the hole in the ceiling, his arms falling to his sides and beginning to grow red in several small splotches, same as the white shirt upon his back.

Oh, not good. Very, very not good. Lily, who seems to be the least hurt, takes one look at Alex starting to bleed and flees towards the house, though she'll probably be met halfway by people demanding to know what the hell just happened. Must get first aid kit. Must! "not your fault." She says, though it's more to herself than anyone else. Let's see. Tug-of-war with Jono? Fine. Anything more physical? HELL NO.

Simone muttermutters as she slowly gets to her feet and grimaces. ".... everyone okay?" she says slowly and blinks as Lily goes running off.

"It doesn't matter." Scott is unusually rushed, "We have to get Alex help." He has to take a steadily breath before he completely loses it. "Alex, talk to me." Least Alex is moving, but he soon moves to carefully lift his white shirt to get a look at how bad it is. "You need to sit down you snot nosed brat. Don't do crazy shit like that ever again." Yes, Scott just cussed, and his hands are shaking slightly. This is his baby brother, his only family left. And right now, Scott is using his strong steel nerve not to rip Alex a new one for making him worry.

There's a hole in his shirt, and the bandages he used to wrap his chest are ruined, but Jonothon doesn't appear any more hurt than he was to start. The mood around him takes a distinctive downwards turn though as people react and Lily even runs. As if he doesn't feel guilty enough already. Light headed, he pulls himself to a sitting position as Scott rushes to help Alex. Think he can slip out in the mayhem? The Brit is certainly going to try. Standing proves a might troublesome though.

Alex Summers waves his hand at Scott's fusing. "Holy crap, dude. Calm down." He reaches over and plucks a shard of glass from his forearm with a wince. Apparently a light was taken out as well. "Just some scratches and stuff. SERIOUSLY! Calm down!" He moves back away from Scott, instead reaching up to lift that shirt up and over his head...because someone will be putting hydogen peroxide on him.

Lily finally returns, with Hank hot on her heels, carrying a large kit. Without a word, the big guy heads straight for Alex and Jono, since they're clearly at the center of the mess.

Nope Jono is not going to slip away unnoticed. Now standing up straight Simone moves stiffly towards the Brit. "Jono? hey, you okay there?" she asks directly to the teen "Why don't you stay down, " she says waving a hand at him.

"Sit down and I might!" Scott yells right back at his younger brother. But he then takes a deep breath once again, trying to find that peace he showed Jono in the past. He then moves to firmly push Alex toward a stool nearby. "Sit." The command firm and broking no argument. But at least Scott seems calmer now. He then looks toward Jono, "Just stay put, until you feel better. After a scare like that, you are likely in shock. Don't push yourself. I've been there." No, Scott isn't mad at Jono, he was just scared out of his mind for a moment. He looks up as Lily comes with Hank and Scott starts to relax a touch. "Hank."

Hank sends Scott a fanged smile from the doctor. "Calm down Scott. Are you not the one that says panic solves nothing and you only need to think through a situation to always find a solution?"

Second attempt at standing works just great. << I'm not hurt.>> The teen says, sending a bit of gloom about to hover around his person like a miasma. Jonothon has a hand to the car, using it lightly as support. Told on multiple sides to sit, he shakes his head. <<...Let me go? Please?>> A plaintive sound and he follows it up with a look at Simone. Pretty please? Not that he waits for approval. Pushing away from the car, he walks in a determined manner back to the school. Wants nothing more than to hide in his room and try to calm down. Does have to pause to eye Hank though. Still not used to blue. Huh.

Alex Summers arches an eyebrow towards the furry Doctor that he barely met a few days ago. Alex seems...fine. No flushing of the cheeks, no accelerated rate of breathing. Any mutants with the capability could tell that his heartbeat is steady and low, about the normal for an athlete. "I've got some gashes...I think I'll need to get some stitches across my shoulders though. Four or five."

Lily gets a guilty look on her face when Jono starts to take off, and determinedly heads for him. "Jono? I ... It's my fault. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have ... "

Hank regarded Alex with some humor. "Allow the doctor to make the diagnosis, if you please. And Jono? I shall want a look at you as well." The boy's body may be ... extremely odd ... but it could still be hurt, and might need to be repaired, if he got hit with anything. Hank gently prodded and cleaned the wounds one by one, making sure nothing was stuck in them. "Any headache?" Doesn't look like he's got a concussion, but it's always better to make sure.

Simone stretches, and a few pops are heard from her spine. Ach! She shakes her head at Jono. "It's up to you Jono, but I think it'd be better if you'd stay here with the rest of us until we can figure out what triggered ah... what happened.." she doesn't sound accusing or anything, just concerned. Then she's up to go find the other first aid kit.

"Lily, we were all horse playing around, me included. Jono is still getting used to the change in his body. I should have made sure he was fully calm before we goofed off." He glances toward Simone. Apparently both big brother and big sister have a lot to learn. "We can look into it later Simone, or The Professor likely will. Let Jono rest," he advises. "It isn't your fault Jono, just rest and feel better." Scott glances up toward the hole in the roof. "Oh yes, I'm going to get lectured on this one...." He can already hear Xavier taping his fingers on his large desk, waiting for Scott to come to the principal's office. Scott also hovers around Alex.

Hank has to actually physically push Scott away to make room for him to properly inspect Alex. You can tell the two know each other well for Hank to do that. He isn't rough about it, just firm. Which will make Scott take another deep breath and calm down. And of course stop hovering, which should make Alex happy.

Jonothon does what he always does when things go sour.. he runs. In as much as he walks off, trailing psy-fire, determined to go hide in his room. Doesn't answer anyone. Later on he'll appreciate the sentiment - that people tried, but not right now. More than anything he'll sleep, get talked at by people later on, and feel horribly guilty a while. Such is being a teen-ager with super powers.

Simone returns shortly with the extra med kit when she offers over to the large furry guy. "Here ya go.." she sighs and leans against the garage.

Lily just sort of shrugs. "But I was the one that hit him." She says quietly, while letting Jono take off.

It doesn't take Hank long to patch Alex up ... the damage was not, thankfully, all that bad. "There. Now I shall go check on young mister Starsmore." He packed up his kit and headed out after Jono.

"We will talk tomorrow Lily, don't worry about it till then, alright?" Scott will then take a likely grumpy Alex back to his dorm room to rest. Scott will then go to Xavier's office to face the fact he wasn't be responsible. Though Xavier is a lot easier on him than Scott is on himself. That leaves Lily and Simone to head back to the X-Mansion and recover from the shock themselves.

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