Marvel: In the Beginning...
Log Title:One Freaky Weekend: My Girlfriend is Blue & Furry!
Summary:Responding to a panicked phone call from his girlfriend, Scott rides to the rescue only to find out his girlfriend is blue and furry in a sort of TJ Wagner way!
Players:Scott Summers, Joan Thomas, Comlink: Jonothan, Hank, Simone
Location:Joan's Apartment - New York City
Warnings:Ends hinting at sexual activity.

Scott got Joan's call and said he would be right over. He grabs a motorcycle and drives right out to see what is going on. So much to worry about right now, to be concerned about. He is lucky he doesn't get a ticket. But he makes it in about 45 minutes, and is soon heading up to your door to knock on it.

It takes her a moment to open the door, but only because she was in her bathroom and had to cross the apartment. The normally graceful Joan is awkward with the tail and strange feet and legs. And when she opens that door you find yourself looking at someone who could be TJ's sister. With dyed raspberry hair. "Scott." Joan's voice! She's a bloodied lip that is scabbing over. "I have no idea what's happening. Woke up and I was blue!" Distressed, she also shows you her hands. Only two fingers there.

And Scott? It is obviously he is staring. And he going to come out of it? It may be a little nerve wreaking. "Dear god, you look like TJ." Something must have broken for him, cause he is still staring, obviously so.

Shoulders slump as she looks small and defeated. "Scott.." Said in almost a whine. Not like Joan at all. After a moment she attempts to grab your hand, or wrist, and pull you inside. Unfortunately, in not being super strong anymore, she has only a woman's strength by which to do this. "I shouldn't look like TJ!" Having only a small idea who TJ is.

" isn't bad Joan! It is...well...very nice," or something. Scott is trying to backtrack and is failing miserably at it. You managed to drag him in, he doesn't really resist, so this allows you to shut the door. He is still staring. "Can you retract your tail in like she can? What about hex-bolts? How did you get tied into this and yet nothing happen to me? What is going on?" He sounds confused and lost, and still STARING! "You look good blue." Dumb male.

"Scott!" Joan protests, looking near tears. The door shuts and all she can do is bury her face in her now strange hands. She looks good in blue? Oh, great. "Hex bolts? Are you serious?!" That tail is sure real, and it lashes around because of it, hitting a small side table near the door. There's nothing there to hurt, so she ignores it. "All I know is that I have a tail, I can barely walk, I keep biting myself, and I'm furry! This is horrible!" Sorry, freaking out.

"Wait...furry?" He reaches out and pets your arm. "Oh...soft...," it isn't like he ever touched Kurt. Kurt is a guy. It then starts to click that you are freaking out. Scott moves to wrap his arms about you, "Shhhh, it's going to be alright Joan. You aren't the only mutant to be affected apparently by odd changes. I just found out early this morning that some of those at my school have been affected." Potentially Siobhan's powers or something similar, Jono being human and now this? He wonders what TJ or Kurt is up to, or Siobhan for that manner. His head is starting to hurt from trying to find out what is going on.

She very nearly cries when you claim the fur is soft, but then she's being held and that helps. Joan clings to you, sliding arms around your shoulders. There's a difference here. Before, the young woman always held back, but now she clings tightly. Even that tail wraps around your leg, triangle end rubbing against your knee. No, this likely isn't helping your geeking out over it. Joan still smells good at least? "Scott, I can't go to work like this. What am I going to do." Suck it up and endure like many mutants have to do, maybe?

Scott blushes at the feel of the tail. He peers heavenward for strength. Because he fears very much he is going to offend his girlfriend by accident. "Well, I do not know if this is going to last forever. So perhaps take a few days off? You were already a mutant, so it isn't some spontaneous mutation. There has to be a logical reason behind all of this. I just don't know it yet. We need patience while it is looked into."

