Purpose: The New Warriors was a group of young heroes that came together while the Avengers were disbanded. They originally formed when they each responded separately to stop a group of rogue Sentinels. Under the guidance of the the former Avenger Kinetic using his 'Major' alias. The group was more than just teammates, working to be family to one another and making a point to train and help each other with their powers. They also worked to be more than just a group of heroes, minimizing property damage, cleaning up after battles, and doing things like rescuing cats from trees and rescuing people from fires. They are currently disbanded and inactive.
Location: New York City
  • Several malfunctioning Sentinels set to be scrapped are stolen, but activated in transit and go on a rampage, attacking human and mutant alike. A collection of random heroes in the area each respond to the emergency. Working together, they stop the robots.
  • Over the next few days, The Major tracks each of the heroes down and convinces them to join him and the team he's building. The New Warriors is formed, headquartered in an abandoned AIM facility under a warehouse.
  • The group makes their debut by defeating the Wrecking Crew in Times Square.
  • Arcade captures several members of the team and imprisons them in Murderworld. The remaining New Warriors break in and rescue the team and they defeat Arcade.
  • An accidental unmasking at HQ prompts some tension among the team about trusting one another and secret IDs. The Major reveals his secret ID and status as a former Avenger to the team. Other New Warriors reveal their real names to the others but not all.
  • The team travels to Atlantis to assist Namorita (unknown publicly to be Atlantian) when there's trouble in her Kingdom.
  • The team comes into conflict with several villains and villain teams such as M.O.D.O.K., the Sinister Six, the Psionix, and the Brotherhood and gains a very positive public image.
  • The New Warriors are drawn into a conflict in space thanks to Nova's connection to the Xandarian NovaCorps and end up drawn into other conflicts before finally returning to Earth.
  • Dr. Doom attacks the United Nations building while the Fantastic Four are in another dimension and the New Warriors respond. The team does poorly at first until Dr. Doom is caught off guard by Kinetic returning to being 'Kinetic' and the other New Warriors are able to repel him. Dr. Doom manages to escape, the public believing that a robot fake attacked and that 'The Major' was dead.
  • Frustrated by the battle and some inter-personal issues, the New Warriors disband.

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