DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Red Skull
NameJohann Shmidt
CodenameRed Skull
SpeciesHuman Clone
AffiliationNazi Party, AIM, Sin, Crossbones, Mother Night, Machinesmith
  • Artificially Enhanced Clone Body
  • Peak Human Strength
  • Peak Human Speed
  • Peak Human Agility
  • Peak Human Stamina
  • Peak Human Durability
  • Peak Human Metabolism
  • Peak Human Mental Process
  • Peak Human Reflexes
  • Peak Human Perception

Red Skull is Captain America's arch enemy since World War II. A master planner and super soldier, he will stop at nothing to rule the world and destroy Captain America and everything Cap holds dear.


A Nazi agent subjected to testing to become a Nazi Super-Soldier. He served as Hitler's right hand man during WWII. After World War II began to build his own criminal empire for World Domination. He was recently reborn in a clone body of Captian America.


  • Sadistic
  • Megalomaniac
  • Cruel
  • Calculating


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