The answer is so very reasonable, and with it plus the physical support, Joan's silent tears don't last long. She sniffles a little as she tucks her face against your throat. "I'm sorry." Said after a moment. "It's been a long time since I could feel pain. I've burned myself and am covered in bruises. ..Not that you can see that." Rueful that. The young woman pulls away, hands against your chest. She looks down at them, clearly very unhappy about this all.

"You do need to take better care of yourself," Scott advises. "You are still very beautiful Joan. Please, do not doubt that." He smiles a bit, "Honest." Heck, if he didn't think you would flip, he would kiss you to prove it too. "Whatever happens, we will work on it together. You don't have to deal with it alone," he promises.

Still looking unhappy, she meets your eyes as best she's able. Glasses and all. "I'm not worried about being beautiful!" Okay, she is. This is hard to take. "My hands, ..Scott, I can barely write, and I can't type on a keyboard. I earn my living through the internet. I have to be careful, or I bit through my tongue and lips.. this is really hard." Someone is used to being invulnerable. After a moment the young woman adds, "Thank you. I don't know how you manage to be so calm about this." Well, there are reasons. That she's wearing shorts and a tummy showing t-shirt probably doesn't help much. That tail of hers coils lazily now.

"Well, a student was hit by having his powers removed completely and Simone was acting funny, her...physical mutation is suddenly missing and experiencing powerful headaches." Her physical mutation wasn't visible in Harry's. "I got your call before I could investigate if there were more cases at the school. If you want to give me a moment, I'll call in and check. And perhaps I can have TJ stop by or something and teach you how to get by until we figure things out. She has physical mutations like you do." He peers around toward the tail. "I'm sorry, but that is seriously amazing. Can you lift stuff with your tail? I mean...if you have these powers, may as well have some fun with them, right?"

"Wait, are you saying I have the appearance and abilities of someone at the school?" Dismay shows on Joan's features as she learns others are going through this too. "..Scott, what if this has affected the whole state? If it's affected people at your school, and me here.. that's quite the spread. Unless I somehow caught something from you and Simone." No, she's not being paranoid, or angry. Merely trying to offer suggestions. The tail has her looking back and she accidentally hits the wall with it, wincing. "I.. never tried." It has her frowning at you. Then she frowns at the tail, and it drops to calm. Briefly, for she looks surprised and it lifts, "I /can/ feel it."

" remember when Kurt was mentioned, Simone's boyfriend? You look a lot like Kurt and TJ." Scott nods, "If it is, it is random. I skipped me." Scott then grins briefly, "Is it neat?" He reaches out to try and trace a finger along the length of your tail curious. "Can you feel that?" He is trying to get you to see the positive side, so hopefully you won't be so upset. Especially if this is not reversible.

She looks like Simone's boyfriend? Staring at you, Joan then shivers and moves away a couple almost dancing steps. "Ah! That tickles!" Looks sheepish in the aftermath, and clutches that tail in her hands, against her stomach. "..Scott!" It's a protest, but there's a clue sinking into her head. Eyes narrow as she looks speculative. The staring, the touching, oh yeah, she's figuring this out. "..Should I be jealous of TJ?"

"Huh?" A pause then, "No! She almost blew me away, mistaken identity when we first met!" Right, next topic, before Scott gets into trouble. "You just moved gracefully," he instead observes. "Perhaps you are just trying too hard. Let natural instincts take control as you move." And then he suddenly moves toward you, almost as if he is leaping for you but his feet remain on the ground. Likely meant to give you a bit of a spook to make you jump and move naturally.

Joan is totally trying too hard, and somewhat dubious about this, she none the less spooks for the lunge. "Ah!" And yes, she moves fluidly out of range. A supernatural grace that has that long tail sweeping out to help her balance. Poor Scott, having to watch those curves go through those motions. "What are you doing?" Knowing that she's not really in danger, she is soon pushing at your shoulder. "Stop being a jerk!"

