Massachusetts Academy
Purpose: Massachusetts Academy was a very prestigious private school dealing with middle school and higher for grade levels 7 through 12. The campus was absolutely huge, mostly indoors, and has all of the amenities the richest people on the world would be looking for in a school. Between the Olympic size pools, tennis courts, wall climbing, world class laboratories, exuberant teachers (many of whom have been called world's best at their subject) and extremely high tuition prices it is no wonder that the school is one of Emma Frost's most highly praised accomplishments.The motto of the school is, "Win." A very simple principle that comes down straight from the eclectic philanthropist Emma Frost herself, and whenever the news media attempts to get in on this school they are turned away by highly professional guards meant to keep the children safe.

All of the classes that were offered were college prep courses and they did not bother with regular math or science classes expecting all of the students to be beyond the beginnings for their grade levels. In addition, the school's reputation was stellar, offering a one hundred percent college placement of any of their students. Basically saying, if you go to Massachusetts Academy, expect to work hard, but also expect to get into whatever college you want.

The school is currently closed after a small riot and explosion resulted in the destruction of the school and the deaths of several students.

Location: Snow Valley, Massachusetts
  • Emma seeks out several mutants she believes will serve her purposes and that she can easily control.
  • With the help of her contacts in the Hellfire Club, Emma tracks down several mutants that will later become her Hellions and convinces them to come to her school and be her students through various means such as saving the life of Jetstream and convincing James Proudstar that Charles Xavier was responsible for his brother's death and that she could help him get revenge.
  • These students are enrolled at the Academy as elite scholarship students, getting their own private dorm building and private clashes with the headmistress.
  • The Academy comes under some financial trouble due to the secret machinations of Adrienne Frost who agrees to help fund the school in exchange for being appointed Assistant Headmistress
  • During the yearly Parents' Ball, Adrienne Frost reveals that the Academy has been harboring mutant students. A small scale riot breaks out. It gets worse when a mysterious group of mutants attacks the crowd.
  • Not too long after the campus is evacuated, an explosion rocks the grounds and levels several buildings. Adrienne Frost and several students are found dead and many others that were there are injured.
  • The disaster is blamed on violent, anti-mutant terrorists attacking the building, but the school is closed down and all remaining students are transferred to other schools. Headmistress Emma Frost disappears soon after.