DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Robert Kelly
NameRobert Edward Kelly
AffiliationU.S. Government,
Friends of Humanity
  • Politics
  • Public Speaking

Robert Kelly is currently the New York Senate seat. He has a very strong anti-mutant position and a leader in the Friends of Humanity. He tries to push the Mutant Registration Act, and runs his platform on it.


  • Becomes a Councilman of New York.
  • Runs for New York Senator seat and is elected on an anti-mutant platform.
  • Becomes closely tied to Friends of Humanity.
  • Kelly becomes leader of the FoH after Grayson's assassination.
  • Kelly runs for Senator again on the Mutant Registration Act platform and is elected.
  • The Brotherhood of Mutants attempt to assassinate Kelly, but the X-Men save his life.



Log(s) happened before the revamp and may not apply in full:

Current Log(s):

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