But Scott actually laughs, "You should have seen how you moved Joan. I wish I could have shown you through my own eyes. It was beautiful. You are just trying too hard." He allows the little push and then moves to give you another hug, oddly excited about the situation overall. "Think of the experience you get to have. All powers and gifts have their pros and cons, but you get to experience something completely different. Get into the life experiences of someone else." A pause then, "Someone else...I of powers?" He frowns at this thought. Then reaches up to tap one ear. He speaks into the comlink.

[X-Men Comlink] Scott Summers says, "Anyone on the communication line? I need to know if there are any other strange happenings at the school. Furthermore if possible the status of Kurt, TJ and the students, especially Siobhan."

[X-Men Comlink] Jonothon says, "Chamber here. Siobhan has Simone's wings, but TJ appears unchanged. Piotr looks like a panther too. I haven't seen Kurt as of yet."

The hug helps a good deal, as does the fact she truly doesn't think you are lusting after TJ and just dating Joan out of turn. That isn't like you at all. "Experience." Said bitterly. "Scott, that isn't quite fair. I could be lynched in this neighborhood for looking like this." She's a bit exasperated over all. As you tap that comm, she moves away, taking up that tail again. Holding it as if for comfort, but Joan does move more gracefully around as she attempts to do as you suggested. Stop thinking about it. To the kitchen, tail released, and then back. Not great, but getting better.

Scott winces at something said over the comlink. "Well, like I said, perhaps it is not forever? Umm...would it be fine to admit to the others that you are a mutant and your powers? It may be useful in finding out a little of what is going on." But he leaves it up to you. He watches you, his expression almost gentle. "You don't need to move away from me Joan. You are still you, no matter your mutant powers."

"I'm figuring this out, Scott, not avoiding you." Joan tells you in a matter of fact manner. Now that she's had her cry, she's determined to make the best of this. "Honestly, I don't want to find out." About how people would accept her. It's honestly not the neighborhood, but her own deep seated fear of being killed by her family. She had to watch a cousin be burned to death for being a mutant, and she expects others do react the same.

Balancing on her toes, she's doing better, tail swinging free. A pause as she cranes around to look back at that tail. "I think the teeth are the worst, but the tail isn't too bad." Grudgingly admitted.

Scott nods, "It depends on the person. Kurt actually performed as Nightcrawler on the streets and in Central Park before, and across the states. He was also a member of a circus in Europe, acrobatics. And considering I suspect you have his powers," but he then speaks into the comlink.

[X-Men Comlink] Scott Summers says, "It is looking more and more like power swap outs, some mix and match game. If Kurt suddenly has some super strength and super endurance, it means he swapped powers with my girlfriend, considering TJ is fine. I'm going to try and gather more information...does anyone know how Kurt teleports?"

[X-Men Comlink] Simone says, "Are you saying Joan's turned blue and fuzzy? I wouldn't recommend she try without Kurt there to help.. she might teleport into something.."

[X-Men Comlink] Jonothon says, "We'll see what we can find, Cyclops."

[X-Men Comlink] Beast says, "Scott?Scott!Kurtteleportsthroughademinsion.Ithinkwehavelargerporblemsonanepiclevel.LikeIbelievethatit'snotjustrestrictedtothex-men.HowisJoan?TellherIsaidhi.Thisisreallyreallyfrustratingtotalksoslow."

Teleport?! Joan gives you the strangest look and plants her hands on her hips, "I am most certainly not trying to do anything of the sort." Firm that. "Stop trying to get me to do stuff I shouldn't be doing without having any clue how to do them." If that made sense anyway. Reaching out, she seeks to take your wrist, gripping it in a three fingered hand. "You really like this, don't you?" A bit more subdued. "You've been nearly gaping at me since you got here." Not that her tone says that's a bad thing. Maybe you should make her freak out more. She didn't think then.

