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Richard Dragon
NameRichard Dragon
CodenameFonzarelli (Gee, Thing, thanks.)
  • Martial Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Martial Weapons
  • Meditation

Most people know Richard Dragon as just that nice, somewhat reclusive guy that runs some martial arts classes in Gotham City at the Dragon Koryu Dojo.

In the circle of truly dedicated martial artists there's probably not a name known better than Richard Dragon, he's become a legend. Few details are actually known about the man though, what can be accepted is that he's the best. Those making a name for him often seek him out to challenge, but he's never been beaten, others seek him out for training, though most are turned away.


Richard Dragon is a mystery, his early years are known to no one, at least it seems that way, he seems almost to have appeared in China aged Seven, what little is known of him before that he was American, and something bad happened, something that saw him repressing it over the years until he remembers nothing of his life before living on the streets of China.

Aged seven Dragon was a thief, and he was good at it. He was also tough, even before he knew a thing of the martial arts Dragon could and often did fight, angry and cocky the kid never backed down from anyone in his life, at ten years of age he was taking on kids twice his size and yet he never lost.

That changed when Dragon was Elven, he'd been dared to steal a Jade Buddha from one of the Chinese temples, apparently a feat that had been tried by many of the better thieves and never successfully completed, Richard wouldn't even hesitate in making the attempt. He'd enter the temple without difficulty and be almost out when he'd run into a young man of similar age as himself, the young man in question would demand the Buddha and when Dragon refused they'd fight, and Dragon would lose.

While he lost Dragon would impress the man best known as O-Sensei the master of the temple. Having watched the fight he'd see in Dragon the potential for a great martial artist, and under the aggression a man of wisdom, as such he'd begin to train Dragon, teaching him along side Ben Turner.

At first Ben and Dragon wouldn't be able to stand each other, Ben saw Dragon as a cocky brat who'd eventually turn on O-Sensei, and Dragon was still sore at his defeat, within six months however not only had Dragon proven that O-Sensei was right and began to take control of the less pleasant aspects of his personality, but he and Ben became as close as any brothers.

For seven years Richard would train with O-Sensei, easily becoming his most talented student, in only seven years he'd have learnt everything a man of more than a century could teach him. Richard would seek a new path for himself, considering his life had been within the temple for seven years he'd find that he still felt there was much for him to learn. It was O-Sensei who once again gave direction to his young disciple, he'd convince Richard to serve an international espionage organization known as G.O.O.D. An organization that O-Sensei himself and served in during his younger years.

Richard would be suggested as an operative, which would give him the chance to travel the world and improve his skills, and his wisdom, feeling that he'd learnt all he could from O-Sensei, and not wanting to see Richard go into trouble alone Ben would join him, the pair would work on several jobs together, eventually setting up a Dojo in Manhattan, their interesting the spy game having waned, as well as their trust in their superior Barney Ling.

By the time he was twenty Dragon was famous in the elite martial arts circle as probably the greatest martial artist ever, he'd taken to travelling during this time to help those he felt he could, his reputation would grow as he met other masters, enemies and even train students. He'd also become known as something of a philosopher and spiritual guide.

Dragon would make many enemies and some of these would seek revenge, it was one such enemy who'd murder the god-daughter of O-Sensei, Carolyn Wu-San and convince her sister Sandra that it had been Dragon. Sandra was already a great martial artist, and she soon turned her rage into a tool to make her better still, learning until she thought she was ready she'd attack Dragon, unable to beat him, and eventually shown proof that Richard hadn't killed her sister Sandra would remain with Richard, forming what may be the closest thing to a friendship Sandra has had since the death of her sister.

Dragon would take an interesting teaching Sandra the spiritual side of the martial arts, lessons the young woman would have difficulty with, never willing to let go of her anger. She'd take the name Shiva and put much of her old life behind her. Eventually Richard, Ben and Shiva would head down different paths. Dragon's would see him grow tired of the constant challenges from those wishing to prove themselves the best, so he'd take first to quietly wandering, learning from those few remaining masters that could help him improve his martial skills, or help him improve his spiritual understanding. Ultimately however he'd find teaching, though often in the most remote of places, still facing regular challenges he'd learn that such places were the only way for him to find peace.

For the last two years Richard Dragon has spent his time in Nanda Parbat, cutting himself off from the outside world.


Richard Dragon seems to the outside world to be a man of intense calm and inner peace, he rarely shows a temper, or seems to take offense, he almost exudes a calm patience that can for many be contagious, he's charming to the point that few but his most serious enemies seem to have a dislike for him. Yet he's also known for being able to infuriate those he teaches, to push them harder than any other teacher and always question them. He's a philosopher and a teacher before being a martial artist, even if the martial arts are where his greatest talent lies.

Dragon values life above all else, he also seems to value the opinion of others, those that talk to him will quickly get the impression that he's giving their words considerable attention and thought, no matter how trivial the subject, or who the speaker is. This leads us to the fact that Dragon believes anyone can be redeemed, he sees life as a series of mistakes presenting the opportunity to learn and grow from them. Yet Dragon can also be surprising, he isn't a monk, he doesn't live the life of one, he'll speak of inner peace, tranquility and the joys of meditation and then go to watch a movie.

Under all this however is still that darkness that made him such an angry and violent child, it's possibly this that grants him such ability in the ways of violence, Richard's aware of this, and even accepts it, knowing he'll never truly be rid of it, but knowing that he can chose not to let it govern him.


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