[X-Men Comlink] Scott Summers says, "Wait, she might teleport into something?! Perhaps we shouldn't experiment into that. And yes, she's blue, short blue fur, has a tail, and," Scott pauses. "Was that Hank? I could not understand a word he was saying. Hank, can you say that again, in ENGLISH this time?" He sighs. "Suddenly I'm thankful I'm not affected, this is mass confusion. The Professor appeared himself this morning as well. Have you seen him Simone?"

Scott shakes his head. "This is seriously strange. Hank is talking so fast I cannot understand him. If we can get in contact with Kurt, perhaps he can assist you. If there are problems, teleportation would be useful in getting out of them." But then you are touching his wrist, and you make him blush a bit. "Well, you look really exotic right now. You are always beautiful Joan, just a little different type of beautiful now. The disturbing thought is you switching out with Kurt, cause he's a guy!"

Quiet as you speak on the comm, not wanting to talk about Kurt and teleporting right now. "Scott, do I look at all like a guy?" Joan can't help but smile a little as she shifts her weight to sway her hips to one side. No, no chance of being mistaken for a guy here. She's aware of your blush. That's helping too. Attraction from your boyfriend really helps when you suddenly are doubting your appearance. "You should probably go. It sounds like your friends are in all kinds of trouble." Assuming that the comm is your blue tooth phone, or what not.

[X-Men Comlink] Beast sighs, "ScottI'mtryingtotalkasslowasIcan.I'mlikeBarryAllentheFlash.I'mtheFlash!

", no, not at all. Actually you look...very..ummm," there he goes blushing brighter. Scott's mind is not in a sweet and innocent place right now. "Oh...well, I could stay a little longer you..," he pauses then speaks into the comlink, before muting the comlink again and then shifts his wrist to capture Joan's in return to tug her closer. "I really want to kiss you right now," he whispers. "Let Hank take care of it, he seems to be having fun for some reason."

[X-Men Comlink] Scott Summers says, "You are not the Flash Hank! The Flash is a comic book character." He groans. "Be a hero and hold down the fort Hank."

[X-Men Comlink] Beast says, "Iknowhe'sasuperhero. I'msonotcallingmyselfQuicksilver. He'sajerk. I am runnningtest as wespeak. I will sigh... Damnit Scottstaywithme.""

[X-Men Comlink] Simone says, "No not yet ... I'm sorry I've been hiding in my room all day"

"Well." Joan says as she settles in against you. "I know your hormones haven't at all been affected by this." She's trying very hard not to look amused at it, and failing, too. "Then you may kiss me, but be careful, these teeth are awful." Considering her own cut lip, the woman is being serious. Not that she holds back in kissing back, but she's mindful of not biting you. Long canine teeth hurt when you aren't careful. That tail also wanders up the back of your leg, for she's not paying attention to it and her thoughts are wandering too.

[X-Men Comlink] Scott Summers murmurs, "Go see him Simone, and stay with yourself Hank," Scott is sounding distracted right about now. "I'll talk to you guys later. I'm a little preoccupied with the current situation. Contact me if there are further emergencies. Scott out."

Scott then ignores the comlink and concentrates on Joan. "I don't mind the risks, I'm a brave fellow." And he kisses you. Showing you first hand that he isn't the least bit afraid of your appearance and that he still finds you pleasing.

[X-Men Comlink] Beast says, "Whycan'tyoustayupwithme?"

Unable to hear the replies, Joan isn't truly paying much mind, beyond the fact she pointedly seeks to pull that comm from your ear. No more talking to the X-men, Scott. She wants your whole attention. After the kiss, the blue woman regards you for a moment, settling back somewhat. "I did get you something of a present, but certainly didn't plan to be blue while giving it to you. Somehow, though, I don't think that matters.." Three fingered hand to yours, Joan seeks to pull you into the bedroom. Oh yes, the present is quite the intimate one if you are willing.

Scott allows you to take the comlink from his ear and grins at you,b ut then blinks at the mention of a present. "Oh?" And Scott obediently follows, and the shock he will have shortly...will amuse Joan for years to come likely.

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